Wednesday, September 05, 2007

T. Pryce: "I almost retired!"

On Tuesday night Bart Scott’s first guest for our Hot Sauce with Bart Scott was Trevor Pryce. Trevor to say the least is an interesting guy with a unique way of observing, assessing and acting upon the circumstances surrounding him.

Clearly he does that very well on the football field. But his perspectives of the game and of the world in general viewed from the vantage point of a savvy veteran player of the games of football and life, affords him the luxury of efficiency. And that efficiency provides shortcuts to results the way that speed provides shortcuts to the more youthful but less experienced players.

Trevor has been a Denver Bronco for all but one plus seasons of his professional career. He’s played for only two head coaches, Mike Shanahan and obviously Brian Billick. Before being released by the Broncos in 2006, Pryce considered retirement. Much like Tiki Barber who decided to retire because Tom Coughlin took the fun out of football for him, Shanahan was dealing the same cards to Pryce in Denver. His perspective became that of a player ready to hang up the click-clack of his cleats.

“I was like [Tiki Barber] in Denver”, said Pryce. “I almost retired. If I had to play one more year in Denver I would have retired.”

It’s interesting that Pryce would share such thoughts the night before The Sun printed an article in which the Baltimore Ravens’ defensive end says, “Now I'm [in Baltimore], and I'm thinking, 'I might have another five years in me.' They take care of me, they make sure that I'm ready for Sunday, and that's what you've got to do."

Clearly Pryce’s career has been rejuvenated here in The Land of Pleasant Living. During Bart’s show, he described Mike Shanahan’s team as a Cuban detention center when compared to a Brian Billick team. Pryce shares that experience, that wisdom if you will with his younger teammates.

“I’ve told them, ‘Play as hard as you can for [Billick] because the grass is black on the other side.’”

Billick’s philosophies on coaching and managing his players and team helped to resuscitated Pryce’s career. But thanks to the Ravens’ organization and what Bart Scott described as the unstoppable slap-rip move that commands the attention of two blockers, Pryce is back to Pro Bowl life-form – one that was nearly choked to death in the Mile High City.


Rick said...

It's good to hear from the players how much they enjoy playing for the Ravens organization. Word gets around and he wasn't the only one who came here because of the good reputation the team, coaches and training facility has. This will do nothing but help in the team's ability to sign free agents, especially veterns.