Thursday, February 28, 2008

NFL News: Talking caps, spit, blunts & windbags...

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is of the opinion that the owners will opt out of the current collective bargaining agreement which could lead to an uncapped season in 2011.

"One-hundred percent of clubs have aspects to the labor agreement they don't like," Jones said. "When you have that kind of dynamic going, there is a chance for an opt out."

Gene Upshaw has been very clear that if there is ever an uncapped season, the salary cap is done.

What might that mean? Well you only need to look at MLB’s uncapped history in the modern era. That should become an accurate crystal ball of sorts for the NFL as we slowly but surely observe the balance of power swinging towards the New York teams, Dallas and Washington. If you are considering selling your PSL’s, you might be wise to pay attention to this developing story.

Falcons’ corner DeAngelo Hall has been linked to the Cowboys. Apparently Hall shares a solid working relationship with incoming Cowboys' assistant secondary coach Brett Maxie who Hall worked with in Atlanta for a couple of seasons. Such a move would put Hall together with Terrell Owens where the two would bump heads in practice. Owens you may recall spat on Hall back in 2006. So if the Cowboys pull off a trade for Hall can we officially call it swapping spit?

Patriots versatile third down back Kevin Faulk was cited for marijuana posession at a Lil Wayne concert in Louisiana. Apparently a random security check uncovered four blunts in Faulk's pocket. He's been charged with simple possession – a misdemeanor in the State. No word on whether or not Matt Walsh has any additional damning visual evidence on Faulk.

Sean Salisbury is out at ESPN. I must admit that recently Salisbury began to grow on me a bit but for most of his 12 years at ESPN I viewed him as nothing more than a big windbag whose sole purpose was simply to stir up the pot. I think he often did it in an unintelligent way. Taking his place on the set will be former Chris Carter from the recently canceled HBO series Inside The NFL.

According to Salisbury his departure from the sports network provides a fresh start for the former journeyman quarterback.

"I'd grown tired of being punished for not being an NFL superstar. Analysts who don't work as hard as me, don't prepare as hard as me, and don't have my resume were making more than me just because of their ability to throw or catch a football.

"Don't get me wrong, I appreciated the opportunity ESPN gave me, but they had capped my ceiling. There was only so far I could go there."I'd done nothing wrong, and if you hear otherwise, it's not true. I did everything that was asked of me."I have created a brand and it's time to expand into other opportunities in TV, radio, Internet, publishing, movies and public speaking, among others. My resume speaks for itself."

Maybe I was too quick to soften on Salisbury.

Sounds like the big windbag has returned.


Harryos29 said...

Harry o 29 Feb 29th
... Good assessment about the current events in the NFL. I would like to disagree with you on SEAN SALISBURY! I happen to like the guy. He always seemed prepared; and had facts to back him up!
.. But the best thing about SEAN was his weekly spot on the Anita Marks show; When Sean was on the Air it kept her quiet and prevented her from bringing in the next batch of Celebrities and MR. STEAK, who is a total bore IMHO. MR. STEAK listen Up; we know that we can get a good steak at Ruths' Chris, but we could care less about your Golf outings in Jupiter Florida.
...As far as the CAP and the labor agreement in 2011. It seems to me that Ozzie and the rest of the GM's are constantly finding ways to circumvent the CAP anyway: Why have it in the first place?