Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

Liars and cheats are littering the sports landscape – a few of them even have ties to Baltimore. Jay Gibbons, liar, cheat, overpaid and pretty worthless. Why does anyone bother to throw him a strike? His count management and selectivity at the plate is reminiscent of some blindfolded toddler trying to bust up a hanging piñata.

His buddy Brian Roberts – a cheat and somewhat of a liar. He said that he tried steroids once. C’mon, this isn’t the 60’s when college students tried acid once. This is steroids. Why would anyone do steroids just once? What was in that shot, Underdog’s supercharged tablet?

Rafael Palmeiro…liar, cheat and rat.

Miguel Tejada…liar, cheat and now someone else’s problem.

Then there’s Roger Clemens, Brian McNamee, all their attorneys, etc, etc.

Bill Belichick and Matt Walsh and Scott Pioli, liars and cheats one and all. Look Belichick was in charge of breaking down film back in a day with the Baltimore Colts under Ted Marchibroda. You don’t think he knows what can and can’t be filmed?


It will be fun to see how this whole Matt Walsh videotaping of the Rams walkthrough prior to SB XXXVI shakes out. Liars, liars…I hope it burns.

Speaking of burns, the Ravens were burned the last time they used the franchise tag. Back in ’03 and ’04 they used it on Chris McAlister twice costing the team a little over $14 million for those two seasons. They then followed that up with a long-term deal for McAlister including a $16 million signing bonus. Now one has to wonder if he’ll be useful through the 2011 season when his current contract expires. McAlister will then be pushing 34 years of age.

So if you factor in those franchise years, the deal closely resembles one that includes $30 million of guaranteed payola over a series of split bonuses.

Might they make the same mistake with Suggs? Time will tell but if the Ravens land a player like Vernon Gholston in the draft, Suggs could become expendable after the ’08 season, particularly at the dollars he’ll command. That said, wouldn’t it be nice if the Ravens could get Suggs for AD-like dollars and keep both he and Gholston (assuming he falls in the draft) long-term?


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Feb 21, 2008
WOW... I sure hope they do not make the same mistake again!!!
... I like the boy from Ohio State...gholston..lets hope he fallsto them in the draft...