Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just say no to Marvin Lewis

There are still folks who believe Marvin Lewis, not Brian Billick won Super Bowl XXXV. The truth is neither won Super Bowl XXXV. That 2000 defense is responsible for bringing Baltimore another Silver Betty – a defense that was not Lewis’ brainchild but rather a marvelous (pun intended) collection of athletes assembled by Ozzie Newsome.

The 2000 defense was very basic. There were few intricate schemes, exotic packages and hybrid formations. They simply played fast, played hard and tackled flawlessly. Each member of that defense understood their assignments and rarely did anyone freelance. Lewis helped to cheer them on, reminded them to keep “chopping wood” and encouraged them to be mindful of their roles. Other than, he stayed out of their way.

Recently Mike Preston of The Sun championed the idea of bringing Lewis back to Baltimore as the Ravens new head coach. He “rationalized” that the Bengals might be willing to release Lewis from his duties in Cincinnati for a draft pick or some combination of picks.

Mike, I think the fumes of The Sun’s printing press have gotten to you!

What a ridiculous idea! I had to look at the calendar to see if it was April 1.

What did Lewis do when he left Baltimore? He went to DC to coach up a very talented Redskins’ defense. The result: 365 points allowed, good for 21st in the NFL.

After that he went on to Cincinnati and has compiled a record of 42-38 – in other words mediocre. And the Ravens should give up a draft pick for that to a divisional rival?

Upon hearing the rumors that the Ravens could entertain the idea of “trading” for Marvin Lewis, polled Bengals fans overwhelming voted in favor of the idea.

Preston suggested that maybe the Ravens defenders would play hard for Lewis. I have to tell you and I hope this message goes from my keyboard to God’s ears – the Ravens need players that will play hard ALL OF THE TIME. Not just for Marvin or Rex. They need players to simply give 100% to their jobs 100% of the time.

Save the draft picks and pass on Lewis.


Anonymous said...


I totally agree with your position. The Ravens need more than players; they need discipline and a coach that can maintain control of the team in good times and in bad. Marvin Lewis showed that he is willing to draft "bad seeds", and pacify Cicinnatti's oversized ego players. He may be a decent coordinator, but he is not a Hall of Fame coach. The notion of giving up draft picks for him is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!! Cicinnati should pay some team for taking him off their hands.

I know the silence from Owings Mills is deafening and people are looking for any little tidbit to discuss, but lets keep things in perspective.

The Ravens are keeping quiet on this one. Read the Ravens website article by Mike Duffy. He said he has seen many candidates in and out of the building. Perhaps there have been more candidates interviewed than what is being reported. Also, with the advent of webcams, teleconferencing, etc., who says you can't conduct an initial interview over the phone? Some people may not require an initial interview because of their familiarity with the candidate. Everything and everyone is a possibility, but the Ravens are going to want a fresh face with fresh ideas and someone who is going to change the culture of the team. It won't be Marvin Lewis. He doesn't fit the profile.

Anonymous said...

I don't keep official records, but I'd bet that Preston's article suggesting we trade draft picks for Marvin Lewis got more negative responses faster than any other post in the history of the Sun. If anything, it further convinced me that part of Preston's agenda is simply to post the most provocative things he can think of. Columnist or journalist or whatever -- he has no sense of integrity or accuracy whatsoever. He's to journalism what Britney Spears is to motherhood.