Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ravens a solid bet to win Super Bowl XLIII?

Well I woke up this morning around 3:30am with my head ready to explode. I couldn’t breathe through my nose and saline provided only a temporary fix getting me to roughly 4:30.

I didn’t want my restlessness to disturb my Valentine so I got up out of bed and here I am. How yooooooooou doin’? I wonder what the odds are that I can lose this sinus infection by the time of my dinner reservation tonight.

Speaking of odds, those with a propensity to wager their earnings on football are already looking towards the 2008 season. (By the way, is it me or does 2008 still seem like “next” year?)

At the MGM our Baltimore Ravens opened at 125-1 to win Super Bowl XLIII. That was apparently too good of a number to pass on so Benjamins flocked towards that number and the volume of bettors attracted to those odds drove the number down to 60-1 in only a couple of weeks.

As we’ve seen in the NFL’s so-called age of parity, dramatic turnarounds are hardly rare and given the level of talent on the Ravens’ squad, a $100 wager on 125-1 odds isn’t so bad. Heck, I paid more than $100 like many of you to watch the Ravens pack it in against the Colts on a miserable December night a couple of months ago.

The downside isn’t so bad – $100 while the upside is noteworthy. Hey just skip buying that round of beers one Sunday at M&T and you’ll get back about half that number anyway, right?

That said, how can the Ravens win the Super Bowl without consistently efficient play at quarterback? Can Kyle Boller get it done? Uh, how long have we been asking that? Can Troy Smith? A bit too early for that and we saw what he did in his last big game at OSU.

What about Steve McNair?

At this point I’d rather bring back Vinny Testaverde.

But hey, crazier things have happened. Maybe McNair can turn it around. Is 35 too old (FYI: McNair’s birthday was on Valentine’s Day) to be a successful QB in the NFL?

"Old, yep. They said the same thing about John Elway and then he went on to win two championships after he got old," McNair said. "Look at Brett Favre. They said he was old, and he came back and did what he did this year. I still think I can play at a high level, and I think we're still going to be a very good football team again."

Maybe, but then again Elway and Favre still had good fastballs.

When I think of McNair’s fastball I can’t help but to think of Bruce Chen.

Wonder if I can get my $100 back?


Super Bowl Betting said...

That would be a great pay off if it hit.