Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bisciotti pulls at heartstrings of Sun Columnist

It appeared as though The Sun columnist David Steele was campaigning to be on the Billick Family’s Christmas card list yesterday. In his column Steele suggests that Brian Billick got the shaft from Bisciotti because the recently dismissed coach still isn’t sure why he was fired. Steele believes Billick is entitled answers.

Anyone having flashbacks to Colonel Jessup (Jack Nicholson) in A Few Good Men?

Look Brian Billick is an extremely intelligent man. No one has to tell him why he was fired. He knows why he was fired just as the rest of us do. Why is Steele throwing a pity party for Billick? Here’s a guy who gets to do whatever his little heart desires for the next three years while earning $5 million per.

Give Billick credit for this – he’s playing the role of victim extremely well. How else do you explain how a columnist from the town’s biggest newspaper got all choked up about Billick’s feelings? Steele claims that Billick is entitled to an explanation and the lack of one is “very troubling.” He explains:

“Regardless of whether you think firing Billick was the right or wrong move, that nearly two months have passed without his getting a clear explanation from owner Steve Bisciotti - that he is left to speculate on what the most logical one is from the owner's perspective - is very troubling. At least as troubling as the 11th-hour change of plans about his fate. Even Bisciotti acknowledged being uncomfortable about that.”

Steele adds:

“Bisciotti certainly doesn't owe us in the public an explanation, and on the day he let Billick go, he didn't give a specific one, except that, well, the Ravens were losing and he didn't like it.But it says here that Billick deserved more.

Billick sounded as if he could live with the void.”

Of course he can live with the void. He has 15 million reasons to live with the void. Yet here comes the victim speak.

"The commitment from the organization, I felt very good about, and it did change, and it changed in a day”, said Billick. “Don't know why. Haven't had that conversation, and don't know that I ever will."

Look if Billick and Steele really want an explanation, I think Bisciotti has already given them one. Here’s what the Ravens owner had to say during the post firing press conference:

"I believed that it was time for a change. I believed that we have the nucleus of a team that can get back to the Super Bowl, and we felt that in the next five years, we had a better chance with a new coach than leaving Brian in that position.

"As much as I know that you deserve answers, I can't get into specifics because we're talking about a man that I admire and flaws in his game. We don't sit there and tell you why we cut a receiver. You have to kind of let it speak for itself."

That sounds like an answer to me. And if that weren’t enough, Bisciotti added:

"I hope that, over time, Baltimore views me as a quality of an owner as Brian Billick was a head football coach. So, I've got some catching up to do for the man that I just asked to step down today. And the jury's out on me. Brian's already got his Super Bowl, so I'll try and make you all proud."

Game, set, match…time to let it go guys.

By the way David, I’m sure you made the list.


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog. Pity party indeed. I did a triple-take when I read Steele's column. I think a more relevant piece would be about how the Sun owes its readers an explanation as to why Steele still has a job.

Anonymous said...

Another quote from Steve Bisciotti went something like this: "Lately, we were losing more than we were winning. That about sums it up.