Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Sky Isn't Falling...Not Yet!

Yesterday I received a couple of emails asking me why I've adopted "the sky is falling" stance as it relates to the Ravens. The truth be told, I don't see the sky falling around Brian Billick's troops. I want anything but that to happen. The position I've taken in my blog and in the Ravens Report Card is simply that of a concerned fan.

Why stick your head in the sand and pretend that the problems the Ravens continue to have on offense don't exist and that they will magically go away?

One of the best things a team can do for itself is to scout itself. Do they have tendencies that provide clues to an opponent? Might an offensive lineman stand a bit differently when a pass play is called? Does Kyle Boller extend his hands while in the shotgun just before the snap?

To me pointing out problems is a positive thing. I want the problems corrected. I want the team to win. I want the Ravens to put away opponents when they have them on the ropes.

I don't want what I saw on Sunday.

The Ravens have far too much talent to perform like they have on offense.

I'm tired of it.

You should be tired of it.

I found it interesting that Jim Fassel was the analyst for the national radio broadcast of the Ravens v. Jets game on Sunday. Although he would probably never admit it, the Ravens offensive showing during the second half had to at least force the corners of his mouth to curl upwards in a semi-Cheshire Cat grin.

The Ravens are being penalized at a pace that would exceed the most penalized team in the league during the 2006 season. Regarding the Ravens unusually high number of penalties so far in ’07, Brian Billick had this to say on Monday.

"You have to look at the nature of the penalties. First off, the fact that we had 11 penalties and [the Jets] only had two and we dominated the game.

"I have a hard time understanding that the team that was playing so well and dominating had so many penalties and the other team had only two.''

Sorry Brian but this sounds a bit like a mild case of denial.

The first step towards fixing a problem is admitting you have one. The Ravens have been sloppy since the second preseason game. Yellow laundry has regularly littered the Ravens side of the ball.

Oh and the last time I checked, dominant teams don't almost let 17 point leads slip away at home against a quarterback making his first career start.

No the sky isn't falling at 1-1.

But the Ravens better fix some things before it does.