Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ravens Roster Moves That Make You go Hmmm...

Sometimes the Ravens make personnel moves that make you go hmmm. For example, prior to final cut down day, Brian Billick admitted publicly that trimming the 2007 roster to 53 was as difficult as any final cut since he’s been the Ravens head coach. Despite the one-dimensional nature of some players (Figurs, Sams, Anderson and specialists Stover, Koch and Katula) the Ravens decided to keep yet another one dimensional player, specialist Rhys Lloyd.

Through four games, Lloyd failed to be listed among the 45 active players on game day. Lloyd occupied a roster spot despite the fact that the Ravens were ailing on the offensive and defensive lines.

The Ravens did nothing to add to the defensive line rotation. When Dennis Haley was released, I discussed the move with Bart Scott. First Bart was surprised that Haley (a good friend of Bart’s) was let go yet we both agreed it was probably a move to free up a spot to add another defensive lineman until Trevor Pryce was once again healthy.

We were both wrong. The Ravens instead replaced Haley with another LB Nick Greisen.


Late last week, the Ravens jettisoned Lloyd to clear a spot for WR Matt Willis. Now it isn’t exactly the Ravens M.O. to use five receivers plus a return specialist who can play receiver in a pinch (Figurs) during a single game. Yet Messrs. Mason, Williams, Clayton, Darling, Figurs and Willis were all active.

Willis never played a down in the game – coach’s decision. Figurs did play one down at wide receiver and caught a backwards pass that did exactly that – move the Ravens backwards a yard.

So if Figurs was part of the plan, why the need for Willis? Why an experienced WR at the expense of Lloyd who the Ravens could have used on Sunday given that they lost the battle for field position in the kicking game.


Yesterday, the Ravens re-signed Lloyd and placed Willis back on the practice squad.

Make sense to you?

Does this mean we’ll finally get to see Lloyd on the active roster?

Maybe, maybe not.

Go ahead, you figure it out.


Harryos29 said...

Hey,, when you figure out Where they are going with these moves: please fill me in?? this is ludicris (isn't there a rapper by that name?)
Anyway, I figured with the swirling winds at Candle Stick Park....that LLOYD would be man up. My thinking was a Strong leg was needed?
I'd put FIGURS out WIDE atleast once a series and send him DEEP..and if nothing else...HEAVE the ball his never know he may catch the ball and go in for a SCORE..Worse things have happened to this offense.
And POOR Willis...he looked pretty good, catching the ball in preseason. Catching the Ball was a problem the Ravens had a while back. No More...Trouble is they only go 3 yards at a time after they Catch the ball.
This has been a Strange Season so far; Lets hope and pray that they can get one Touchdown this sunday at the Vault. If not this sunday? WHEN????
Harry o 29
Sykesville, Md

Harryos29 said...

Looks like the Practice squad is a YO-YO this fall? Matt Willis is fast and can Catch. Why not put him in the game. Surely he is much more healthy than Mark Clayton, who admitted on the JO show WED nite with Anita marks that he has Ankle problems. Again, Hello? what is this organization doing?

Play the people who are 100%.

As for the re-signing of LLOYD. I haven't Got a clue? Maybe they have ORIOLE_ITIS?
Harry O 29