Monday, July 30, 2007


The Ravens will take the field at McDaniel College this morning with a quiet businesslike approach to the new season. If the OTA’s are any indication, gone is that loud, cocky swagger. Welcome in the new 2007 Ravens brimming with confidence yet balanced by a burning desire to take care of some unfinished business courtesy of a bitter loss to the Colts last January.

Most fans and observers agree that the odds are against the Ravens to repeat the 13-3 record from a season ago given that they will play a first place schedule – a schedule that includes the player-dubbed “murderers row” beginning with a road game in San Diego on November 25 followed by back to back home games against the Patriots (MNF 12/3) and the Colts (SNF 12/9).

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the Ravens will not advance further into the post season in ’07. A look at recent history provides clues that it isn’t just about where your regular season finishes, but more about the momentum a team carries into the playoffs.

In 2004 the Pittsburgh Steelers finished with a remarkable 15-1 record only to lose to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game at home. The following season they caught lightning in a bottle winning their final four games to finish at 11-5 and then advancing into the playoffs as a wild card where they ran the table with four consecutive wins culminating in a Super Bowl XL Championship.

In 2005 the Indianapolis Colts finished the regular season at 14-2 only to lose their first post season game to the Steelers at home. In 2006, after flirting with a perfect season early on, the Colts struggled and then collected themselves behind a surging defense to finish 12-4 and like the Steelers the previous season they ran the post season table with four consecutive victories.

Even the Ravens remarkable 2000 campaign had plenty of ups and downs before they road their own championship wave.

The point is, it’s quite possible, some might say even likely that the Ravens won’t enjoy the same regular season success in 2007 that they did only a year ago. But at the end as we’ve witnessed, that doesn’t matter. It’s not about how you start. It’s all about earning a ticket to the post season dance and then finishing strong.

The season isn’t a sprint. It's a marathon and it begins today.

History starts now!


Rashad Gray's Blog said...

Spoken like a true Ravens fan. But, anyway no one's guaranteed a trip to Arizona. And can we just quit it about the Colts?! So many people around me are still whining about the game. I felt the same way when we dropped it to the Titans in 2003 and when we lost in Steelers Country in our Post Super Bowl Season. It was a PLAYOFF GAME. Ya don't win, your out. The Colts won, we were sad, and now it's time to get over it. So let's wipe the dirt off and play some football with Raven Pride!!