Friday, September 07, 2007

Boller Blinks and Signs Extension

Yesterday in my column I suggested that Ozzie Newsome was playing chess and that the pawns were Kyle Boller and Byron Leftwich. ESPN’s John Clayton reported yesterday that if Boller didn’t accept the extension Ozzie offered, Leftwich would become a Raven by Tuesday.

Ozzie not only got Boller and his agent David Dunn to blink, he had them looking like starry-eyed girls batting their eyes at Justin Timberlake.

The one year extension is said to be worth just north of $3 million which puts Boller in the per annum neighborhood of David Carr who signed with the Panthers this past offseason for 2 years at $6.2 million.

Count me among those that are surprised that Boller pulled out his signing Sharpie so quickly. I think he had the leverage. I think Ozzie knew it and I think Leftwich’s name was kicked around to influence the exact result that Ozzie obtained.

Count this one Ozzie 1, Boller/Dunn 0.

Of course the other winner in this chess match is Troy Smith. Had the Ravens signed Leftwich, Smith would have been the odd man. Despite having a poor summer camp and preseason, Smith would not have passed waivers in order to eventually land on the Ravens’ practice squad. Smith has pedigree, great mobility, a strong arm, leadership qualities and he is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner.

Boller’s extension allows Rick Neuheisel to work with Smith for two seasons before the Ravens are forced to determine whether or not Smith can be a solid back-up or possibly a serviceable starter.


Harryos29 said...

Tony, 9/7
I'm actually glad that KYLE will be here. He is not INJURY prone like MR BYRON, and his arm is just as strong as the kid from MARSHALL U.
I am willing to give KYLE a months worth of my ADHD meds to calm him down once he gets under Center. He needs to correct the fumbling problem!!! Jeez, he must have watched some old Baltimore Colts tapes with Bill Troop Under center.
Let go out and beat the Bengals. I'm concerned about the AFC after watching the COLTS completely dismantle the highly touted Drew Brees led Saints last nite. The colts picked up right where they left off last year. I hope that Bart SCott has a little "HOT SAUCE" for Carson Palmer monday night too!
Harry O 29