Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Cold December Could Usher in Changes

Moving forward during a season that has yielded unexpectedly poor results, the Ravens might be wise to play their younger and less experienced players. More significant playing time could help the Ravens more accurately gauge the talent level on the current roster, particularly with some marginal and/or unproven players such as Devard Darling, David Pittman, Ronnie Prude, Antwan Barnes and Troy Smith.

Clearly such a strategy makes better long-term sense for the team but don’t expect Brian Billick to cave to such thinking until the team is mathematically eliminated from a playoff berth. However sitting some of the veterans might provide Billick with a built in excuse for what could be the Ravens worst seasonal record since the Marchibroda years.

Many are calling for an immediate change on the Ravens’ sidelines but don’t expect Bisciotti to act on Billick’s fate before the season is out. Insiders have taken note that Bisciotti spent more time than usual on the field prior to the Ravens v. Browns game and word is that Bisciotti will monitor closely how the Ravens play for Billick down the stretch. A team that quits on Billick could determine if his tenure ends as the Ravens’ skipper.

One popular solution that could keep Billick on the shady sideline of M&T Bank Stadium is for him to relinquish complete control of an abysmal offense and allow a new coordinator to handle play calling duties. That might be the only way for the defense to buy into the Billick administration for another season.

Yet that’s easier said than done.

Theoretically it could work but practically speaking, how could a new offensive coordinator function with balance and without interference while still reporting to the man formerly known as “Offensive Genius?”

A similar strategy hasn’t worked for the team 35 miles south on the Baltimore/Washington Parkway.

Why would you expect it to work any better here with a head coach whose ego is infinitely greater than the senior citizen manning the Redskins’ sideline?

The answer is, “It won’t work!”

Pick your poison Mr. Bisciotti.


Mike Riskin said...

It isn't just about playing young guys to asses talent level, and ability, (which i agree needs to be done BADLY, at this point) it is also, and much more about opening up the.... what does he call it?... um... pizza box.... OH PLAY BOOK! We should be throwing bombs down field for the rest of the year! Give Boller the keys to the Porsche and tell him to RED LINE it the rest of the season. There is NO DAMN EXCUSE for throwing 2 yards when you need 7 or throwing for 7 when you need 15, or throwing for 1 when you need 3... I am sure you get the point, and are sick of the same. TL, i gotta ask you, and I hope for a response here, Does Billick's term here feel a little like Bush's term in office at this point? You know, no straight answers, won't take questions from people he doesn't know, seems to have our worst interest in mind, all while making tons of money... it is starting to scare me a little!

Anonymous said...

Spot on, Mike R. Billick has been pathological since his delusional assessment of McNair as having performed "very very well" in one of the earlier games this year. And he's gotten progressively stranger as the season has progressed. His pressers are beyond the Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone. The team and the fans deserve better. MUCH better.

harryo29 said...

Dec 10th ---Harry o 29
Tony, I must agree with Mike Riskin and anonymous! There can be NO EXCUSE for NOT Trying to be a more explosive Offense: None!
All members of my Ravens Nest are sick of paying huge prices for Tickets the past 9 years...and not getting value for their entertainment dollar.
And for Billick to have the CHUTZPAH to say that STEVE MCNAIR has played very well...proves that he is just a huge PR machine and is looking at the Team thru Purple colored Glasses. What a Crock!!!
I'd hate to be the First team to Lose to MIAMI..but if it will cause a change on the SIDELINES..GO FOR IT.. He showed his arrogance once again Monday vs the Colts. My GOD MAN...the Game was lost in the First Qtr... Take Boller out and Put Troy Smith in. I'm sure he did not do this because ..what if Troy Smith did well...then His pet Project from the 2003 draft would look bad.
ENUFF said...Make the Change Mr Bisotti,, you know you have to do it sooner or later. Why not NOW?