Saturday, February 16, 2008

February, a month to "misremember"

February is by far the worst month of the year. It serves up the very sobering thought that the NFL season is over, college hoops while growing in appeal just doesn’t quite grab me yet (that comes in March), real baseball isn’t here yet (and may never be) and the weather sucks. Oh and let’s not forget my seemingly annual sinus infection that arrives with cupid's arrow.

To make matter worse, they had to go and make the month a day longer this year!


But at least there’s the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Now there’s something to jumpstart the thaw. But even that isn’t what it used to be now is it? Back in a day, supermodels adorned the cover and those beauties were household names. Today, the beauties are still there and then some but who are these girls? Where do they come from?

I’ve collected these swimsuit issues for years. I’m not exactly sure why. They are stored in some box collecting dust I suppose waiting to be sold some day at the most opportunistic time. But when will that be? With the internet, we get sneak previews galore of these girls. Videos are up all over YouTube and the net result is that the “Available on Newstands Today!’ announcement is rather anti-climatic.

Well at least there’s Roger Clemens to break up the monotony. Is this clown like the worst liar you’ve ever seen? If Brian McNamee wasn’t a trusted friend, what’s he doing in Clemens’ master bedroom with his wife? If he wasn’t aware of the powers of HGH why would he condone his wife’s use of it and if he didn’t condone the usage, why would McNamee continue to be his trainer after such an alleged violation?

How would you like to be Roger Clemens’ friend? Andy Pettite used to be. Here’s an upstanding guy, an intelligent pitcher, a man of faith and by most counts an honest man who comes clean on his own usage of performance enhancers. When asked why his so-called friend claims that Clemens confided in him about using HGH, Clemens says that Pettite “misremembered.”

First I didn’t even know that misremembered was a word yet a google search produces this from

mis·re·mem·ber (m s r -m m b r):
mis·re·mem·bered, mis·re·mem·ber·ing, mis·re·mem·bers
To remember incorrectly.

By the way, I wonder how much Clemens is paying for his legal fees. He should misremember those clowns because they are bending him over and being rather unkind to say the least. That aside, Clemens is a jerk and I find it amusing how bad he looks. I get some sick masochistic pleasure for some reason seeing him behaving like a babbling idiot during questioning about his alleged steroid usage.

Clemens is no stranger to idiocy. Here’s a guy who took a Mike Piazza broken bat and hurled it towards Piazza during the infamous subway World Series between the Yankees and the Mets. He later claimed that he thought the broken bat was the ball. So even if you buy into this hideous explanation to justify his horrid sportsmanship, why would you then toss the ball at the runner?

No doubt, Clemens is an idiot.

But laughing at him makes my sinus infection a bit more tolerable…as does the swimsuit issue.

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Harry O 29 Feb 18th, 2008
... I happen to agree with your Assesment of the month of February.
Sorry about your Sinus infection... I can empathize with you...after having a head cold myself for the entire monht of January!!!
...I agree with you on the Ladies who appear in the Swimsuit Mag...WHO ARE THEY?
...Lets hope the Ravens are working 24x7 on getting that Big Pass Rusher in the April draft. And Again , we all miss the LIVE GAME TIME and are Eagerly looking; Listening for its return to the Airwaves.
..p.s. I have seen some BIG JERKS in my 64 years on earth, but Clemens has exceeded anyone on my list , ten fold.
Rave On