Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jason Garrett picks Ginger over Maryann

Many of us have been there. You date someone and you think she’s ok. You have fun, she’s pretty cool but she doesn’t exactly rock your world but you play along anyway and go with the flow.

And then there’s the X girl...the one you’ve aspired to be with yet she wasn’t quite available or even worse – she wasn’t attracted to you in the same way.

You’re with Maryann but you prefer Ginger.

In the case of Jason Garrett he was courted by Maryann but he’s not quite ready for Ginger because she’s seeing someone else.

But he’s willing to wait.

And that in a nutshell is the story of the Ravens’ (Maryann) courting of the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator.

The skyward direction of Garrett’s silver spoon-in-mouth as he turned his nose up at the Ravens may end up being one of the best things that has ever happened to this franchise -- a blessing in disguise. And Lord knows the Ravens’ organization is due a little luck after a very unfortunate 2007.

Garrett just doesn’t seem like a fit for Baltimore. He used the Ravens as crash test dummies to hone his head coaching interview skills and to feel out the process but it’s obvious now he really had no intentions of coming to Baltimore. Good for us. I only wish the Ravens had withdrawn the offer prior to Garrett batting his eyes and saying thanks but no thanks.

John Harbaugh on the other hand is more our style. He strikes me as a grinder, a no nonsense lunch pail kind of guy who appears much more equipped to manage the strong personalities on the Ravens’ roster. He is well liked and respected by his peers and by the Philadelphia media. He’s been compared to a young Bill Cowher – a young Bill Belichick.

Maybe Harbaugh fits our Bill.

Maybe Harbaugh is our Maryann.

You know the old adage…Maryann for a lifetime, Ginger for a night.

Well we had our night with Ginger and it wasn’t what it was cracked up to be.

Good riddance to you and your phony interest and eyelashes.


Anonymous said...

I always liked Ginger. And I'm ok with Harbaugh.

BUT WHAT ABOUT RUSS GRIMM? Does he have the mark of the beast or something?

(And who would HE be in this sitcom comparison? Mrs. Howell?)

Anonymous said...

good analogy. I hate to be played for a FOOL..Garrett is not on my Christmas card list any longer. I hope he is LIED to like Jerry Jones lied to those 2 assistants in 2004..
Bring in John Harbaugh and lets

Harry O 29 Sykesville

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Garrett doesn't feel right, but Harbaugh does. I'd much rather take a flyer on a coach with a more substantial resume'. Harbaugh has 25 years of overall coaching experience. Garrett has only 3.

Harryos29 said...

Halleluia --!!! Its HARBAUGH
I think this is an Excellent Choice. John Harbaugh should bring ENERGY to the Ravens. Lets see who his OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR WILL BE and his Man on Defense??
Sorry Marty, but you Be like me..toooooooooo old..
Harry O 29

Anonymous said...

Right now I could kiss Ginger AND Maryann. I'm very glad to hear that the Ravens signed John Harbaugh as the new head coach. Good times are a'comin!

Alan Scott said...

Why would Bisciotti and Newsome ignore their own staff, and look elsewhere for a head coach? It really was no surprise that Jason Garrett traversing across the country to Baltimore and Atlanta was an ill-disguised attempt to get more money out of Jerry Jones. And it worked.

Now they've gone with Harbaugh. Rex Ryan has been with this team and in his 3 seasons as Defensive Coordinator, the Ravens defense has ranked #5, #1, and #6. He's well-liked by the fans and players alike. He should have been offered the Head Coaching job on a silver platter.

Anonymous said...

Alan --

Not only should Ryan NOT have been offered the HC job, he should not be offered the DC job now either. For a variety of reasons.

Alan Scott said...

anonymous, reasons such as:

He's too good for this team.

His talents have been wasted on a team whose offense has been non-existent.

He doesn't deserve the crap dealt to him by Newsome and Bisciotti.

Good points, anonymous! Thanks!

Anonymous said...


1. He has yet to figure out how to effectively stop the no-huddle, with the possible exception of the Indy playoff game.

2. He applied for the HC position with the Ravens and got turned down. That tends to leave some bad feelings, if you know what I mean (although apparently, you don't). Furthermore, players openly advocated for Ryan, leading to a potential conflict between Harbaugh and Ryan. And finally, it should be up to John Harbaugh now who the DC should be, not Ozzie, Steve, or Dick.

3. He went into prevent-defense mode in 2007 and lost games as a result.

4. He didn't adjust the D-schemes after injuries to key players made the typical "organized chaos" impractical. (i.e. leaving inexperienced CBs out on an island all by themselves. At the very least, where was the support from the free wheeling Ed Reed? Or switching over to more of a Tampa-2 cover zone scheme, where the CBs wouldn't have to play man-to-man?)

5. Even Ray Ray at one point in the season expressed the need to just play straight-forward defense, without all the complicated exotic schemes.

6. His players had some of the most ridiculous penalties of any of the Ravens. (i.e. What was the disciplinary action to Scott's throwing the penalty marker towards the stands in the N.E. game?)

Thanks for playin though, Alan Scott.

Alan Scott said...

No, thank you, anon. Thanks for the insights.