Tuesday, September 11, 2007

RAVENS V. BENGALS...the good, the bad, the ugly

After all of the offseason conditioning, the organized team activities, training camp and the preseason games designed to ready a team for opening day, the Ravens a team that offered up so much promise after a sharp preseason opener against the Eagles, suddenly look more like a team in chaos than one ready to defend its AFC North Championship.

To make matters worse, the team left Cincinnati with a lengthy and significant list of battered bodies that will force the team to turn to their bench as they prepare for the home opener against the N.Y. Jets.

Much of the pre-game drama centered upon Jonathan Ogden and his famous big left toe. After practicing most of the week leading into the game, Ogden declared himself ready and decided to give it a go. It didn’t last long as Ogden hobbled to the sidelines early in the second quarter.

During the first quarter in the contest Ray Lewis injured his right triceps after he and Chris McAlister converged to stop Bengals receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Lewis fought through the injury and finished the game despite playing in severe pain. Lewis later said that the triceps was torn while team officials have described it as a strain.

The key injuries didn’t stop there.

Steve McNair injured his groin after being tackled following an incomplete pass downfield. The injury prevented McNair from stepping into his throws, one of which sailed over a wide open Derrick Mason on third and one resulting in a game changing interception.

B.J. Sams went down with what has been described as a serious knee injury. Early indications are that Sams has torn an ACL. Paul Brown Stadium has certainly not been kind to the Ravens return specialist.

Daniel Wilcox’ ankle injury flared up again as he was taken off the field and seen using crutches following the physical contest.

Any loss is tough but this one may linger for quite some time.

Now for the good, the bad and the ugly…


Rashad Gray's Blog said...

I know we lost, but it was still a heck of a game!! The purple birds played hard and everyone should admit that. We contested with one of the toughest teams in the AFC North. Oh yeah, the score said 27-20, it may have been 40-7. As far as I'm concerned Carson Palmer and Ocho Stupid-o were SHUT DOWN!! Check the stats, Palmer threw for 194 yards to McNair's 204.(Amazing, but true). In conclusion, every referee in Cincy is a CHEATER.