Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank You

This Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving. Contrary to popular opinion, the first Thanksgiving really wasn’t about Native Americans and the Pilgrims bonding and sharing each of their respective delicacies. And I doubt that the Pilgrims had big shiny belt buckles that matched their glossy shoes with smaller matching shiny buckles.

The truth is the Pilgrims sought a new land where they could freely practice their devotion to God and to follow the laws of their God. They recognized that all they had was a gift from their Maker and that they should take the time to be thankful. That is the essence of Thanksgiving.

It still is.

Personally I enjoy the simplicity of Thanksgiving. Families gathering to spend time together and to focus at least for a day upon all that they have instead regretting what they don’t have or fretting over what they aspire to have.

At times we are probably all guilty of feeling sorry for ourselves because we don’t have something that we want but don’t necessarily need. And that’s ok I suppose. It is after all the culture that we are brought up in – to achieve something that our parents didn’t. To assist our children to achieve something that we can’t or won’t.

But Thanksgiving is a time to exhale. Look around you. Look at your loved ones. Look at who you are and what you are because of them. Think about what you have instead of what you don’t have.

I remember a couple of years ago on a brisk and refreshingly bright early Thanksgiving eve, I walked outside alone. The air was still and the black sky was littered with twinkling stars. Off above the horizon was the moon peering through a cloud – the only cloud in the sky. The wind was still and every molecule of my breath was clearly visible against the backdrop of the dark sky and barren trees.

It was one of those fleeting moments when everything comes into clear view and you can almost feel a weight unburden your shoulders.

The chill of the night began to grip me and I retreated for the warmth of my sister’s home. Somehow after a peaceful timeout under a dark Autumn sky I felt more appreciative of that home and certainly my sister who has always been there for me – in many ways she’s my Plymouth Rock.

Today as I sit and share this reflective moment with you, I’d simply like to say thanks to you too. Thanks for considering my opinions and for visiting our site. Our journey has exceeded four years now and there’s a long, long way to go. I’m happy you’ve at least taken in part of the journey with us and I'm hopeful that you will stay a little longer.

There are so many that I want to thank for being part of my world and part of the 24x7 world. If you've touched us in even a small way, thank you!

And then there are those whom without we wouldn’t be what we are today and those folks are deserving of mention. Please forgive me in advance if I unintentionally omit anyone.

To our sponsors past and present, thank you. I hope that we’ve helped you in measurable and memorable ways and I hope that we will continue to do so. It certainly won’t be from a lack of effort.

To our staff…thank you for challenging me, inspiring me, amusing me and mostly for knowing me. Your words and your pictures are the essence of our portion of cyberspace and my world has been enriched by your presence. Thank you!

To D3 Corp…you have been to 24x7 what George Martin was to The Beatles. Without you we wouldn't be what we are today. To John, Tanja, Mike, Nikki, Laurie and the rest of the gang...thank you so very much!

To the media members who have outwardly supported us during the past year...Anita Marks, Rob Carlin, Rob Roblin, Marty Bass, Don Scott, Jeremy Conn, Mark Zinno, Steve Stofberg, Matt Zenitz and Paul Mittermeier – thank you! I’ve learned from you all and I hope you’ve enjoyed our acquaintance.

To the Baltimore Ravens organization particularly Eric DeCosta, Bart Scott, Mark Clayton, Jason Brown, Gerome Sapp, Matt Katula, Justin Green, Terrell Suggs, DeMetrius Williams, David Pittman, Kelly Gregg, Gary Stills, Trevor Pryce, Kevin Byrne, Chad Steele, Marisol Renner, Clarence Brooks, Rick Neuheisel, Rex Ryan and Toni Lekas…thanks for taking the time when you didn’t have to.

To Steve Gardner and all of our message board moderators…thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on what probably seems like a thankless job at times. You have created the best and most intelligent message board and the beauty is you’ve just begun to scratch the surface. Thank you so much!

To Aaron Wilson…your professionalism, intelligence, work ethic and talent are inspiring. We are thankful to have you as a contributing member of our team and please don’t forget about us when the big boys come calling.

And finally to my family and many friends…thank you for your support, your encouragement, your understanding and for your belief in this little project. Thanks for offering your arm when it appeared I might stumble. Thanks for encouraging that next step when my feet were weary. I love you all more than you know!

And thanks to all of you for indulging me if you’ve read this far and for sharing in my Thanksgiving, my favorite of Holidays.

In closing, I’ve always believed that Thanksgiving is the true starting point of the Holiday Season. I’m reminded of a line from the movie Scrooged. It comes from the film’s star Bill Murray and in my opinion it captures the essence of The Season.

"It's Christmas Eve. It's-it's the one night of the year when we all act a little nicer, we-we-we smile a little easier, we-w-w-we-we-we cheer a little more. For a couple of hours out of the whole year we are the people that we always hoped we would be."

May this spirit capture you throughout The Season beginning with today.

Thank You!


Anonymous said...

And thank you and the staff at 24x7. Happy Thanksgiving!