Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bringing Back Billick Makes the Ravens Average at Best!

So Brian Billick is returning to guide the Ravens sideline in 2008 if you believe some pretty reputable sources. Well there goes one Christmas present for me.

But hey, Steve Bisciotti is a pretty smart guy right? Self-made billionaires aren’t lucky right? But they do make mistakes and this one to me looks like a doozy!

The team is souring on Billick. Ever watch a Ravens’ sideline during a game? Despite the weekly struggles, do you ever see Brian Billick huddle with his offense? Ever see him really coach them up, ask what they are seeing out there or gather their valuable input?

Neither have I…

Sometimes I wonder who it is that he’s talking to on that headset of his. Ever wonder if that thing is just a prop?

And we’re bringing this act back for another go at it? Well fa la-la la-la!

On the first day of Christmas Bisciotti gave to us,
Billick and a new thesaurus

Who knows, that thesaurus might come in handy. After all the spinning that Billick will do defining and redefining the parameters and the profiles and the dynamics of the 2008 season we might need one. But if yours doesn’t arrive in the mail with an invitation to add your name to the waiting list for more season tickets (a list which by the way is certain to get smaller), don’t worry. Let me translate all the hot air for you now. It goes like this…

Blah, blah…blah-blah, blah-blah-blah.

Let's all join hands and let out one big collective Charlie Brown, “UUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHH!”

So far we haven’t heard from Steve Bisciotti directly but higher ups in the organization suggest that Billick will return and I suppose they can’t really say that without Mr. B’s approval. So he must have given it right?

But why can’t we hear it from Mr. B.? What’s the big deal anyway? We already get that he isn’t a meddlesome owner. Why the big taboo when it comes to addressing the media? Wouldn’t it make more sense for him to address his customer base and explain why he’s sticking with Billick?

Wouldn’t you like to know why he’s sticking with an average coach who has seemingly lost his team? Wouldn’t you like to know why Bisciotti thinks that years of offensive ineptitude and abysmal clock management will suddenly disappear? Wouldn’t you want to why he believes that Billick can suddenly shape a team screaming for discipline when they apparently don’t respect him?

Sure the players like Billick because he sends them on a mid-season vacation, hands out lollipops after a tough loss and wipes the crust out of their eyes when they appear to be a little tired.

It isn’t working Mr. B.!

Since the Super Bowl season the Ravens are 60-53 and 1-3 in the playoffs. They are 23-23 over the last two plus seasons and it’s been 2,160 days since the Ravens actually won a playoff game.

Are we ok with being average Mr. B.? C’mon now you can’t be. You didn’t get to where you are in life by settling for average. Your team payroll isn’t average. Your ticket prices aren’t average. So why settle for an average head coach?

As of late there have been hints that the Ravens will bring in a new offensive coordinator. Big deal! If Danica Patrick came over to my place to drive my broken down Pinto, what kind of performance would you expect from its rusty frame and shoddy chassis? Forget about that Lamberghini in New England, could she even keep up with the shiny new Camry in Cleveland even if Stevie Wonder was behind the wheel?

And who is to say the Ravens can even recruit an innovative coordinator? Why would said coordinator be certain that Billick wouldn’t interfere? Why would he come knowing that Billick is on shaky ground? Why would he be eager to arrive when all he has to work with is a broken down Steve McNair, a consistently inconsistent Kyle Boller and the inexperienced Troy Smith?

Oh, so you think the Ravens will be drafting their next franchise QB, eh? If you are Eric DeCosta, would you want to place your first round pick and your reputation in the hands of Brian Billick? Billick hasn’t exactly been a model mentor for quarterbacks. I can think of one rookie QB who left Baltimore in ’05 and is about to lead his team into the playoffs and bears the initials D.A.

When the next “franchise” QB arrives, can we be assured that he isn’t D.O.A.?

Despite it all, Billick will be returning.

"From a general standpoint, I think my record speaks for itself," Billick said earlier this week. "It has been a tough year clearly, but I don't know how dramatically I've changed. If I was a good coach last year when we went 13-3, how is that different now one year later?"

That thud you just heard was the sound of heads hitting the sand in Owings Mills.

Call me masochistic, but something tells me that a Miami meltdown by the Ravens might be the best thing for the organization. It might also be the best reality check for an owner who fortunately has made no public statement at this time about Brian Billick’s future. So maybe there's a little time and a bit of an exit strategy there.

It would be great if Billick proves me wrong. I would welcome the taste of leather if miraculously he waves his magic wand and vocabulary at the team and they respond. I'm just not sure it's possible. I'm more convinced that it's not.

But one thing I do know for sure -- it will be no less than 2,500 days between playoff wins by the Baltimore Ravens and that is unacceptable.

Well, maybe not if your name is Steve Bisciotti.
Photo by Sabina Moran


Anonymous said...

Brian Billick has evolved into the Sally Field of a player's coach:

They like him...they REALLY REALLY like him.

Of course they like him. He lets them do whatever the hell they want, and he's always got a readily available: "I thought (fill in the player's name) played VERY VERY WELL", despite just having stunk up the field. What's not to like?

The problem is, they don't respect him. And apparently he's too arrogant and egotistical to realize it. And Bisciotti is too fiscally motivated to do anything about it.

Thnaks, Stevie B. For nothing. You might be a billionaire, son; but trust're no Art Modell. That's for damn sure.

Anonymous said...

While this blog looks like it could have been written by Mike Preston, it should come as no surprise that the Billick Bashers will now focus their attention on Steve Bisciotti. Once the owner formally declares that Billick is coming back in 2008, the tomatoes will begin to fly in his direction. The list of folks to blame for the Ravens demise has escalated from Matt Cavanaugh to Kyle Boller to Jim Fassel to Steve McNair to Brian Billick; Steve Bisciotti must be next because Ozzie Newsome usually gets a free pass and the bashers will be out of bashees. Maybe some more of them will give up their PSLs. I could use a couple more of them.

Who will you blame next? The equipment manager, the marching band or the cheerleaders?

The blogger asks if you ever watch a Ravens' sideline during a game. Actually, I do, and I have frequently seen Billick in discussion with his players and they seem to be intense discussions. He also inquires if you ever see him really coach them up. I thought that was the primary job of the position coaches who spend each and every practice and game day intimately involved with their assigned group of players. Oops! I forgot that this blog was about Billick not his coaching staff , sorry!

While we haven't heard officially from Bisciotti this year, he has stated publicly in recent years that he won't make changes on the team based upon comments made by a minority of the fan base that engages in whining and complaining on the local radio talk shows and internet sites. I wouldn't expect a man with his intelligence to Kowtow to the noise emanating from the bloggers at Pro Football, Pressbox, or the Baltimore Fishwrap.

Get ready for the bashing Steve. You're the Next Man Up. That should help Brian Billick sleep better at night.

Harryos29 said...

Dec 13th HARRYO29
Tony, you've done it again, and I mostly agree with the two previous comments by the Bloggers.
However, People with the kind of Money that MR B. has... only understand one thing. $$$$. The only way to send him a message would be Mass NON-RENEWALS of Season Tickets.
He knows that will not happen, because, unlike My Generation 1960's & 70's COlts Fans...this Generation looks for any exuse to "PARTYEEE" .. I think its a SAD STATEMENT on Generation "X". They have a lot of disposable income and MR B. is only too happy to Collect there $80 bucks a game...After Shelling out thousands for the PSL's.
Personally, I've had it with MR BILLICK and his NON Existent Offense. I think that OZZIE should take some hits too. Where is the Deep Depth of years gone by? Once a few starters go down, the Season is over. Maybe in this Salary Cap era...that is the way it is. But it sure doesn't seem to Stop the Team Up North that Chris McAlister appropriatly called the "CROWN" or words to that Effect.
One other thing. The NFL leveied $70,000 in fines on 4 Ravens players for speaking out; speaking the truth; Look at what just happened in Foxboro. CBS is building a 15,000 Sq Ft Lounge at Gillette Stadium ...hello...Read the USA today every day like I do.
CBS is in BED with the Patriots..Why you may ask? TV Ratings of 18.5...
IMHO, the NFL basically told the Ravens players to SHUT up..We know what we are doing and don't want any interference from you players.
Its all about TV ratings and the money. Tom Marr on WCBM ...always says...if you want to find out whats going on..just follow the Money trail.. Right now , it leads to the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS!

Anonymous said...

With regard to the 2nd anonymous entry, let me just say this: you, sir, really have no clue what accountability is all about. You make it seem as if there's something wrong with holding those in the highest positions accountable for their actions. The mistake is clearly yours, however, in NOT doing and/or expecting that. Who else SHOULD BE held responsible for extending Brian Billick's contract, and then having to deal with this current mess, if NOT Bisciotti. I don't know why your post surprises me, though -- it's typical fare for apologists who always seek to deflect accountability away from where it rightlfully belongs. Now you have another candidate to make excuses for. But you are correct about one thing: the brunt of the criticisms over Brian Billick's fate lies clearly in the lap of Steve Bisciotti -- exactly where it should be.

BTW -- I'd love to see the 36 Ravens fans who voted in the unofficial poll indicating they think that bringing back Billick is a good move. What -- did Festivus and Baltimore Greg each vote 15 times?


RustonRifle said...

Billick needs to go.

I'm preparing for another painful season next year. The offense will stink, game management will be poor, yada, yada, yada and so on..............

Looks like SB talks a good game but doesn't have the nuggets to do what it takes to improve this franchise.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Make that 80 Ravens fans who voted that keeping Billick was the correct move. What an effin joke. I guarantee it's the same 3 or 4 people voting over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Actually, here's a bit of a different take on the whole "Fire Billick" train of thought. I imagine that next year is going to be a very difficult year for the Ravens -- cap-wise, CB-wise, QB-wise, and coaching-wise. So bringing in a new HC into that situation might not be the best idea. Since it's going to be a wash anyway (I don't see the Ravens even being able to seriously compete with the Browns; how sad is that?!!) it might just be a better idea to keep Billick around for one more season. How ironic would that be -- using HIM as the scapegoat for once -- in his final, lame duck season?

Personally, I'm growing fond of the idea. And that's saying a lot, considering the fact that I can't even stand to listen to his post-game BS any more.