Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gaither Around...a Change is Gonna Come

The Ravens haven’t played a down of practice…not a single solitary trip to the back fields of the palace in Owings Mills, and already there is a different vibe. Without a doubt there’s a new sheriff in town and as Sam Cooke sang as mesmerized fans left M&T Bank Stadium following the playoff loss to the Colts in January ’07, A Change is Gonna Come…

Forget Club Med in Westminster. Forget the card clubs. Forget the cliques. Forget the pecking order and forget the haves and have nots. The Ravens will all be haves.

You may as well call John Harbaugh “John Hardball” because that’s his game and if you don’t like it, well don’t let the door hit you in the upper glutes. Hardball has decided that he’s gonna mix up the locker room and rearrange the furniture. He’s hell-bent on creating positive energy in the locker room, in the weight room and of course between the lines. No longer are players going to be grouped by position in the locker room. No longer will the boys from “The U” get to cozy up to one another in their little fraternity.

Those days are over. Done!

Happy Valentine’s Day boys!

The players better be in top shape come July. The days of working themselves into shape on Billick’s good ship lollipop are nothing more than memories. There are probably plenty of pictures around I’m sure. Leaf through those photo albums of pleasant summer mornings in Carroll County if you have to because come July the real hard knocks return to Westminster.

When the Ravens do return to camp this summer, they are hoping to find a more polished, mature and slightly re-shaped Jared Gaither. Early in 2007 Gaither showed promise but later slumped. The experience in '07 should prove to be invaluable to the sophomore tackle. The Ravens believe that Gaither has the body style to put on more weight to his massive frame, particularly in his legs. And according to, Gaither has worked with Jonathan Ogden on technique. What better way of Jonathan Ogden enabling his legacy to linger than by passing on the torch of knowledge to another massive and athletic tackle.

Gaither has the tools, apparently he’s developing his previously questionable work ethic and now he’s a sponge soaking up the knowledge of a master.

What a perfect storm that could be for Cam Cameron and the Baltimore Ravens.


Harryos29 said...

harry o 29 Feb 15th
...Mr Lombardi I think you are on to something. Having been at every day of camp in 2004 and 2005, working as a Crowd Control Officer, I can tell you that I did not hear much Leather Poppin , as they used to say.
... lets hope that the new Sheriff will round these players up into shape. The ones that don't abide by his program, can catch a CAB out on Deer Park Road,just outside the Castle.