Monday, October 08, 2007

Ravens Stick Their Heads in the Sand

Last night I was walking along Columbus Avenue in San Francisco’s North Beach area with two friends. And as we decided upon which of the rather eclectic collection of establishments to venture in to, a heated discussion between a couple of over served patrons looked like it might spill over on to the sidewalk that we strolled.

A girl who was with one of the combative guys stormed out using several bowling alley words that can’t be repeated here (think fornicating rectum), but suffice it to say she was tired of someone’s apparent habit of placing himself in the middle of such skirmishes far too regularly.

As the agitated exchange continued (no truth to the rumor that they were discussing the efficiency of the Ravens' offense), a carefree couple, seemingly oblivious to the potential physical confrontation walked right between the combatants. They had obviously had their share of spirited libations. And then something happened that I’ll never forget.

The guy half of the couple that enjoyed their beautiful oblivion began singing…

Turnaround bright eyes, every now and then I fall apart

Turnaround bright eyes, every now and then I fall apart

A Total Eclipse of the Heart?

Are you kidding me?

My friends and I were dying with laughter. Talk about a total eclipse of the tension.

The couple walked away up Columbus and towards Green without a care in the world and completely unaware that their silly intoxication may have prevented an ugly brawl.

So what does this have to do with the Ravens?

Well as I sat here in my downtown San Francisco hotel room this morning editing and posting today’s content on 24x7, I thought back to that scene last night. For some reason last night’s timely rendition of Bonnie Tyler and these comments from Derrick Mason after yesterday’s game just seemed to go together…

"We can't make no excuses," Mason said. "Of course, you want to get touchdowns. But when the day is done, the sun goes down, what do you want? You want to win.

“You can beat us up in the paper all you want. I guarantee you that you enjoy the win more than you enjoy the losses. The only thing you remember is the 'W.' Everything else is history."

And while Mason’s words might comfort him when he has to sit down and study the ugliness that has become the Ravens’ offense, to me these words are nothing more than Mason’s own beautiful oblivion. Like that couple last night who walked right through harm’s way without a care in the world, Mason and his offensive mates are all ok I guess, just as long as the Ravens win.

“You don't always win pretty, we rarely win pretty, but this was a just get it done win” said Mark Clayton in his 24x7 blog. “You have no idea how important this was. We have a six-hour flight in front of us and I can't imagine what it be like on that plane with an L instead of a W. The atmosphere will be a lot looser, guys will be laughing. Everything will be better, the food, the movies, everything because we won.”

This was the San Francisco 49ers that they beat! Not the Steelers, not the Patriots, not the Colts and not the revitalized Chargers. This was the Trent Dilfer lead 49ers! Take your collective heads out of the sand. Scoring nine points when you have the ball for 38 minutes of game clock is alarming particularly against a bad team like San Francisco.

Does anyone here think the Ravens have a shot at beating good teams if they continue down this offensive path that detours at the 20 yard line?

Ray Lewis’ pointing finger is twitching folks. And if this offense doesn’t get it right soon, that finger is going to hit a few targets and when it does there will be no one turning around with bright eyes and then Baltimore it will fall apart.


Harryos29 said...

So, TL, you made the West Coast Trip? And we all thought you were just a FLORIDA KEYS TYPE OF GUY? Congrats, I've been to the Bay Area myself. A very beautiful area, that is if you don't have to endure a Ravens vs 49ers game while you are there.
The Bonnie Tyler song brought back memories and the Graphic with the guy with his head in the sand, may very Well Represent, Head Coach Brian Billick. I saw all of the Post Game Shows, and paid special attention to the comments from Tom Matte and Bruce Laird. They are both EX Players and they Know what is going on. Only they stop short of identifying the problem.
IMHO, Steve Mc Nair is Hurt; he is letting his pride get in the way of winning games. Just look at him throwing those short dink and dunk passes over the middle. A healthy QB will stand 90 degrees to the line of scrimmage and STEP INTO HIS THROWS, so that he can put some Zing and accuracy on them. Steve Can't do this in his current Condition. Billick has a mess on his hands. If he replaces McNair now, and Boller succeeds..then the Owner and every one else in the Organization will have Egg on their face for bringing in this High Priced so called QB,who was supposed to take the team to the Promised Land.
Trust me, I've been around for a long time... It ain't gonna happen with him at the Controls.
Harry O 29
Sykesville, MD

Anonymous said...

Tony -- I agree. Sort of. However, one has a choice at this point: to hope that the offensive problems will be worked out, or not. If not, there's really nothing to talk about -- the season will end somewhere between 7-9 and 9-7, and that'll be that.

It basically all hinges upon the possibility of inching up from 7-9/9-7 to 10-6. Are we good enough to do that? If we turn around some of the offensive/defensive issues, and get back some of the guys that are hurt -- maybe. Maybe even probably. But again -- a LOT hinges on Brian Billick's ability to figure out the red zone woes that have plagued this team since his arrival. And he has to also fix the dismal third down conversion habit of throwing a zero yard pass when we need 10 yards for a first down, and expect his WRs or TEs or RBs to make up the difference with YAC. Is it realistic to think he can do that? No, I don't think so. Is it impossible? I guess in the grand scheme of things, no. But any way you look at it, those are basically the choices we have as Ravens fans. Take your pick.

Anonymous said...

Complain all you want Tony, the team we put out there yesterday is a 5 win team. No Heap,Ogden,Pryce,Rolle,Wilcox,Flynn and Terry. What do you expect??? 1 injury can ruin a season (see Bob Sanders) 7 injuries??? You're looking at a top 5 pick. This team has been healthy for ONE game and we dominated that game only to have our QB give it away. That team is a 10-11 win team. I'll evaluate the Ravens when that team is on the field. Until then take any win we can get and be happy.


ravcol said...

The good news is we're going on nine years to digest the insanity known as the Ravens Offense.