Thursday, November 08, 2007

McNair gets testy...Play calling the same regardless of QB

The normally laid-back Ravens’ quarterback showed a few ruffled feathers on Wednesday while addressing his critics.

"Look what kind of career I've had, I don't let people tell me, outside this organization, I'm not capable of playing or I don't need to be playing. For what? They ain't never played the position of the quarterback. They never go through the things I go through, mentally and physically.

"How are you going to tell me I'm not able to play? I know what my body can do. My teammates know what my body can do and I know what I can do on the field."

Maybe McNair should have said, “I know what I used to be able to do on the field”?

McNair says he’s healthy. Brian Billick says McNair is healthy. And if that’s true, then McNair is done because his anemic performance on Monday was anything but healthy. In fact, his play has been rather unhealthy for a measurable amount of time.

Maybe McNair’s testiness on Wednesday is a good thing. Maybe he’ll amp up his play a bit. Personally I’m tired of hearing how they will work on the offense and work it out and get it right. I’m tired of hearing that there’s time and that there’s no need to press the panic button.

Folks it’s time to press the panic button!

The Ravens have far too much offensive talent to muster up 104 yards of offense and five first downs. Isn’t THAT reason enough to press the panic button? If it were me, I’d be pressing it, hammering it with a mallet and pounding my helmet into it because time is running out. If McNair’s performance was genuinely a healthy one, then it’s time for him to step aside. And not that he’s the answer, but at the moment Kyle Boller clearly looks like the lesser of two evils when it comes to quarterbacking choices for the Baltimore Ravens.

On Tuesday Mark Clayton joined us on The Hot Sauce with Bart Scott and I asked Clayton if the play calling is any different for Boller than for McNair. In so many words Clayton said that the plays are the same for both signal callers but that Boller’s hyperkinetic personality motivates him to take more chances down field than McNair might.

Maybe McNair could use some Red Bull.

Naturally Clayton said nothing about McNair’s measurable decline in velocity.

I also asked Clayton about pre-snaps reads and calls and if the Ravens inability to get to the line of scrimmage sooner under the guidance of Steve McNair limits their pre-snap options.

Again to paraphrase Clayton’s response, both the QB and the receivers have to read the defense and then process which option in the route tree is best given the look the defense is showing. Of course the trick is to understand that a defense’s pre-snap look isn’t always what they’ll see once the ball is snapped.

Let’s face it, each play is like a move on a chess board. But one has to wonder why it is that all other teams seem to find a way of exploiting certain coverages to spring a receiver wide open and the Ravens can’t. Might a quicker pace to the line of scrimmage, enable McNair to check out of plays altogether? It’s a bit of a rhetorical question yet that is something that the McNair led offense chooses to ignore play after play after play.


Anonymous said...

Down 35-0 against the Steelers, no passing gain more than 9 yards!? 104 total yards of total offense!? When we were down 14-0, I was saying; "How the %@#/ are we gonna get 5 #$&*ing field goals?" This offense is pathetic! Somebody better do something soon! I can't believe that Randy Moss has more TDs than we do!!!! Bring on Boller, at least he gives us hope for some big plays!

Anonymous said...

Mel Blount called the Ravens offense pathetic and Steve Young called it a fraud. I think that pretty much covers it. The Ravens have become the laughingstock of the NFL. Now it's not all McNair's fault; and it's not my intent to bash him. But he's out of his mind -- along with Billick -- if either one of them seriously thinks that McNair belongs in the starting lineup.

Mike Riskin said...

It is obvious where we stand with McNair, AND with Billick. If it were my team, i would bench Steve, and find out THIS YEAR if Boller has what it takes to be the guy. Playoffs are pretty much out of reach, so why not let the kid go downfield the rest of the year? against the best terams in the NFL, it would be a real test (this year) instead of finding out next year that it is the same ol boller? Plus do you really want Billick "developing" another QB?

Man we look bad.......

Derek said...

"How are you going to tell me I'm not able to play? I know what my body can do. My teammates know what my body can do and I know what I can do on the field."

Yeah so does T. Polamalu it looked like he was playing middle linebacker all night.

If nothing else, Boller gives the Ravens a perceived potential for a downfield strike that opposing defenses will have to respect. That would open up the running game for McGahee who is having a good season despite the team problems. If we were seeing McNair “going for it” with a long ball a couple times a game then he wouldn’t be hearing the Boller chant.

BTW, Reed missed practice again today.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Boller's final 7 games before lossing his job to Steve McNair:

Record: 4-3
Avg points per game: 23.1
Avg yards per attempt: 6.5
Touchdowns: 13
Turnovers: 8

Steve McNair's last 7 games since 06 playoff loss to the Colts:

Record: 2-5
Avg points per game: 12.5
Avg yards per attempt: 5.4
Touchdowns: 2
Turnovers: 14

Do the math, McNair. You're DONE, son.