Tuesday, January 29, 2008

WNST Continues to crush Steve Bisciotti

As I surfed the AM dial yesterday to quench my insatiable appetite for Ravens news, I hit on 1570 WNST to check in with Drew Forrester, Casey Willett and Nestor Aparicio. The trio was live from the cool dessert and they shared their thoughts on the newsworthy topics that litter the sports landscape.

I have to give it to Aparicio – he can be very thoughtful and insightful while offering an interesting perspective or ten on something topical. But just when I think that I’d like to hear him more regularly on air, the whining begins again and I’m reminded why I don’t miss his on-air talents at all. It’s a shame, because when Aparicio brings his A-game he’s as good as anyone on the dial.

On Monday the whining was centered upon Steve Bisciotti – again. WNST has beaten the Ravens’ owner regularly since the season ended and firing the station’s best buddy (Brian Billick) has fueled incessant complaining that collectively sounds like the pediatric ward at GBMC. I would have paid the in studio board op to hit that crying infant button that Nestor used repeatedly during his on air days.

When Aparicio sinks his teeth into something he holds on like a pit bull might cling to a hunk of raw porterhouse steak. He beats it and beats it to death. Maybe he’s grown bored beating a deserving victim silly (Angelos) and now he’s turned his attention towards an undeserving victim (Bisciotti) claiming that he no longer runs the Ravens the way Art Modell ran them and seriously questions the manner in which Bisciotti handles personnel decisions.

Isn’t that interesting?

Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

I wonder what Spiro Morekas, The Swami, Terry Ford and Jeremy Conn might say about Aparicio’s human resources acumen.

And by the way last time I checked, Steve Bisciotti became a billionaire on his ability to make personnel decisions.


Anonymous said...

1. I'm on board with Steve Bisciotti's decision to fire Brian Billick and hire John Harbaugh & Cam Cameron. I'm not on board with his decision to hire Rex Ryan, but that doesn't make him the anti-Christ.

2. Steve Bisciotti's success in his temp-service business does not necessarily correlate well with running an NFL team, IMO.

3. If there's something to lock onto with Bisciotti it would be his corporate mindset. I don't think Art Modell had a corporate mindset, so it is legitimate to compare/contrast those two individuals. The thing is, we now live in a corporate mindset world, and that's probably one of the main reasons Steve Bisciotti is the owner and not Art Modell. Personally, I prefer Art, but I do give Steve credit for the decisions he's made since the end of the 2007 season.

Anonymous said...

The Ravens are an organization that is run by committee, and the committee includes Dick Cass and Steve Bisciotti. Steve sets out the plan and the football people are involved in the decision making. That is how John Harbaugh was hired and how the list of 6 candidates came about.

WNST's position is that Ozzie Newsome should make all of the decisions regarding the hiring and firing of the head coach. That is not the way it is in many football franchises today. I have no problem with the way the Ravens go about their business. For the most part, Bisciotti stays out of the day to day micromanaging of the business.

As far as the WNST bashing, it is well known that Brian Billick was WNST's best friend. He helped them get players for their Monday Night Football Show at the various restaurants and pubs. They may not have that relationship with the new coach. It is evident to me that the new coach is less media minded and would rather stick to the business of football and avoid the limelight. We will see how many interviews WNST gets now. Certainly you can catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar.

The Ravens are trying to create a football franchise like the Rooney's and the Krafts. They are tired of the bad boy image and want to be respected on and off the field. I think the hiring of the new staff is headed in that direction and I commend Mr. Bisciotti for that vision.

Bruce- Forest Hill said...


I got sick of it long ago- I responded to a blog where a 'mentor' of his told him the same thing but he still doesn't get it.

You are right on Tony!

EBuckner@profootball24x7.com said...

Yes, the folks at WNST have been on Bisciotti since the day he fired Billick. And you're right. They won't let it go. There is no question in my mind that Steve Bisciotti wants to change the image of his football team as much as he wants them to be a consistent playoff and Super Bowl contender. He wants to build a national following for his team, not unlike the Steelers, Patriots, Giants, Colts, etc. That is an admirable goal and the folks at WNST that want to know what the plan is might want to consider that firing Billick (Modell's hire) and hiring Harbaugh is step 1in that process.

At the press conference when he announced the firing of Brian Billick, Steve Biciotti was obviously emotional and anyone could tell that this was a difficult decision for him. One comment that he made has been missed by some and ignored by the likes of the WNST crew was his staement that he wants to make the fans of the Baltimore Ravens proud. I believe that he is sincere about that, and I am hoping that John Harbaugh will be a successful coach here with a long term tenure and one that makes us proud to be fans of the Ravens.

Anonymous said...

WNST--Aparicio--so Tony you are the ONE who listens?"

Tony A.

Harryos29 said...

Harry o 29 Jan 31, 2008
Why do they continue to go after Mr. Biscoitti? The man is trying is best to give this town a consistent winner! What is wrong with our owner using Mr Kraft and the Patriots Organization as a role-model??? ... I would like to wake up one Monday morning and be able to beat on my chest and say; "Wow, my team just won their 4th Super Bowl in the last 7 years. I believe that EVERYONE in Baltimore who is a football fan of tHe Ravens Wants That!!!
... Additionally, from what I saw at the press conference where John Harbaugh was hired, I don't think he will be the type of Coach to be running all over White-Marsh making guest appearances; He told us that day:
"I am a football Coach!".
... I'm 100% behind our owner and trust that he will right the ship.

Anonymous said...

Re-hiring Vic Fangio? What's up with THAT?

Harryos29 said...

harry o 29 Feb 2nd 2008 .six more weeks of WINTER...Blah blah blah..maybe the Orioles will complete the BEDARD trade by then...???
Back to Vic Fangio...he was Billick's CLOCK MGT Coach...eye in the sky...
yes.. why bring him back??

Anonymous said...

Harry -- I'm not laughing at you. But with Fangio as Billick's eye in the sky CLOCK MANAGEMENT guy -- I mean...what else is there to say?!!

(I shudder at the thought of how bad Billick's clock management would have been WITHOUT Fangio. Re-hiring FANGIO? WTH?!!!)

Anonymous said...

Tony and many of you other posters just don't get it. The WNST gang isn't so much criticizing the decision itself to fire Billick. It's criticizing the fact that the owner gave his word to Billick prior to that, and every football operations executive in the building was caught off guard by what seems like a spur of the moment decision against all the advice from his football people. If this is the way the owner is going to run the team, they're rightfully asking if this is an omen for worse things to come.

Remember when we first got an inkling of what was in store for us with Angelos about 10 or so years ago? His team had been to the playoffs a couple years running, and he was actually RIGHT in nixing the Bonilla and Wells trade. But it was a sign of a management style that just doesn't work long-term in big time sports.

FREDTERP said...

Spiros was an Gary Williams hater IDIOT. I have Good Riddance for Spiros. FREDTERP