Monday, August 27, 2007


Brian Billick has a real dilemma on Friday. First he has to decide if his starting offensive unit needs more time on the field to develop some rhythm and take some momentum into the Monday Night opener against the Cincinnati Bengals. Clearly they are in need of it but what if they come out against the Falcons (who by the way will be playing on three days rest) and look sloppy for two or three series. Will Billick stay with them until they get it right?

And what if Steve McNair and the boys never get it right? Not only will they carry some sub-zero mojo into Cincinnati when they visit Who-Dey, they’ll also take needed snaps away from the young players trying to make the roster or young players who aspire to land on another roster or some NFL practice squad -- maybe even the Ravens' practice squad.

The lack of focus and sloppy play in the last two preseason games has been disturbing particularly since those games arrived on the heels of a very tight performance against the Eagles in the preseason opener.

It’s certainly going to be a challenging balancing act for Brian Billick. Perhaps the wisest choice is not to get caught up in the frustration of sloppy play should the recent trend continue, write it off as just the preseason and then ride the defense’s coattails early in the season until the offense can get it together.

So what else is new right?

Besides a very green looking offense, the Ravens and other teams have their quarterbacks sporting a very green looking sticker on their helmets. The stickers are intended to inform game officials which helmets are wired for sound. Only one player is allowed to be wired on the field at one time. The way the Ravens looked on offense against the Redskins, it’s pretty obvious they weren’t cheating. If anything it looked like the Ravens offensive line was wearing wired helmets on the Redskins' frequency.

Maybe that was Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams barking cadence into Jared Gaither’s helmet.

And while there might not be much if any Steelers’ love in these parts, can anyone really believe that the fine levied against Pittsburgh defensive lineman Brett Keisel’s hit on Jason Campbell was $12,500 worth of cheap? Somewhere Michael McCrary must be shaking his head. He made a living crawling and swimming on the ground in his relentless pursuit of quarterbacks often tugging on them below the knee.

Maybe they should just give out green skirts instead of green stickers to the quarterbacks.
Photo by Sabina Moran


Harryos29 said...

Dear TL, 8/28
Having just returned from STEELER country and my Vacation place on a lake not far from where the dreaded men in Black and Gold practice, I was unable to see the LIGHTNING STORM that ocured at FEDEX Field this past weekend. However, I did see a sharp Ben Rothlisberger moving his team crisply down field. Also, I have not seen the Ravens High-lights (if you will) but will be looking for them from my Brother whom I know taped the game.
In response to your BLOG, I think that Billick has NO Choice but to do an ADMIRAL PERRY (DAMN THE TORPEDOS FULL SPEED AHEAD)..... he needs to get the Offense in sync. I did watch the WHO_DEY team vs the Falcons on Monday night. Both teams used an imaginative OFFENSE and fired the ball deep...early and often. Lets just hope that BILLICK had a GREEN Sticker on his hat and saw & HEARD what ocurred in these games.
Harry o' Sykesville, Md