Thursday, January 10, 2008

Radio killed the Ravens big stars?

What is Tony Romo thinking about? Ok well I know, it’s pretty obvious that it’s not the Dallas Cowboys and who among us, if given the chance to go on vacation with Jessica Simpson and frolic in the Mexican surf wouldn’t?

But let’s face it, if the Cowboys lose to the Giants (and by the way I’ll go on record and say that’s exactly what’s going to happen…Giants 23 Cowboys 20) how much flak will be tossed Romo’s way and who do you think will become public enemy No. 1 in Dallas?

I don’t know about you, but after I go on vacation, my employer has never gotten the best from me immediately after my return. Sometimes it takes a week to settle back in after surfacing from chill out mode.

Poor Jessica….

Many around town think that the player radio shows are a distraction for the Ravens. Why? Did Ray’s show hurt his performance? Did he say anything during his show that he wouldn’t have said otherwise? Willis McGahee says little of anything and he certainly performed well. Jonathan Ogden…would his toe have healed faster if he didn’t talk? Bart Scott…would he have adapted to his new role better if he didn’t show up on his off day at Della Rose’s? Derrick Mason…103 catches…nuff said!

I will admit that 5 shows plus Brian Billick’s was overkill. Add in the Monday Night Lives at Piv’s Pub and there’s even more overkill. Perhaps there was too much of it but it’s doubtful that the radio shows affected performance on the field. But hey, for those that want to put an end to the player shows, don’t listen. No listeners = no sponsors = no money = no shows. Pretty simple solution if you ask me.

Clearly Rex Ryan is the player’s choice to replace Brian Billick. That was evident on this week’s Bart Scott Show. Bart suggested that Rex Ryan forces the defense to be accountable and as a result they not only play for Rex but for each other. (I must admit that I wonder where that accountability was against the Colts)

Bart’s impassioned plea for Rex is certainly persuasive. I must admit that I initially did not think that Rex would be a good fit as head coach for the Ravens. But when Bart convincingly argued that Rex could bring a measure of accountability to not only the defense but also to the offense and special teams, he changed my thinking momentarily. I got caught up in his passionate support of Rex and for a moment, I had changed my mind.

I’m pulling a Bisciotti and changing it again.

Seems to me the more the players want Rex, the less I want him. The needed cultural change at One Winning Drive can’t happen with Rex in control.

Could Rex return as defensive coordinator? Maybe. But that would require a very strong head coach with experience and it doesn’t sound like at this point that’s the way the Ravens want to go. It looks like they want to hire a young up-and-comer. Having Rex around in that situation may place an unnecessary burden on the new coach and the entire organization.

Ed Reed is the Ravens sole representative on the All-Pro team. Congrats to Ed but I wonder if such accolades will make him even more un-coachable than he already is.


Harryos29 said...

Tony Romo will lose sunday. IMHO.
That could be bad for MR BISCOITTI; it smells like his choice for the Head Coach is Jason Garrett. If the Boyz LOSE? then I think Jerry Jones will Fire the current head coach and promote Jason Garrett to keep him in DALLAS.
What do the Ravens do then? ANSWER= Hire Marty?
Harry O' Sykesville

Anonymous said...

I could live with Marty as long as he turns the offense totally over to Cam the way he did after he lost to the Ravens in 2006. But at this stage, if we don't get Caldwell or Garrett or Sparano, I'd be willing to give John Harbaugh a shot. I can't tell you why, exactly. I just think he's got the right energy and he'll be a winner.

Harryos29 said...

In the END, it may be Marty. I keep
"Changing my mind".. lot of this going on in Baltimore...
Deep down inside, I believe that the Ravens have made up their minds and are waiting for a team in the Playoffs to lose. Its a very fluid situation right now.
Funny, both the Orioles and Ravens are keeping fans in the DARK at the same time.
But, Harbaugh is an intriguing Candidate.
Harry O Sykesville

Anonymous said...

The Browns just fired their defensive coordinator. We'll see Rex heading to Cleveland if/when he doesn't land any of the open head coaching jobs.

Harryos29 said...

OOPS..Cleveland just promoted
We all love REX, but he may be left twisting in the wind a while longer.
Don't be surpised if Harbaugh winds up here!
Harry o 29

Anonymous said...

I did give a listen to Bart's show last week and it was very educational from the players' perspective. I respect Bart as a player and a person, but his comments only reinforced my thoughts that Ravens' players have lost a tremendous amount of respect for authority in general. I think we could use a little dose of MartyBall or someone else who is a strong disciplinarian and authority figure. However, Bart's comments also suggest fear much like Strahan and Barbers comments when Coughlin came to NY.....
While I understand yours and Bart's comments about players having their own radio shows, I still believe they are more of a distraction because they give the media and fans ammo against the team by initiating speculation which drives perceptions. There's a reason why the USA has the 5th amendment; so people can't incriminate themselves if they keep their mouth shut. A few hours of an open microphone in front of anyone whose day job isn't public communications can be a very risky endeavor. If something the player says causes some undesired perception, it has to be a distraction to that player because how the fans feel would probably weigh on them from a personal and marketing standpoint. I'm not saying don't do it, but do it carefully.....
John in Westminster

Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Jan 14th Monday
.... John In Westminster..well put when you say, " A few hours of an open microphone in front of anyone whose day job isn't public communications can be a very risky endeavor. If something the player says causes some ...."
.... I feel that if you are NOT SKILLED at a particular Craft..then you will not perform as well as a person who does it for a living..
.... Back to Jessica. I am not one to say .. I TOLD YOU SO.but I Blogged HERE on Friday and said that ROMO was focusing too much on the Celebrity end of life..and not focusing on FOOTBALL...Bradshaw Blasted Romo to..Terry Bradshaw basically said the same thing that I said; Win the games...then there will be plenty of time to play...
,,, see two big ORIOLE Trades; Then hopefully, OZZIE and his Search team will make the RIGHT CHOICE for our NEXT head coach.
Harryo; Sykesville