Friday, December 21, 2007

Dear Steve...another letter to Steve Bisciotti

Dear Steve,

We once met socially prior to you becoming the 99% owner of the Baltimore Ravens and then again this past November when I sat in on the Ravens Rap with John Gehrig and Bruce Laird at The Greene Turtle in Ocean City. I was impressed with your candor and how unpretentious you were given a man of your success and stature. I’m sure you are guarded on occasion – most men of wealth are. It must be difficult at times to gauge the sincerity of a stranger’s intentions when you interact. Many I’m sure look to profit.

You’ve certainly profited in your life driven by a vision coupled with an amazing work ethic. You now sit among the elite in terms of wealth. Not many can look in the mirror at a billionaire.

Self-made billionaires aren’t very common. Generally speaking, such people are overachievers. Sometimes for overachievers achieving the goal is actually less riveting than the pursuit – so I am told.

It is my understanding that the company we all know today as the Allegis Group had its origins in your basement. You were driven so much that I’m told you would put a suit on just to go into your basement to work – an obvious attempt to simulate a professional work environment. In some ways, it was like a football player putting on the pads and buckling up the chin strap.

Obviously it worked!

Once, while reading John Feinstein’s book Next Man Up, I was moved by your recollections of your childhood, your fond memories of your Dad despite losing him at the very young age of 8. Somehow, your Dad already knew you well. He knew that the letter he left behind to you and your siblings would make an impact and hit its intended mark. I’m sure you have it memorized but for the benefit of others your Dad wrote:

“I know how good you all are. I truthfully never met children I was ever more impressed with than you. Of course I’m terribly prejudiced and filled with love for you. As a selfish man, I hope you will remember me with love and I hope that in some way I have been important in helping form your character and outlook on life. The love and affection you have given me is beyond my ability to describe, but somehow I’m sure you’ll find out what I mean.”

Somewhere your Dad Bernie is smiling. You’ve likely accomplished more than even he could have imagined in his wildest of dreams. You are the quintessential overachiever.

How ironic is it that after reaching the pinnacle of your profession, that you now own a NFL franchise that is characterized as underachieving? Given the character your Dad described and that which you’ve developed, that can’t sit well with you. You are handsomely paying several players with Pro Bowl on their resumes. Your payroll is near the top of the league yet your team sits at the bottom of the AFC North – a team that just lost to the winless Miami Dolphins. That has to be gnawing at the fabric of your soul.

What will you do? Can you change the mindset of underachievers? Can that be accomplished with Brian Billick on the sidelines? Does his message reach his players? Can he inspire them any longer? Is the team hiding behind its injuries as a shield against the sharp blade of failure? Which is the aberration, the 2005 and 2007 seasons or 2006?

You have invested heavily in Brian Billick and the returns since you anted up are miserable. Have you experienced that before? What did you do then? Did you cut your losses or were you patient? Did the patience pay off?

Being a native of the area, you should know what makes a Baltimorean tick. We love an underdog because we can relate to them. We are all underdogs with a collective inferiority complex brought about by Philadelphia to the north, DC to the south and the Colts to Indianapolis. We don’t take kindly to the fat cats, the Peter Angelos types of the world. We’re all about the Michael McCrarys, the Artie Donovans, the Tony Siragusas, the Kelly Greggs and the Steve Bisciottis.

We gravitate to people and athletes that seem real to us.

What is happening to our football team is unreal.

Our expectations and probably yours haven’t been met. There was never a question as to whether the Ravens would make the playoffs in ‘07. The question was how far could they advance into the playoffs? Along with your staff, you seemingly made the necessary adjustments to correct the woes of 2005. Yet the woes have returned, screaming into our collective face – nose to nose.

Fans feel slighted. After swallowing some hefty ticket price increases they are now wondering what your return policy is.

Next Sunday the Ravens will play their final game of the season, hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers. Do you know how humiliating it will be after the agony and torture of this season, to sit there while 20,000 Steelers’ fans wave their Terrible Towels? The humiliation will be worse than any Orioles game at Camden Yards invaded by Yankees’ or Red Sox’ fans because with the Orioles, we expect it.


Because we expect better from our Baltimore Ravens.

Let’s be real Steve, the Ravens are hanging by a thread. The fans know it, the media knows it, Ozzie knows it, Brian knows it, Ray knows and so do you. We’re all wondering how it happened – how such a talented collection of athletes with so much promise on paper could never deliver on the field of play. We scratch our heads wondering how a hapless team like the Dolphins led by a quarterback who ended up on the Ravens’ scrap heap could put up Marino-like numbers against our once proud defense. How could a team with such impressive resumes suffer a meltdown against the Colts here at home, terribly embarrassed by the franchise that once ripped out our hearts?

This can’t be what you bargained for – such an undisciplined team, is it? That’s not how you are built. Overachievers are abundantly disciplined.

So where do we go from here? Do you stick your head in the sand and hope that Billick has another magic wand stuck in his thesaurus? I understand the value of patience. I understand that sometimes investments take time. I also understand the concept of compounding a mistake and God knows I hope I’m wrong, but sticking with Brian Billick is doing exactly that.

Today we are in the midst of the Holiday Season – for many the most wonderful time of the year. It is the Season for giving and it is also the time to reflect upon the year that has past and the one that awaits. I hope that Brian Billick returns and does his part to restore a winning atmosphere. I also hope to be a billionaire like you but I accept that that will never happen just as you should accept that winning consistently will never again happen with Brian Billick leading the charge for the Ravens.

This isn’t 2000 anymore. This isn’t even 2002 or 2006 anymore. This is almost 2008 and if you roll the dice with Billick and that gamble fails, your suffering will be greater than the mistake you made when you awarded Billick last year with a four year extension. If you made a bad investment would you put more money into it? Of course not! So why do it now?

The best franchise in the league places the team over the individual. They foster an atmosphere that prioritizes the greatest good for the greatest number. As a whole they are stronger than the sum of their parts. As a team, the New England Patriots have achieved what a collection of under achieving fat cats can’t because the fat cats think it’s just a business and they ask, “What’s in it for me?”

When Adalius Thomas left for New England, he recognized the cultural differences of the two teams immediately – so much so that the normally politically correct AD couldn’t refrain from spouting off about the team-first mentality of the Patriots versus the me-first mentality of the Ravens.

That’s what you need to strive for and you know that. Perhaps you’ve grown too close to the players and the team and as a fan of the game and as a man who has come to know the players arguably too well, it has dulled your senses; it has challenged your objectivity and your decisions are now questionable.

In your businesses, accountability is crucial. It is also crucial in the NFL. The Ravens are not accountable for their errors. Billick fosters that culture. He enables it and as much as he talks about accountability he doesn’t practice it. Even you Steve don’t seem to be enforcing it with your head coach or your GM who remains suspiciously on the side lines through all of the turbulence brought on by this tumultuous season.

It’s time to wipe the slate clean. It’s time to stop blaming injuries for your miserable season. Injuries are a way of life in the NFL and it’s a measure of a successful organization in how they deal with injuries and other forms of adversity that separate them.

The injuries aren’t going away particularly when you consider that the age of the key players (McNair, Heap, McAlister, Pryce, Rolle, Ogden) who suffered or are suffering through those costly injuries.

In your other businesses, you’ve managed them in a way that focuses on increasing shareholder value and customer satisfaction. Keeping Brian Billick will do neither for the Baltimore Ravens.

I know it’s the season for giving so instead of embracing the thought that it isn’t festive to give Brian his walking papers, look at it as a way of giving your customers, the fans of Baltimore some hope. Brian will be fine. He’ll go on to TV for a year and another team will pick him up – a team that won’t consider his message so stale. You know, like the team you now own!

The time has come Steve…

As I write, I’m reminded again of Al Pacino’s speech in Any Given Sunday. Here’s an excerpt from it:

“You gotta look at the guy next to you. Look into his eyes. Now I think you are going to see a guy who will go that inch with you. You are going to see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this team because he knows when it comes down to it, you are gonna do the same thing for him.That's a team, gentlemen and either we heal now, as a team or we will die as individuals. That's football guys. That's all it is.

Now, whattaya gonna do?”

We’re waiting Steve…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Tony Lombardi


Tyler said...

Well put Tom. Things will NOT get better under Billick. He has to go. Merry Xmas.

Anonymous said...

Could not DISagree more with your sentiments, Tony. How short our memories are in this town. Doesn't anyone remember Marchibroda's teams anymore?? If your team doesn't have a Brady or Peyton at the helm, you're going to have a tough year now and then. Billick has proven twice before he can right the ship. He has proven when the cards fall right, he can lead a very successful team. He has also proven that when the cards don't fall right, he's not a magician, but how many coaches are? The bandwagon jumpers in Pittsburgh wouldn't have celebrated a Super Bowl in 2005 if their ownership had listened to their media and fanbase in 2004. I can only hope Bisciotti is as astute and media-blind as the Rooneys.

The guy that has my hackles up is Eric DeCosta. Why does this guy get a free pass? We've had very questionable drafts under his leadership, wasting mid-round picks and even a 1st day pick on special teamers and fullbacks where the talent base is just as good in the undrafted free agent pool while signing absolutely no one of any ability at cornerback. And what about Ozzie? Yes, he's picked brilliantly in the first round and the late rounds, but what about 2nd and 3rd rounds? Has he ever traded up for a player that turned into a good draft pick?

There is much that has gone wrong this year, and Billick is certainly at the core of this disaster, but he has proven willing in the past to make necessary corrections. The organization has to look inward and rectify and improve all aspects that contributed to their failures this year (coaches, players, front office, everyone), and dumping a proven coach as a scapegoat is not the bandaid this team needs. Relative to specific changes needed at the head coaching level, if Billick agrees to dump his offensive system and allows someone else to bring in a new system (a big question mark), there's no better coach to lead this team into the future. If he stubbornly won't change his system, only then is his removal warranted.

If the team's struggles continue into next year, then it might be time for a change, but until then, Billick has earned the right to get that shot.

Mr. Bisciotti, I'll close this message by including my own brief open letter to you that the time is now to prove that you don't let the media influence your decisions. The disenchanted among us will always be more vocal than the contented fans. Win or lose in Brian Billick's tenure, I've never been prouder to associate myself as a fan of an organization as I have been to associate myself with the Ravens. The class, dignity, and community service embodied by this team and organization are second to none, and make no mistake, it has been Billick as the face of your organization who has led that transformation. If Billick is willing to make the necessary offensive design changes into next year, he must continue.

Anonymous said...

Well said. And well done.

Ryan said...

Any idea when the Eagles are going to fire Andy Reid?

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve...

Recently, Brian Billick opened a window into his own inner processes. In fact, it's the same window he opened up back in the spring of 2007 when he announced that he'd be calling the plays -- essentially because he was having fun calling the plays after he fired Jim Fassel.

He said basically the exact same thing recently -- that he's been having fun calling the plays this year. Obviously, he really doesn't see any problem continuing on in that role -- in his mind, it's mainly the execution of his play calling that's at fault, not his sophomoric play calling/play design.

Steve...are YOU having fun watching him call the plays? Do you think the fans are having fun watching him call the plays? Do you think the players have confidence in him calling the plays? Do you think the national media has endorsed him calling the plays this year? Were you not watching the same game in Pittsburgh when the announcers were horrified that 3 yard pass plays were being called over and over and over while we were behind by 3 touchdowns?

Use some basic common sense here, Steve. Brian Billick is as self-absorbed an individual as ever walked this planet. Anyone who can look at this season and declare that he is having fun calling the plays is simply not operating with a full deck; the lights are on but nobody is home; his elevator is not going to every floor; etc. And you are the only one who can intervene and take the reins away from that lunatic. And make no mistake about it sir -- Brian Billick is pathological and needs to be brought down now before he does any more damage than he's already done.

He's having fun calling the plays this year? Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

For the sake of fairness and accuracy, the entry stating that Billick declared that he was having fun calling the plays this year appears to be inaccurate. The reference he actually made -- as discussed recently by Rick Neuheisel -- was only to last year. It was made around the time that Rick had been promoted to OC, and Billick was explaining to Rick that he (Billick) would be calling the plays because he was having so much fun doing it after firing Fassel in 2006. There does not appear to be any statement by Billick in 2007 that he's been enjoying calling the plays this year.

Anonymous said...

Who knew Billick posted on this site? Didn't Brian come out in training camp (yeah, real smart), and make some comment like "Without question, in deference to the 2000 team of course, this is unquestionably our most complete and talented team"? How can you criticize Decosta and Ozzie when this team has as much talent as it does? Even a rudimentary (learned that one from BB) exam of FA and draft over past three years shows players like Clayton, Brown, Ngata, Williams, Landry, Sypniewski, Koch, Pryce, Bannan, Ivy (as a nickel), Chester, Grubbs, McGahee, Yanda, Figurs (he's going to be a stud), McClain (hasn't he started every game and haven't we averaged about an extra yard per carry this year?), Barnes (looks like the real deal as a fourth rounder. And what about the terp Gaither. In the fifth round, are you kidding? The truth is that it's not the young players and free-agents who have disappointed, it's the veterans. Reed, Heap, Ogden, Scott, Flynn, Rolle, McCalister, etc have all been either hurt or playing poorly. The head coach can't motivate the vets anymore and he can't motivate them to come back from hamstring injuries and such. He is lax as a leader, poor as a game manager, and micromanages the offense (evidenced by his emasculation (thanks Brian)of Neuheisel. Parcells was on TV with Keyshawn(before he landed in Miami) and said the Ravens were a very talented team that needed a "whuppin". That's the problem, not the players (with the exception of Pittman and Martin, and Gaston)

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve,

I assume as a sports fan, you've watched your fair share of football games. And maybe now that you own the Ravens, you've lost a certain amount of objectivity when you watch them play. But ask yourself this: when you watch the Ravens play, do they look like other teams to you?

We came into the game 4-10. We had two 4th down situations against the Seahawks. We were way behind, and it was late in the game. And they weren't 4th and 20 situations -- they were 4th and 3, 4th and 4 situations from around midfield. There is absolutely no reason in the this world for the head coach to NOT go for it in those situations.

Yet, as if right on cue, Brian Billick chose not to. Not once. But twice.

A while back, I read a great line that I think exemplifies Brian Billick to a "T" (It was penned by a poster by the name of "SeattleRaven" over on the Sunspot forum): "Brian Billick plays not to lose EVEN WHEN HE'S LOSING".

He does that over and over and over again. He plays not to lose EVEN WHEN HE'S LOSING. Is that really the type of mindset you want from your head coach? It seems to take him forever to switch gears and go huddle EVEN WHEN WE'RE LOSING. He never seems to figure out how to insert a "trick play" EVEN WHEN WE'RE LOSING. He can't seem to figure out how to go for extra points before the end of a half EVEN WHEN WE'RE LOSING.

In short -- he can't lead/guide this team to win, especially when we're losing. And this is really nothing new when it comes to the Ravens under Brian Billick. Since he's been the head coach, they have been a team that was almost always sunk if they fell behind by more than two TD's. He has never designed an offense as long as he's been here that's able to rally from deep in the hole and come back and win on any sort of consistent basis.

The fact that the D kept us FROM falling behind most of the time is what hid this glaring inadequacy for so long. But now, it's exposed for what it is, and what it's always been. And that just is not what I see when I watch most other NFL teams play, even teams with less talent than the Ravens possess.

That's not to say the expectation should be he has to win EVERY GAME, or a Super Bowl EVERY YEAR. It means that every game should be played TO BE WON, EVEN WHEN, or ESPECIALLY WHEN we're losing. Brian Billick simply does not do that. And it's obvious to most people watching the Ravens play. What are you seeing, man?

Harryos29 said...

Merry Christmas Dec 24th
Harry O 29 Sykesville

Well put Tony: This comes under the Category of "WHAT WAS HE THINKING?" when Steve Bisciotti signed coach Billick for 4 more year? He must have done this while sitting behind the bench at a TERPS Basketball Game when they were winning. Because he sure did not think this through.
Again, look to INDY, and New England and how they manage their teams salary cap and roster. The Ravens have invested way too much money into too many aging players. I consider aging, having players with over 7 years in the league.
The owner needs to make a change at the most important position on the team: HEAD COACH!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New year. One way or another, 2008 will be better, if only because we will have the same schedule that Cleveland had this year.
Harry O 29 Sykesville

Anonymous said...

Tony, you seem very concerned about this so-called selfish, me-first attitude of the Ravens. However, who are the two biggest poster boys for this culture? - Ray Lewis, who adorns the cover of your website, and Bart Scott, the star of your radio show. I would like to know if you are also criticizing the attitudes of these two players specifically or do you just think it's totally the coach's fault, because you seem to have benefitted from them.

Anonymous said...

To pick up on what Harry said...look at what the Redskins just did with regard to their coaching situation. They offered Gibbs a 2 year extension deal. And something needs to be highlighted here:

The Redskins are usually THE WORST example in the NFL of OVER-spending/extending. Yet they had enough common sense to limit the extension to a 2 year deal, and Gibbs is like a god over there.

So clearly, Bisciotti made a mistake by giving Billick a 4 year extension. And if there were no built-in performance or buy out clauses, then he made mistakes there as well.

The only real question is who is going to pay for those mistakes. And it appears as if it's going to be the fans, not Mr. Bisciotti. If that's the case, he might get away with it in the short term, but he's going to lose out in the long term. The rules of the NFL might be played fast and loose, but the laws of Karma have been around for a real long time. And they win out every time over deception and manipulation and cowardice.

Smart Guy said...

Tony's become Bart Scott's mouthpiece.

Bart wants the coach fired, so Tony does his dirtywork.

If you people can't figure that out, there's no helping you.

Lame, Tony. Really lame.

Anonymous said...

smart guy said:

"Tony's become Bart Scott's mouthpiece.

Bart wants the coach fired, so Tony does his dirtywork.

If you people can't figure that out, there's no helping you.

Lame, Tony. Really lame.

1:50 PM"

I don't think so. While I've had -- and voiced -- my differences here with Tony, I think you're way off base. I feel that Tony -- like most Ravens fans -- has simply had enough, after nine years of Brian Billick and his inane, inept system(s). Frankly, at this point, I doubt that Bart Scott, Ray Lewis, and the rest of the Ravens squad could influence his opinion in the opposite direction. It has nothing to do with what Bart Scott wants or doesn't want. It has to do with fumdamental football knowledge and basic common sense.

ravcol said...

Dear Steve,

With your beloved Twerps playing like such, and the greatest first to worst falling by a pro team in modern football, perhaps this is the year you pay attention to what's really going on at One Spinning Way. For the record, I agree with anonymous (you just have to figure out which one; hint, it's not the one who is really BB's agent). The Ravens are merely an O-line and decent QB away from total mediocrity. Sidney Ponson could call a better game than Sir Genius, and Ozzie's predilection for overpaying has-been's has placed us in a cap predicament. Cut all the players over thirty, take the cap hit, trade down, and draft two QB's this year (maybe if one is named Derek and the other Anderson you can put them together and make one QB - then cut him too!). But you better bring in someone who can tutor a young QB, and doesn't reward eleven straight wins and a Super Bowl victory with a guillotine and the fans with the Town Cryer.

Memo to Ozzie: Since converting a tight end to center doesn't work, draft a real center in the first round.

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve,

Maybe 20,000+ Steelers fans on Sunday will wake your sorry azz up to the reality that you yourself created. Remember your brilliant comment last year after the loss to Inday, when you said that you'd take the net results (13-3/one and done) every year? (Maybe that's why you don't speak that often -- you're not the greatest speaker, to be sure.)

That was around the same time you decided to extend Brian Billick's contract for FOUR YEARS. But look on the bright side -- you'll have lots of yellow towels to wipe your tears when you look out and see the results of your stupid decisions. YOU'RE the traitor -- for selling your fans short and putting an inept, inferior coach back out on the field in a town where fans know and expect better. keep on with the "continuity" crap. See what happens next year as well.

Harryos29 said...

Anonymous Dec 28th... Wow.. he said what I've been saying for a long time. When the 20,000 Steeler fans show up on Sunday..That should SEND the owner a msg. That people do not think the HOME TEAM,, has a chance to win vs the Steelers; so they sold their tickets on EBAY. Everyone in the city is tired of Billicks BS in his press Conf; Anyone with half a brain can see that; The Ravens did not/could not put together any depth on the Roster. Its a sad state of affairs to be compared with the MIAMI's of the world; Then we lost to that sorry group.
We are in such a sad of affairs in Baltimore, that we cannot even have a FAN on the roof for the rest of the season. Ron Stack was arrested for being behind in his Child-Support to the tune of $43,000.
Cheer up, 2008 has got to be better. Props to Anonymous!
Harry O 20
Sykesville, md

Anonymous said...

To Harry O --

The difference between the Ravens and Miami is crystal clear -- THEY SAW THAT THEY HAD A PROBLEM, AND DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The owner realized he didn't have the answers, so he brought in Bill Parcells to at least TRY to turn that organization around. The owner turned over full authority to Parcells to hire/fire ANYBODY, including the head coach and GM. Now, I'm not saying Parcells IS the answer, but at least they're trying.

Look at the difference between that and the crap we're fed here by the Ravens. "Injuries and poor play at the QB position". "Continuity". "No other viable alternatives". "We played within our parameters". "It is what it is".

With the possible exception of the last comment -- it IS what it is -- the Ravens are off the charts -- negatively -- in terms of dealing with the problems that are dragging this team down to the point that we're now one of the worst teams in the NFL.

And it's not just that we're having a bad year. We're reaping the ineptitude that's been sown over the course of the past NINE YEARS. And it sure IS what is IS. It sucks.

Anonymous said...

So - traitorous, fair-weather fans who don't belong anywhere near Ravens stadium will make a buck by selling their tickets and then dare to tell the owner they are sending a message. Get the hell out of this forum! You bring shame on us real fans. Don't come back next year, either. The team is much better without you turncoats.

Anonymous said...

It's funny -- the more I hear comments from "real fans", the more they begin to sound like the false patriots who call into the Rush Limbaugh show. They abuse the concept of "fandom" the same way Rush's "ditto heads" abuse the concept of patriotism. I would imagine it all stems from the same sort of monolithic, one-dimensional type thinking. Or one could substitute mindless lemming type thinking just as easily.

Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

"Real fan" here again to respond to "just sayin'" I can respect any amount of discontent regarding the team's performance and its coach. It's all deserved. However, that was not my point. If during an abnormally bad year, anyone who sells their tickets to Steelers fans to make a quick buck and then lies and says they're "sending a message to the owner" does not deserve respect. Just the opposite, they are the scum of the earth in fandom. This team does not need support from these dregs, and I pray they sell their PSLs. We're not talking about a track record of multiple losing seasons. This team and organization have given their heart and soul to this city and state over the years, and just when they need a little faith in the future (or at least a smidgen of patience) in return, these idiot fans abandon them. Shameful! They should all move to France, so they can welcome with open arms the next invading Army when times get tough.

Anonymous said...

To Real Fan:

No, we're not talking about multiple seasons of losing, but we ARE (or at least I am) talking about multiple seasons of seriously underperforming on offense. And underperforming on stupid penalties. And underperforming when it comes to learning from the mistakes of the past and fixing them.

And any way you choose to slice it, that lies at the feet of the head coach, and probably even the FO as well. This is NOT about just THIS YEAR. This is about an almost decade-long problem that does not appear as if it's going to be adequately addressed come Jan 2. Fans pay a LOT OF MONEY to watch this team, and it does not appear as if the owner understands just how fortunate HE IS to have such fans.

Writing in to blogs/forums, calling in to talk shows apparently has not impressed upon the owner how dissatisfied Ravens fans have become. NOT JUST with this year's disaster. But with what's been going on -- and not going on -- for over nine years now. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, man. And since the owner apparently is not willing to listen to more reasonable approaches, the "in your face" selling of the tickets IS one viable option, IMO. So would just not showing up at all. And so would showing up with signs and banners that demand that organizational changes be made. They're ALL legit. They ALL fall into the category of REAL FANS' freedom of choice. I resent someone like you coming along dictating what is and what isn't a legitimate exercise of freedom of choice. Hence, the connection to Rush Limbaugh and his monolithic followers.

Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Dec 29th
Response to the Last Anonymous: Rush Limbaugh....
Nothing will change until people stop buying tickets and stop showing up. These millionare owners could care less about what we Blog..what Signs we may Carry to the Stadium. With "THEM" its all about the bottom line; $$$$ if we stop purchasing Tickets and don't show up..maybe they will listen; Until then we will continue hearing the Paradyms and Parameters till the cows come home...
However, the BEST New Years Present the Ravens could give the Fans and the City, would be to INTERODUCE the new head coach of the Baltimore Ravens Next Jan 2 at 2 pm! Well... I can dream can't I?
Harry O Sykesville

Anonymous said...

Harry...I say this with all due respect:


(J/K Man. I hear ya. I'm with ya. Happy New Year!)