Thursday, September 20, 2007

Brian Billick is Naive?

Brian Billick without a doubt can come off as crass and arrogant. Often when speaking in a public forum he can appear condescending and part of his objective at times appears to be to establish superiority over his audience.

That is Billick’s public persona.

But that isn’t Brian Billick.

The man obviously is passionate about his job. He also looks after his players and is continually aware of keeping them healthy both in mind and body. He treats them like men and not high school athletes. He understands that his players have to have lives outside of football and by enabling and encouraging those interests they aren’t stale and they are more attentive when he does command their time.

He gets it. This is where Billick shines. It’s this kind of treatment that may influence a Trevor Pryce to pick Baltimore and a Terrell Suggs to stay.

A crass and arrogant individual doesn’t do the things that Billick does for his players. A crass and arrogant man wouldn’t give a rat’s you know what.

But he does care.

The trouble is he doesn’t let many others see that side of him. What they do see and hear is a man who regularly talks down to those questioning his oftentimes questionable decisions. He talks to them as though they haven’t earned the right to ask such questions. So when you seemingly hold yourself in higher regard and you publicly adopt a know-it-all attitude, you open yourself to a ton of criticism.

Recently Billick complained about the Jets mimicking Kyle Boller’s cadence at the line of scrimmage and in doing so Eric Mangini and his already sullied reputation within some league circles got a little dirtier.

"[The Jets] did an outstanding job, their defensive line and linebackers, of simulating the snap count. They did it the whole game long.

"It needs to be caught. That's not an excuse, but it is illegal. Our guys had to deal with it. It sounds like an excuse, but it was a fact. I don't know how to help my guys with that. You can't yell out the snap count."

After Mangini called Billick to discuss the issue, Billick then offered a public apology:

"I apologize for being that naive," Billick said. "I kind of get myself bunkered in and had no idea it created that. Those that misinterpreted it, I apologize if it was me.

“Those that did so purposefully have their own agenda. I have huge respect for the man and I feel badly if someone's been put in that position that I created a little difficulty for him because he did not deserve that."

Billick naïve?

Are you buying that? Everything the man does has a purpose and then to blame others who “have their own agenda?” C’mon Coach!

While removing blame from Mangini, Billick was quick to redirect it.

"I was being critical of the officiating," Billick said. "It had nothing to do with Eric Mangini. I was more upset that they were doing it better than we were. We all do it. The official usually gets on it right away and stops it.”

Ch-ching. Fed Ex envelope for Brian Billick from the NFL offices in New York.

Just what the Ravens need while they are struggling with penalties – more scrutiny from the officials.

Someone who wasn’t that popular with officials to begin with; someone that the officials likely view as crass and arrogant already is now probably considered to be even more crass and arrogant.

You think the yellow laundry will once again litter the Ravens side of the football?


Anonymous said...

I Brian Billick isn't REALLY arrogant, he just APPEARS that way, but deep down inside, he's just a warm, fuzzy lovable guy who loves his football and his players; he's just misunderstood. Too funny, man -- even for you.

He cares about his player's health? Then why the hell did he leave McNair in as long as he did in the Cincy game?

He treats his players like men? Then why does he pamper then with days off when they should be preparing for the next game?

He GETS IT? If he "got it", he'd realize the team needs a REAL OC, and HE AIN'T IT. Then his players wouldn't be sacrificing their bodies out there while he lives in the Ivory Tower of his own over-valued brain.

Dude...the next time you want to write a fluff piece, do it about the cheerleaders. At least they're cute.

(And I won't even get into your passive-aggressive flip flop on the "THEY'RE CHEATING" bit, although at least you nailed that one right on the head.)

Jeckyl & Hyde said...

I don't see the flip flop at all...both things are true...perhaps Billick by nature is passive-aggressive. His play calling certainly is.