Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ravens' coaching search continues...Oh Happy Days!

The Ravens last head coach had a tough time admitting he was wrong when it was clear that he was. The behavior was reminiscent of “The Fonz” on the old ABC series, Happy Days. Now his potential successor Jason Garrett conjures up memories of Fonz’ old buddy Richie Cunningham.

But Garrett left town for Atlanta, or so they say. Did anyone see him board that jet plane?

So who’s next Potsie? Ralph Mouth? Mr. C.? Mrs.C.? Joannie? Chachi? Mr. Miyagi (I mean Arnold)?

I’ll tell you, you have to give Jason Garrett credit for owning a solid pair of cojones. Here’s a guy who has three years of coaching experience, two as a quarterbacks coach and one as an offensive coordinator and he has the stones to walk away from a four or five year multi-million dollar contract – at least for the time being. He’s playing a great game of Texas Hold ‘Em with a lousy hand and without the benefit of dark sunglasses. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Now aiding and abetting Garrett with his ample supply of testosterone is none other than Jerry Jones. You see Jones’ infatuation with Garrett gives the Princeton Grad leverage and those Princeton Tigers are pretty smart guys. So the Cowboys are Garrett’s ace in the hole. He knows that he is the heir apparent to Wade Phillips and one slip up by Phillips and Garrett will swarm in like a buzzard on road kill.

And don’t think for a second that the Cowboys’ head coaching job isn’t the apple of Garrett’s eye. Here’s a guy whose ties to the Cowboys date back to his playing days, when he was Troy Aikman's backup on two Super Bowl championship teams. His father, Jim Garrett, also had been a longtime scout for the Cowboys. Oh and don’t forget that beautiful new ball yard that Jerry Jones will Christen to start the ’09 season…

Now if the Cowboys go 13-3 again next year and they advance in the playoffs, Garrett won’t get that job – at least not in 2009 unless of course Phillips decides he’d rather raise longhorns and watch Texans games with his dad Bum in Houston.

But then again, Garrett might be courted by other NFL teams seeking new head coaches after the 2008 season. Are those jobs more attractive than the Ravens’ job? They could be. Clearly the Ravens’ position is a good one but it doesn’t come without its problems as well.

So what will happen with Garrett and the Ravens?

It’s hard to say. Garrett could go back to Dallas and fall flat on his face. It isn’t inconceivable that Terrell Owens has a meltdown in ’08, loses his mind on the sidelines and barks up one side of the red head and down the other as Dallas’ late season struggles continue through ’08. Then what?

The Ravens played their card yesterday. It’s now time for Garrett to make a move.

Hold ‘em or fold ‘em?

The guess here is that Jerry Jones gives Garrett a raise and he stays in Dallas. But then again, he could fold and take the Ravens reported $2.5 to 3 mil per year. Either way, give Garrett props for riding a hot hand and getting the most out of a rather shallow resume.

I mean really, the guy might have potential but what has he really done?

Anyone seen Potsie?


Anonymous said...

Props or no props, deal or no deal, I hope the Ravens interview a competent head coach candidate who sincerely wants to coach here, not in Dallas.

Next man up:




And last, but certainly not least....RUSS GRIMM! He's got 15 years of coaching experience (particularly O-Line coaching experience, which this team desperately needs), plus he played for 11 years as a guard for the 'Skins, earning 3 Super Bowl rings, and 4 Pro Bowl appearances along the way. He's a blue collar guy who epitomized the "hogs" O-line nickname.

C'ya, Opie. Hope you enjoyed Mr. Bisciotti's hospitality.

ravcol said...

In the "Is blood thicker than water" scenario don't forget that Garrett also has family ties to the Ravens organization. His dad coached the Browns' running backs when Ozzie Newsome and Pat Moriarity played for Cleveland. Dick Cass and Garrett are both Princeton graduates. Cass also represented Jones in his acquisition of the Cowboys and Texas Stadium back in 1989. Garrett may not really know what he wants to do..and its hard to believe its a money thing. But he better hurry...either way we only want someone who truly wants to be here.

Harryos29 said...

Harry o 29
I learned a long time ago..
"he who hesitates is lost"
Jason; get off the schnide. Either you want to work at the CASTLE or your don't. If it were me yesterday I would have said "ALL IN"

NEXT MAN UP; do the Ravens still have Harbaugh's Phone number?

thundrbandit13 said...

You really cannot blame Garrett for pursuing options. The problems the Ravens have are quite similiar to Atlanta's and I am not sure I would want to leap without looking.
Yes the "Castle" is the envy of the league but are the occupants of the Castle? Comparing Atlanta to Baltimore.
The Atlanta Quarterback situation has more air under it than a Kyle Boller 60 yard throw from his knees. Then again Baltimores Qb situation is anything but set with a rookie who looked good in one game against a team whose focus was the next game or on the other hand Private Boller Kyle who trips over yard lines. Atlanta has a couple of mal contents..... Baltimore has several players who have not realized that their job is to play the game... Not coach the team ,not make personnel decisions just train and play the game.Baltimore is an old team in need of a house cleaning... no almost a complete house razing. Does Jason Garrett want to leave the friendly confines of Dallas to undertake the task of bringing some semblence of order to the Ravens or the Falcons? Can anyone really blame him for not wanting to? Has anyone stopped to think that Bisciotti realizes the depths of the problems in the Ravens locker room and also realizes that to keep any part of the Ravens as we knew them under Billick would be a mistake. Thats just my theory on why Rex Ryan has not been invited back for a second interview