Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ravens QB of future returns to town?

Derek Anderson heads back into town with the Cleveland Browns riding a wave of confidence. And why not? Anderson has adapted well to the Rob Chudzinski offense (by way of San Diego and Cam Cameron) in Cleveland and his performance has helped the Browns to bring Brady Quinn along slowly. Anderson is a restricted free agent after the ’07 campaign and more than likely the Browns will tender him no less than the mid tender offer assuring the Browns of a No. 1 pick as compensation if the Browns choose not to match another team’s offer for Anderson.

All eyes will be on the former Oregon State teammate of Dwan Edwards this week at M&T and with each of his accomplishments, Ravens fans will undoubtedly fret even more over the potential QB of the future who got away. Yet one has to wonder if Anderson would have progressed in Baltimore the way he has in Cleveland. There’s little evidence to believe that he would have and it calls into question the Ravens’ ability to develop quarterbacks. Do they have the coaching staff – have they ever had the coaching staff to help quarterbacks improve?

The answer is a resounding “no” and that has to concern Eric DeCosta as he and his staff of scouts pour over hours of film studying quarterbacks in the draft. Their reputations are on the line and one has to wonder that if this current coaching staff remains in tact will DeCosta & Co. be willing to risk a first round pick on a quarterback who might morph into Kyle Boller, The Sequel.


Harryos29 said...

Harry o 29 Sykesville, Nov 17th
In my opinion, Derek Anderson would have looked very similar to Kyle Boller and other failed QB's in the Ravens Scheme. Derek is succeeding in the Cleveland scheme because they do not come out with the dink and dunk scheme that Billick employs.
For the Ravens to compete, from 2008 and onward somebody in the CASTLE needs to realize that the NFL is now an OFFENSIVE LEAGUE and all of the rules are geared towards offense! The Ravens need to scrap the WEST coast offense Now! That worked fine for the 5 years or so when we had a Dominate defense. We no longer have that dominate defense. Wake up Ravens: Change the offense to a more deep passing game. The offense is the joke of the league. Sure the offensive line is morphing into a young line; They will improve in the future.
Lets hope that De Costa has some input concerning the offense and that the team will Wake up and Start Throwing the Ball down field.

Anonymous said...

Harry --

With as much as you post here, I'm very surprised to see that you don't understand that the Ravens do NOT use a West Coast Offense. The fact that they throw short passes has nothing to do with any WCO at all. A WCO relies on PRECISE, well-designed, well-timed passes that require exacting execution (they're usually thrown before the WR even makes his cut) -- not a series of checkdowns from a broken down, scared QB like McNair has become. The very problem with the Ravens offense is that is doesn't fit ANY standard pattern. It's a hodge-podge creation of an inept offensive designer in Brian Billick, compounded by an injured, tired, ineffective QB like Steve McNair has become.

And furthermore, when we had Jamal, it was even LESS of a WCO. At that point in time (the 5 years you reference) it was clearly a RUN-ORIENTED/RUN FIRST offense, used to set up the passing game. A WCO uses the PASSING GAME to set up the running game. Maybe my criticism of what you're saying is just a "technicality" with regard to your mis-use of the term "West Coast Offense", but I wanted to point it out, considering how often you post here. Just throwing short checkdown passes is simply not a WCO.

And regardless of what sort of offense we're running, it certainly shouldn't mean giving up our dominance on defense -- the two are not mutually exclusive. Also, we don't lack the personnel to execute a proper offense even now -- at least with Kyle Boller in there. What we lack is the guidance from the Head Coach to plan and properly utilize our personnel properly.