Monday, February 04, 2008

Smug Patriots deserved to lose

Prior to yesterday’s game many asked me who I was rooting for. Should the truth be told I had no real rooting interest in the game. I’m not a big fan of Tom Coughlin’s, never liked Plaxico Burress and if you ask me, Eli Manning is about as near and dear to my heart as John Elway. Both players snubbed the teams that drafted them and then acted like spoiled babies until they got their way. I don’t like the Giants much.

On the other hand, New England is smug and bombastic from the top down. I’m tired of their dynasty, of the media coverage and the arrogance of their spoiled fans. I have to admit I like Tom Brady, always have. Maybe I’m just jealous when it comes to the Patriots but like the Giants, I don’t like them much either.

So, who did I root for?

Since neither team does much for me, I reasoned that it wouldn’t be so bad to see history being made. So I sided slightly to the Patriots side.

Despite superior talent, the Patriots were outplayed, out-hit, out-hustled and out coached. The Giants looked more prepared than the Patriots and clearly the difference in the game was how the Giants defensive front manhandled New England’s vaunted offensive line. They simply wanted it more.

Still, as the game’s waning moments clicked by I still found myself quietly siding with the Patriots despite the overwhelming support of the Giants at the party I attended (thank you Kimmie and Eddie).

But then something happened. When Tom Brady threw a third quarter pass that Yao Ming couldn’t have snared and then had the audacity to publicly chastise his receiver, I began to sway. Brady wasn’t handling adversity well. It showed on his face.

As the game neared its end, despite the excitement and the outcome hanging in the balance, I watched with little emotion. Now either team winning would be fine, I just wanted to see an exciting finish. None of us without a vested interest in either team should have been disappointed in the way SB XLII ended.

When it was obvious that the Giants would win, I still had no emotional energy invested in the game until IT happened.

With 2 seconds remaining on the clock, Bill Belichick led his team from the sidelines to congratulate the Giants. Now keep in mind that Belichick and Coughlin coached together under Bill Parcells. Coughlin was about to win his first Super Bowl – a victory well earned against a prohibitive favorite.

Referee Mike Carey had to send both teams back to the sidelines with 2 seconds remaining. In a game with so much wagered, the league could not risk the controversy. What if another Joe Pisarcik happened? Where was Herm Edwards?

So, instead of going back to the sidelines, Belichick enveloped in all of his not-so-glorious smugness ran to the locker room in his cut off hoodie. Here’s a man that has had a huge amount of success, many accolades, awards, etc. – a man convicted as a cheater by the court of public opinion, running off the field while showing no respect to a former colleague.

I hope that former Pats videographer Matt Walsh spills his guts to U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) about spygate like some pansy from the New York mafia family might run his mouth to a heavily armed Tony Soprano.

When those final 2 seconds ticked down and the Giants celebrated, I was happy for a highly deserving team not so much because I like them, but because I now REALLY dislike the New England Patriots.

Funny, they hardly seem patriotic to me…


Anonymous said...

Smug is an appropriate term. Arrogant may be another. Let's evaluate coach Belli-cheat's performance last night.

He eschews a 50 yard field goal attempt in the 2nd quarter, opting to go for a first down on 4th and 13! You think he may have wanted that call back? Yup, it cost him the opportunity to get the game to sudden death.

In a close game in which his QB is under constant duress he runs the ball 16 times and throws it 48! This is a HOF coach?

Now maybe it's just me thinking this way, but I'm certain that the fans of Baltimore have spent countless hours on the radio and in blogs critiquing a former Super Bowl winning coach named B-I-L-L-I-C-K for the manner in which he called games!!!

Congrats Coach Bellicheat on your 18-1 season! You made Mercury Morris a happy man!

Harryos29 said...

Harry o 29 Feb 4th
Tony, I could not agree with you more on your feelings and analysis of SB XLII. I wanted to see history made. I attended one of the games when the Dolphins were on their way to their UN DEFEATED SEASON and watched them defeat my Baltimore Colts 16-3 with Earl Morrell at the controls.
... Back then, I hated the DOLPHINS. Don Shula had left the Colts to Coach them and it seemed like the Dolphins were always beating up on the Colts. They had a certain arrogance about them that I did not like, and see in the Patriots demeanor. How ever, Coach Shula would never stoop to the Depths that coach BELLICHEAT has stooped to these season.
I never hated the GIANTS. After all, they had Ernie Acorsi and George Young in their Front office. And, Baltimore Teams have WHACKED them three times in the Championship game in 1958, 59 then in 2000 when the Ravens beat them.
I just Checked and it appears that the Ravens Don't get a chance to play Belli-Cheat and his men in 2008. Too Bad! I would love to see the NEW Ravens take them out.
I'm happy for Eli Manning, yea I know Tony he whined his way out of San Diego, but he just appears to me to be a down home guy.
Come on Training Camp!