Wednesday, January 16, 2008

McAlister on The Anita Marks Show

Yesterday I caught some of The Anita Marks Show when she had Daniel Wilcox and Chris McAlister on as studio guests. Wilcox, always the company man and team first guy, was quick to say that regardless of who the new coach is, he’ll get behind his new boss, compete and support him the best way that he can. Us Baltimoreans love guys like Daniel Wilcox.

McAlister on the other hand was the poster child representing the Ravens defenders who have openly whined about having to play for a potentially tough coach who believes that practice and camp should be a bit more physical and demanding than a Girls Scouts’ trip to The Enchanted Forest.

Personally, I’m fed up with that attitude. If Jonathan Ogden and Bart Scott and Chris McAlister and Ed Reed and Trevor Pryce don’t want to play for a tough coach, then please help Ozzie find a new home for you. I am so sick of the pecking order, of the “treating us like men” brigade and this sickening sense of entitlement while hiding behind a faux badge of accountability.

When you ask a Ravens defender what happened that allowed Joseph Addai to be wide open for a touchdown on a simple little swing pass or why the Chargers primary receiving threat Antonio Gates can parade around the Ravens secondary with no one around him as though he has leprosy, you hear them casually discard it as a temporary communication breakdown.

That’s accountability?

Where is all world safety Ed Reed when the Ravens give up big plays in the secondary? Well usually he’s doing his thing and wagging. What’s wagging you ask? Well that’s a phrase coined by my friend Bruce Laird – it means wild ass guessing.

Is that being accountable?

Since when does being “treated like men” mean you get a limitless supply of hall passes when you screw up? To me that’s being treated like a spoiled child.

Personally I’d rather have a collection of less talented players, far fewer Pro Bowlers who actually cared about getting better than a bunch of crybabies afraid of a little hard work.

It’s time for players like McAlister to go. If Ozzie can somehow absorb the cap figure and trade McAlister and find a willing taker to give up a first day pick for him, take it and run.

But Ozzie, don't forget to treat him like a man when you show him out the door.


Anonymous said...

"Mmmmmmmmmmm....Girl Scout Cookies".

"Oh Homer...stop drooling all over the Girl Scout Cookies and just respond to TL's blog".


"Oh Homer...just eat a few so you can concentrate on TL's blog".

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmunch munch munch munch".

"That's enough, Homer. Now respond to the blog already".

MmmmOK. Mmmmmmmm ... if..mmmmm.... you.....can't act like men, mmmmmmmmmmm... you shouldn't be .......... mmmmmmmmm ... treated like men".

"Very good, homie. Now finish your milk".

Anonymous said...

wow, imagine football players actually having to train to play football. It sounds like that may actually be something new around here. I heard some of Anita's show and it totally disgusted me as well!!!!! It is definetly time to stop letting the inmates run the assylum

Harryos29 said...

Harry o 29
Tony, Well put! I too heard most of the Anita Marx show. GIVE ME a BREAK! I worked in the computer field for 42 years. When I wrote software that did n't work. My boss showed up at my DESK and demanded that I correct the problem. He didn't go the guy in the next cube! I was accountable for my work. Yes, I was part of a team. But remember there is no "I" in the word Team. The Ravens Defensive Unit has too many "I" players with the "WIFM" attituded( W hats I n I t F or M e ?). Enough of that. One of the reasons that Billick is gone is because he let that attitude perpetuate and fester. Lets hope that the new coach will have some INPUT to the GM, and after a careful assement of the players on this team; be allowed to request who should stay and who should go.
If the Ravens are intent on rebuilding this franchise; then some tough decisions will be made and maybe one of them is to Trade some of our Big Mouth Defensive stars for Much needed High Draft choices.
Tony: I've been waiting for this Blog for some time now. Very timely; Great job.
Harry O 29 , Sykesville

thundrbandit13 said...

Tony this is what I have been saying since the days there were rumors of a divided locker room because of Ed Hartwell. Well Ed has been gone for a while yet the problems continue. The ring leader is not gone yet. Ray Lewis.... I know how dare I attack a Baltimore Icon.... "Look at all ray has done for the team" is what I am told... Ok lets look at it
He has his special players he invites to his house for film review not the whole defense but the U boys. He claims the defense had done their job after a game where the other team has lit up the defense for 5 touchdowns in the first half. The defense did their job because the other teams main running back was held to under 100 yards. He has deserted the team on 2 occasions when they were obviously not going to make the playoffs. He has lead to the ravens being hated around the league by fans because of the swagger and his boasterous nature. He has cried about not being used the way he should be and how he needed beef in front of him so he could run the field without having to worry about being blocked. I could go on and on suffice it to say the Ravens need to take yet another play from Pittsburghs playbook and clean house of the ME players before a new coach will be successfully chosen. Pittsburgh knew that Joey Porter was going to be a cancer in the locker room for Mike Tomlin so they showed him the door before Tomlin got started.

I am with you Tony give me a team of full of players with a Pro Bowl be damned as long as the team is successful attitude. Players willing to do whatever it takes to make the TEAM successful over the whiners of this years team.