Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ogden Provides Clues to Ravens Woes

Rex Ryan seems to be a popular choice among fans and certainly among Ravens’ players as the successor to Brian Billick. Sorry to all you Rex Ryan fans but that won’t happen unless the Ravens’ search goes into a tailspin due to reasons outside their control. Why would the team assemble such a large panel (that includes no less than Steve Bisciotti, Dick Cass, Ozzie Newsome, Eric DeCosta, George Kokinis, Kevin Byrne and Pat Moriarty) to seek out Bisciotti’s “Hall of Fame” head coach simply to hire someone already in house?

The answer is they wouldn’t. Rex Ryan’s only chance to be Billick’s successor is if all of the other top candidates say no to the Ravens. Given the limited number of head coaching opportunities this off season in the NFL, that is an unlikely scenario. Ryan’s chances are slim to none.

Odds & Ends: Some have compared the Ravens’ possible hiring of Jason Garrett to that of the 1998 Vikings offensive coordinator, Brian Billick. While I don’t believe that the comparison is very accurate I would still argue, “So what’s wrong with that?”

If Garrett can come in and do for the team what Brian Billick did during his first four seasons, I say bring it on! That said, I do think that Garrett’s resume is more steeped in experiences conducive to becoming a solid play caller, clock manager and in-game strategist.

On the other hand, Josh McDaniels the Patriots OC would be more like a young Brian Billick in my opinion. New England features a stud offensive line, MVP quarterback and skill position players to complement the home run hitter – Randy Moss. No truth to the rumor that Josh chose not to interview with the Ravens because they refused to change the name of McDaniel College to McDaniels College.

Anyone watch the replay of Super Bowl XXXIV (featuring the Rams and Titans) recently? Therein lies all the proof you need to conclude that Steve McNair is now but a shadow of his former self…Brian Schottenheimer and John Harbaugh are really head coaching candidates for the Ravens? There must be an ulterior motive right?... How about this quote from Jonathan Ogden: "Of all the names that have been mentioned, I think Marty [Schottenheimer] would probably be the best fit. But I would not want to play for Marty personally. Nothing against the man, I just know his style. He had Bruce Smith doing the Oklahoma drill when he was with the Redskins." What does that tell you about the mentality and make-up of the Baltimore Ravens? Read between the lines of Ogden’s comments and you’ll find a novel that could challenge the volume of War and Peace…