Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Is The NFL Becoming the WWE?

We Baltimoreans have often behaved with and we have been justly criticized for harboring an inferiority complex. Turn on the Weather Channel, and you will see and hear the extended outlook for Philadelphia and DC. Your favorite musical recording act is on tour and what do they do? They pass on through B’more only to be seen at toll booths.

Win the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl MVP isn’t on the Wheaties box. Reigning Super Bowl Champs are supposed to host the first Monday Night Football game the following season, right? Not if you are the Baltimore Ravens.

Watch the MNF pre-game show last night and what is discussed ninety-percent of the time – the visiting New England Patriots.

No worries Baltimore – we aren't alone. Every city has to deal with it because the truth be told, the Patriots are the NFL’s darlings!

Only 12 of the league’s 32 teams are playing above the mediocre .500 level so it’s easy to understand why the networks are all starry-eyed over the Patriots and their quest for perfection in 2007.

They have the pretty boy quarterback with a super model on one arm and an actress on the other. Said QB is having a record season and is dismantling defenses at an alarming rate in a seemingly effortless way. Would it surprise anyone if you were told that Chris Berman or Phil Simms or Tony Kornheiser sleeps beside a Tom Brady collectible doll?

Well after watching Monday’s Ravens v. Patriots game, would it surprise any of you if Walt Anderson’s officiating crew did the same?

The home team Ravens were penalized 13 times for 100 yards while the visiting Patriots were flagged four times for thirty yards, mostly inconsequential penalties (officials ignored the consequential holding penalties). Ravens' dime back Jamaine Winborne was called for holding yet the yellow laundry wasn’t thrown until the fourth quarter fourth down pass to Ben Watson sailed incomplete. The alleged penalty occurred just beyond five yards from the line of scrimmage.

And then there was the Jabar Gaffney gaffe…

Down by four with forty-four seconds remaining the NFL darling hit the nearly forgotten Gaffney in the left corner of the end zone which would eventually become the winning score. Replays showed that Gaffney did not have clear possession of the football yet the officials ruled that there was not conclusive evidence to overturn the call on the field.

What a joke!

I’ve seen official replay reviews last much longer when forward progress has been challenged. This was THE deciding play in the game and the officiating crew gave it about as much consideration as you and I might consider an optional root canal.

Is the NFL morphing into the WWE?

Has greed kicked integrity to the curb?

The undefeated season sells tickets; it captivates an audience; it lures sponsors with deep pockets and it feeds the networks’ infatuation with the NFL’s most infamous cheaters – the New England Patriots.

Ever wonder why the NFL destroyed all evidence of cheating by the Patriots? Ever think, “Wow, they got rid of all that spying film pretty soon?”

Well maybe that film was damning enough to question the game’s integrity.

Maybe those three point wins in three Super Bowls could have been aggressively challenged had the evidence remained in tact. And what might that have said about the league? Where would the billion dollar television contracts have gone? Might Vince McMahon have replaced Roger Goodell?

If anyone is to beat the Patriots, they better not let the game come down to a call by the officials because if they do, they will lose every time. The Patriots are paying the bills right now for the NFL. You know it, I know it and Patriots opponents better know it too!


Harryos29 said...

Tony, Dec 5th, 2007
GREAT Blog; you said, what my fellow Ravens Fans, and I, have been emailing each other and texting: cell phone calls... etc... since the final whistle blew after the game Monday night.
I could not have put it Better. But...who is to say that DARTH VADER (the hooded sinister coach of the Patriots) has not found another way to cheat. The way they have taken apart Defenses all year makes you wonder if they don't have inside Information about Defensive SETS of all of their Opponents? Its food for thought.
I like MIKE & MIKE in the morning, but today's show made me want to Throw up. Their topic was the Ravens whining and accusations of the NFL REFS , tilting the playing field in favor of the Patriots.... Mike Greenberg, said "if they are doing that, then how do they do it"?? HELLO...did he see the Ravens Patriots game Monday nite. I was home and viewed the game on TV. However, many of my Fellow Ravens Nest members were at the game and told me of the NON-CALLS that were prevalent all night long! Like 3 count em...THREE blows to the Head of KYLE Boller afer he let passes go.. Isn't the NFL trying to protect the Quarterbacks, or are they instructed to only Protect BOY WONDER from Foxboro??? -or- Matt Light, the Right Tackle (appropriate name) who tackled and wrestled the Ravens Antwan Burgess to the ground several times, using the wrestling HEAD LOCK maneuver to give Brady that extra 3 seconds to find an Open Randy Moss down field.
Chris Berman is the worst! I'm developing a stong distaste for his "FAWING" over the Patriots. Sal Paolantelo (sp?) was a guest on the Anita Marks show on Tuesday and even he, discounted the Gaffney Touch down Catch.
So, are we missing something here in Baltimore? I'm sure we got some Calls along the way in 2000 on our March to the Super Bowl, but the things that are going on with the PATRIOTS of 2007 is agonizing when your team is victimized over and over by an un-even Playing field with the officiating.
Sure, the Ravens didn't help themselves with 13 penalties, but if you go back and review the tape and count the actual violations, that were not called on the Patriots, I'm sure their total would have been double digits also.
When a caller to the Vivano show on Tuesday suggested that there was something Amiss, VIV cleverly told him if it bothers you that much; just turn off the TV. I think Mark gave the caller the CORPORATE ANSWER that the NFL would approve of, if they were asked the same question. However, as JACK NICHOLSON said in his movie "A FEW GOOD MEN"; "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" and I don't think the NFL will ever admit to their dirty little secret. There are Billions of Dollars at stake; just follow the money trail and you get your answer!
Harry O 29

Anonymous said...

It's only a matter of time before the "BIG NFL GAME FIXING SCANDAL" arrives at news stands and computer monitors near you. There's just too much money and too much power involved for it not to be fixed. Here's to the WW(N)F(L)