Monday, August 06, 2007


On Sunday I noticed that a few of the Redskins receivers wore bright golden stockings. I then wondered if Joe Gibbs might have all his receivers wear them to make locating the receivers a bit easier for Jason Campbell.

Equally as golden bright were the Redskins’ jerseys worn by Washington’s quarterbacks. I then had to wonder why the Ravens never dress their QB’s in red or yellow to distinguish them in scrimmages and practices. I even blogged about that a couple of months ago. (see Lady in Red)

When I mentioned it to one prominent Ravens official he first said, “Tony, you need to get a life.” He then proceeded to tell me that the team isn’t worried about their quarterbacks because they all stink. I was told dressing the team’s QB’s in red is the equivalent of worrying about a beat up old car when you’re learning to parallel park.

You think he was kidding?

I wondered aloud about this back in June. I’m still wondering and I’m still asking the same question – how come every other team does it but the Ravens?

Ok, enough of that…how about this…

On Monday the Ravens cut S Donnie Johnson, the former Nittany Lion. Who am I to doubt the wisdom of the Ravens’ talent evaluators? But I have to admit, I’m a bit surprised that Johnson was cut so quickly. Here’s a guy with a reputation for being a big hitter and he’s jettisoned before we get to see if he can do the same at the NFL level.

Now I’m not expecting the second coming of Ronnie Lott but the Ravens do lack depth at the position and it would seem to be the prudent thing to do to at least see how he may have played against the Eagles.

So Johnson and DE Travis Lietko are sent packing as the Ravens bring in Ryan Riddle (OLB, 6-2, 260, 3rd-year, California) and Bill Swancutt (DE, 6-4, 270, 2nd-year, Oregon State).

Recently I was giving some thought to how Adalius Thomas might be used in New England. And it dawned on me that AD might be doing even more for the Patriots than he did for the Ravens.

When AD was here, I often wondered how he might do as a tight end. The man stands at 6’2 1/2” tall, weighs 270, runs a 4.5 40 and can dunk forward and backward from a standstill. Don’t you think he might present some match up problems as a tight end?

The Ravens don’t like to do things like that. They are too afraid of an injury. What would Rex Ryan say if AD twisted his ankle trying to get a few extra yards after the catch? Remember when Mike Nolan was steamed over Deion Sanders getting nicked up as a receiver?

You can’t play not to lose. You’ve got to play to win and in the right situation, you can’t tell me that AD couldn’t be a beast in limited snaps as a TE. I bet we might find out in New England where Bill Belichick doesn’t share the Ravens fears. If Belichick liked Mike Vrabel deep in the red zone as a TE, I think he’s going to love AD.