Saturday, August 04, 2007


A few months ago I asked Bart Scott to join us in studio on GAMETIME. I learned something about Bart that day. He’s a special guy with a refreshingly unique outlook on life. The thing that sets Bart apart from most other players, particularly when on air, is his candor, humor and his engaging way of articulating stories that fans love to hear.

After the show on that Sunday this spring, I asked Bart why he didn’t have a radio show of his own. Initially, he said that he wanted to do a radio show the right way and to do that would require time that would take him away from his family and in a small way, take his eye off his game which he wants to take to a new level.

Fair enough I thought. Who could not respect that?

That Monday I received a call from Bart’s agent and he said that Bart enjoyed doing the show with us and he was just checking in to see how we thought things went. I told him everything was great and that I’d love to have Bart on more in the future. I added that it would be great if I could do a show with him on a regular basis but that I certainly respected his reasoning not to pursue a show of his own.

Well as the song goes, one thing led to another and before I knew it, we had the framework in place for a radio show that we’ll call, The Hot Sauce with Bart Scott.

Having been a fan of sports talk radio for many years prior to dipping my toe in those waters, I think that I have a pretty good idea what fans want to hear. You know the old saying to beat the enemy you have to know the enemy. I apply that thinking to what we do here on 24x7 and what we do on GAMETIME. We are fans first and foremost, yet we are fans with access to the Ravens and that puts us in a unique position. We know what fans want.

A couple “media” members have referred to us as “internet clowns” and “cut rate third-tier local wannabes” who aren’t “real” members of the media. They are certainly entitled to their opinions. We’ll accept their criticisms in stride but because we are fans first, does that prevent us from being a conduit to the team for all of you? Does it keep us from being your eyes and ears at summer camp when you can’t be there? Will it prevent us from delivering an entertaining radio program with Bart?

I say no to all of the above but that’s not for me to decide. That’s up to all of you!

We will never approach the Ravens in a detached way. We can’t be the emotionally vacant doctor who treats his patient like a lab rat. We care too much and we bleed purple the way you do. That can make it difficult at times to be objective but sometimes the truth hurts and we have no choice but to deliver it.

One member of the media who doesn’t see us the way the two aforementioned badge carrying media members do, once told me that he isn’t a fan of the Ravens and that makes it easier for him to be objective. I admire that journalist’s work and I respect his position and his work helps to keep me balanced.

But I can’t be that way. I can’t hide behind a media credential and pretend to be a detached clinician when covering the team. The badge I wear reads “FAN.”

I know I’ve veered away from the discussion of Bart but my point is this…we plan on making The Hot Sauce with Bart Scott not only fun for our listeners but we plan on making DellaRose’s at Canton Crossing THE place to be on Tuesdays from 6PM to 8PM starting on September 4. It will be fun, it will be entertaining even during the commercial breaks (trust me on that) and it will be the fastest 2 hours of radio here in the Land of Pleasant Living. We'll put ourselves in your shoes and deliver what you want.

Bart told me recently while we discussed a few NFL topics including some of the off-field issues that we often hear about, that the riches afforded to NFL players don’t really change the player, they simply elevate and accentuate the characteristics of the man. In other words, if the guy is a great guy, the wealth enables him to be more helpful to others. If the guy is a jerk, the money paves the way for him to being a bigger jerk.

One more quick story about Bart and the show and I’ll let you go…Toyota has been great to us as a sponsor and I explained that to Bart. Now Bart’s time isn’t free. He is after all a Pro Bowler. The subject of Toyota surfaced and Bart and I discussed different ways of involving them in the show. During the discussion Bart made it clear that he doesn’t need a car but he thought that a single working Mom could probably use one.

Do I need to say any more?

Stay tuned for more details about that car and about the hottest show this season…The Hot Sauce with Bart Scott.


Pat Sec 527 said...

Tony- That comment shows nothing but CLASS from Bart

Steeler Fanatic said...


Quit crying about Hines Ward. Be a MAN and admit he got the best of you. If it was you who laid out Roethlisberger like that it would be all good but since you got hit by a man smaller than you, it must have been a cheap shot?

Quit crying and play football and quit being a girl about it!

Anonymous said...

Hey to who ever sees this. Um...Bart Scott used to go my church (he hasnt't been because of what God has blessed him with, you know his career and all and he sat right in my dad's class when he was about 12 years old and said he wanted to be a football player. God has come through with his promise and i thank God for it, i also thank Him for blessings that He'll keep giving to Bart, so be blessed who ever sees this and may God bless you.