Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Billick at root of Ravens' problems

The culture at One Winning Drive has deep roots. So do weeds and the way I see it, the Ravens need to be weeded out.

For years some observers of the team were of the opinion that the Ravens fostered a Mafioso-like culture and the resident Dom Corleone was and is Ray Lewis. And while that might be a rather bold opinion it is certainly interesting and it also might help explain why accountability at the Ravens headquarters is about as abundant as tax breaks for the middle class during the O’Malley Administration.

Who is to blame for the Ravens’ struggles?

Well if you listen to the rhetoric and borderline propaganda that Brian Billick dishes out each week, you might think the team is 9-4 instead of the embarrassing 4-9. How many times during this painful seven game losing streak have we heard him say that a player is playing “very, very well?” I wish Brian Billick had been my Quantitative Analysis professor back in college.

Defenders of Billick will say that he takes a bullet for his players at any time and at all costs. And the truth be told, he does! But why? Why not place blame where it needs to be placed? Why not say that Steve McNair stunk up the joint or that the secondary coaches should have been more prepared against the Colts and more aware of Samari Rolle’s shoulder injury?

The first step towards improvement is to identify the mistake and then work towards remedies. Yet each week Billick makes excuses for himself and a team that judging from the Sunday night embarrassment against the Colts has mailed it in.

"I think our guys gave it all they had," Billick said during his Monday press conference. "That's always a very subjective thing. No one can ever question the courage of a player. Now, is the energy level there?

"Is the passion there? Is the fight to the end there? That's a tough thing to fight through, particularly under those circumstances. But I don't see anybody on this team not give it their all."

Let’s not hurt anyone’s feelings now. ‘Tis the season, right?

And if we take Billick at his word, there will be more of this next year because old ball coach says he’s coming back. I wonder if Steve Bisciotti has ever seen Groundhog Day?

Speaking of Groundhog Day, isn’t every game with Kyle Boller under center like déjà vu all over again? Haven’t we seen enough of his act to know that he is at best an above average back up in the league? After 5 seasons, don’t the Ravens know all they need to know about Boller?

If so, why is Billick again going against the grain, drawing his little line in the dirt and sticking with Boller for the balance of the season? Why not hand it over to Troy Smith? Isn’t this the same head coach who once handed over the reigns of his offense during more meaningful games than these to the great Stoney Case?

I rest mine…

But back to this cultural issue in Owings Mills…

While Ray Lewis may or may not be The Godfather, the Ravens can’t afford to lose him. But it is time to lose the enabler of this culture devoid of accountability. It’s time to weed the garden starting at the roots.

And when you find the roots you will find Brian Billick.

Then start ripping.


Baldylox said...

I couldn't agree with you more...maybe Santa will bring us (the fans) a new nead coach for Christmas. We could only be so lucky. Hopefully we won't get "SCROOGED" in the process.

Harryos29 said...

Dec 12th
Again, I agree with TONY 100%. Its time for a Change! Is it ever?
Its hard for me to believe that a man with all of the good business acumn of Mr Bisottii can stand by and just watch one of his enterprises (RAVENS) just disintegrate! Listen, this Problem did not just begin in 2007: its been here all along, and I knew one the Defense started losing Critial pieces (loss of AD) and began to age, that the house of cards would start to crumble.
I cannot say any thing that Tony did not already elaborate on.
I know that Mr Biscottii does not want to bring in a BOBBY PETRINO type; but there must be plenty of competent Coaches waiting in the wings: Kirk Ferentz ..IOWA...hmmm how bout a former NFL coach with Super Bowl Experience? Bill Cowher?
Merry Christmas to all Ravens Fans and Lets hope that after DEC 30th we get the present that we all want and truly deserve: A New Coach.