Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bisciotti hesitant to remove Billick...Ravens in trouble v. Bengals

Brian Billick has fallen under heavy fire this season and many are calling for a change. Recently I spent a little time with Steve Bisciotti and clearly he isn’t happy with the team’s performance but cautions that a change at the head coaching position might leave the team reeling a bit when the things that Billick does well become noticeable, possibly leaving the club exposed.

That said Bisciotti explained that Billick “signed up” for the job and he is fully aware of the criticisms that come with the territory. Bisciotti also added that he did not think that Billick would be a better head coach if he relinquished play calling responsibilities.

This week the Ravens take on the Cincinnati Bengals. The Ravens opened up as 5 ½ point favorites and that line now sits at four. Samari Rolle is out again and Chris McAlister will probably be listed as questionable. Throw in Ed Reed’s concussion and sensitivity to light and one would have to think that Carson Palmer and his dangerous posse of receivers have to be licking their chops.

Despite being carted off the field on a stretcher, Chad Johnson has practiced this week and he will go. T.J. Houshmandzadeh has had some lingering knee problems but he will go as well. And then there’s the troubled Chris Henry who will be returning from an eight game suspension. Henry has been practicing with the club for two weeks so he’ll be ready as well.

Will the Ravens be ready?

If they don’t run the football effectively, the Ravens will fall on Sunday. They know it, we know it and so do the Bengals. Do you think Steve McNair scares anyone anymore?

Bengals 23, Ravens 16


Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks for talking with Steve Bisciotti, and posting the results. Second, the thing that stands out to me is this:

"Bisciotti also added that he did not think that Billick would be a better head coach if he relinquished play calling responsibilities."

I don't know if I'm taking it out of context, but it sounds to me from that remark as if, honestly, Mr. Bisciotti really doesn't "get it". It's not a question of whether or not delegating the play calling to Rick Neuheisel will make Billick a better head coach -- it's a matter of whether or not it'll improve the offense.

I'm sorry Tony -- I think Stevie B. just doesn't have what it takes to own/run and NFL team. And I think as fans we're in for a long, hard, unpleasant ride.

Derek said...

“Billick might not be a better head coach if he relinquished play calling responsibilities”….. Okay, well what about a more productive offense if he did? Mr. Bisciotti doesn’t see a problem with his play calling?

Play-offs last year. McNair struggling but our running game is putting up good numbers in the first half. Yet somehow the running game is abandoned in the second half.

Game one against the Bengals, Ravens have a one point lead in the 4th after fighting back. Instead of grinding out the running game and utilizing the short passes we have come to know. Billick decides it’s time to unleash noodle arm to go deep and get intercepted giving the Bengals a short field to go back up. The Bungles still see fit to give the Ravens an opportunity to tie it up and how does Billick repay the favor? As I recall after the bogus call on Heap and penalty, McGahee gets them back to the 2 yard line and it goes, pass incomplete, Pass w/ interception?

Against the Bills, 2nd and 1 pass, 3rd and 1 pass, 4th and 1 pass?

I know there are more but these are the glaring ones. I understand he has to justify keeping the guy he prematurely gave an extension to but he has to see Billick is having major problems getting a feel for the game.

Anonymous said...

To follow the reasoning in Jerry Maguire -- FOLLOW THE MONEY -- it would be naive to think that having to shell out the millions contractually owed to Billick while he catches up on his reading or does a TV stint for a year or two isn’t going to factor into Bisciotti's decisions. However, just as Bisciotti would not enjoy wasting his money because of his mistake in giving Billick an extended contract, fans of the Ravens should feel no less passionate or adamant about not wanting to shell out money for a clearly inferior product just to pay for Bisciotti's mistake.

Anonymous said...

If the Ravens were really smart, this is what they'd do:

1. Realize that this season is a wash.

2. Take full advantage of the fact that this season is a wash by doing the following: promote Rex Ryan to interim head coach, Kyle Boller to starting QB, and Rick Neuheisel to full OC. And test out all the backups to see -- once and for all -- what they're capable of. This is actually a rare opportunity to make huge gains in all those areas while at the same time almost guaranteeing a more enviable draft position (unless, of course, Kyle, Rex, and Rick turn this sinking ship that's going nowhere but down around) -- all under the cover of legitimacy. ( I won't get to Heaven. But at least I'll have a better football team to watch here on Earth.)

Now, I'm not saying throw the games or dog it just to get better draft picks. What I AM saying is that this is the ideal time to test the waters in key areas without any regard whatsoever to the possibility of failure. In fact, it's a win-win any way you look at it.

First of all, it rids this team of the cancer that is Brian Billick.

Second, it gives our in-house coaches the opportunity to show what they can do with the minimal commitment to them if they fail. If they succeed -- great; we get a head start on next year. If they fail, great; we haven't invested all that much, we set about to bring in a top tier HC and OC, and we get better draft picks as "compensation" as well. (Better is relative in that I don't see the Ravens going any better than 7-9 under Billick anyway.)

It also gives us the opportunity to finally see what Kyle Boller can and/or can't do. If he lights it up, we can focus our 2008 draft picks accordingly. If he's less than stellar, we can likewise gear our draft picks accordingly.

8 weeks is a good amount of time to see what's what. Realistically, I know the Ravens won't do it. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Something for Mr. B. to consider: since everyone knows that the NFL is big business, how much of a hit do you think you took after that embarrassment in Pittsburgh on MNF? How soon do you think we'll be back on MNF? (If the network is smart, not too quickly.) You better wake up and realize that Brian Billick is almost single-handedly ruining the name and reputation of the Baltimore Ravens on a national scale. He personally -- and the team in direct proportion -- has become the laughing stock of the NFL. And that's going to cost you in the pocket book sir. Stop the carnage before it gets even worse.

Harryos29 said...

I love all of this DIALOG (CHICAGO V) about the Owner...BUT THINK ABOUT THE FOLLOWING

"Are you optimistic bout the way things are going?
No, I never ever think of it at all

Dont you ever worry
When you see whats going down?

No, I try to mind my business, that is, no business at all

When its time to function as a feeling human being
Will your bachelor of arts help you get by? "
These are some of the questions that Robert Lamm(chicago lead singer) would ask Mr Biscotti if he had the opportunity. As a paying FAN.. I think somebody should ask these questions..especially..
"""Are you optimistic bout the way things are going?""
I'm not..and from the BOO's sunday, your 70,000 customer Fan base are not happy at all. think about it..
Harry O 29 Sykesville

Anonymous said...

Well...has the sky officially fallen, or not?

(Hint: yes, it has)

Anonymous said...

Is Bisciotti smarter than we think? Here's a theory from a post on the Sun "Ravens Central", from Ed D:

(Start of quote)

"Bisciotti is playing this smart. He's going to give Billick more than enough rope to hang himself. He's willing to put up with what we are seeing until this season ends so he can say he gave Billick all the time he could to fix it. When he doesn't (and he won't), Bisciotti gives Billick the news...Bisciotti and Newsome will hire an offensive coordinator who will bring in his own ideas and Billick will turn the offense over to him completely.

If Billick doesn't like it, he has to quit and Bisciotti saves all the money he'd had to pay him if he fired him.

If Billick stays, he'll face the tremendous embarrassment when the Ravens finally have an offense and his ego will force him to probably quit then too.

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

The problem is that we have to watch 7 more games of pathetic offensive football.

Still, I don't think that's too much of a price to pay to get this thing fixed, finally."

(End of quote)

It makes sense to me, if, in fact, that's what Bisciotti has in mind. From a business perspective, it at least gives him a shot at trying to recoup some of the money due Billick if he can maneuver Billick to quit versus giving him a pink slip, while at the same time -- unless Billick has a clause in his contract that allows him total control over the OC -- it lets Bisciotti appear as if he's really trying to fix the situation, so fans will maybe get off his case a bit.

The thing is, I wonder how many OC's would willing get themselves embroiled in the middle of such a volatile situation. And what happens after next year in that scenario? Would the OC be promoted to HC? Would a new HC come in and appoint HIS own OC? Interesting. Time will tell.

Harryos29 said...

Tony Tony Tony--- Harry O 29
Am I the only one in town that KNOWS you did an "ASK BRIAN,HERE"..surely these folks know that Biscottii would not grant an interview to a talk show host...would he??
Tony...I have your back....

Harry O' Sykesville...Happy Turkey day...