Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Please turn down the volume!

During a week when radio sports talk show hosts have plenty to talk about, one local host spent an inordinate amount time talking about unusual sports injuries and another about Super Bowl parties she planned/hoped to attend.

While the topic of sports injuries is clearly in bounds, discussing injuries to testicles excessively is not only not funny, it’s boring. If that topic is worthy of the A-list, I’d hate to hear the B-list.

On to the BS-list, does anyone really care whether a talk show host has a hook up to the many celeb parties that are a huge part of the Super Bowl landscape? Apparently name dropping is a sport of choice nowadays on the afternoon drive at ESPN1300, second only to discussions about American Idol.

ESPN’s Dana Jacobson certainly wishes that the volume was down at a recent roasting of Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. Word is Jacobson tried to get into some playful verbal sparring with Mike & Mike and peppered her trash talking with some way below the belt smack. With University of Notre Dame grad Golic as the target of her unnecessary vitriolic attack, Jacobson slurred F--- Notre Dame, F--- Touchdown Jesus and F--- Jesus.

While some have opined that ESPN was wrong to hand down a week long suspension to Jacobson for her comments given that they were splattered at a roast, someone in her position needs to understand that such highly inflammatory remarks bear consequences.

There could be more to this story, particularly if sponsors threaten an exodus unless Jacobson is reprimanded more severely.

No one asked me, but as of this writing the host of ESPN First Take got off easy. Way easy.

At least for now…

Guess we’ll call this one the F-List.


Anonymous said...

Harry o 29 jan 23rd
Tony Tony Tony, you and I must have had the dial on our night time Radio shows tuned to the same frequency. Ken Griffy Jr's anatomy was never high on my list for discussion on sports talk; Furthermore, having had such injury as a veteran baseball umpire, I found no joy in bringing up painful memories!!!!!!
As for American Idol and Super Bowl parties; who cares? Those of us in the listening audiance should be hearing more details about the prospective new coaches being added to the Ravens staff, and potential off season player moves along with who the Ravens should draft with the current 8th pick that they possess at this time.
I will grant you that discussion of the Orioles upcoming season, with a well known local writer riding shot gun on the show has merit; But, the American idol discustion can be viewed on TMZ or other newsy outlets..
Give me solid sports reporting and I will stay tuned in to your station.

Dawan Song said...

Dana Jacobson should be ashamed and ESPN should be more proactive and punish her no less than more severely or with a pink slip.

Hey is that really Dana Jacobson or John Elway?

MB Genius said...

I used to think that Anita Marks was bad. She's gotten better although I too take exception to her topics at times and the cutesy bulls--t. I used to think Amber was good. She's not.

Sign up Ken Wineman! If not, I'll listen to Rob Long as long as the sun is up above the horizon.

Anonymous said...

All 3 make it more difficult for women to be taken seriously as sports journalists and 1 of them should no longer be given a microphone.

Anonymous said...

I am more upset by the blasphemy. Regardless of whether or not someone is a Christian, this is wrong. She ought to be glad she lives in America. Had she said anything like that about Muhammad or Allah, the consequences could have been deadly in some countries. Oh, but America the beautiful is more upset about her offending Notre Dame. Even when she apologized, she didn't apologize for saying F Jesus, but to Notre Dame.

I don't buy the whole "that's not my character" thing. Nothing comes out of your mouth that doesn't first originate in your heart. I pray that she learns from this and a real, fundamental change of heart takes place.

Tony Lombardi said...

It's interesting...since I wrote this blog I've received emails supporting and criticizing the post. The critics suggest that I was too harsh on the local gals.

Look when you put yourself out there, you leave yourself open to criticism like this -- and that's can help to make you better if the criticism rings true, it is constructive by nature and the target of the criticism has thick skin.

So I looked back on what I wrote and while I stand by the criticisms, the words may have been more biting than necessary. Yet that's a matter of opinion.

But look, if you are out there on the web, on the radio or on TV and you criticize and state your opinions, then you can't be thin-skinned and not be able to take it if it comes your way. If you dish it out...well you know the rest...

When you beat up Kyle Boller for his miserable road record or if you lay into Daniel Cabrera when he can't find the strike zone, don't complain when you miss the mark and others criticize you. I'm sure it's not personal when a talk show host says Boller needs to go. It's an opinion. It's the same as me saying American Idol banter has no place on sports talk radio. It's an opinion.

That said, I don't know if this blog topic had any influence or not but ESPN1300 was far more enjoyable yesterday afternoon than it was during other recent shows that I listened to. Anita brought her A-game. Nice job and keep it coming!

Guess I'll give the A-list another listen sometime soon too.

Carry on...

Anonymous said...

TL, you weakened gave in to Marks. Did you hear Anita busting on Tiger Woods? She sounded like an ass criticizing him for not supporting the black community. Tiger makes all sorts of charitable contributions some of which benefit children of all races. Woods is a multi-racial man who apparently gives regardless of color. Wouldn't it be great if we could all do the same?

She's unprepared, out of touch with the local scene and she's obviously homesick but apparently they don't want her in South Florida otherwise she'd be outta here.

Can someone find her a new gig in Miami?

Harryos29 said...

Harry o 29 Jan 25th
Tony, GREAT COME BACK.. and I don't think you are a WEAKENED MAN! Face it..we are all part of the local Sport community and as you said: ITS ALL OPINON: this is AMERICA..not some country where the Consequences would be severe for having an Opinion!
I thought the Drive Time ESPN1300 Regressed today. First, its not INTERESTING SPORTS TALK to carry on a 25 minute dialog with your board op about POINT Spreads in the Super Bowl!! Second: The Fact of Holding 6 callers and continuing to say "I will get to you in a HOT Second, then going to a long long six minute Commercial...

Anonymous said...

I think Tiger did a most honorable thing in forgiving Tilghman and moving on. If he felt in his heart that it was better off just forgiving and moving on, so be it. I don't believe Tiger has any responsibility to anyone but himself and God...period.

Anita Marks is a joke. She knows nothing about Baltimore sports and she can't go a day without talking about South Florida. Guess what, Anita? We don't care about South Florida sports here. This is Baltimore!!!!