Saturday, June 09, 2007


On Sunday night we will see the last of The Sopranos. The show has been the topic of many office water cooler/coffee room discussions on Mondays for years. And this Monday will be the last time we’ll all have that pleasure.

The show has had its great moments and its disappointments but overall, it was something to look forward to on Sunday night when football season was over. And in a way, we’ve all come to know and love these very flawed characters and embrace them the way we might a very flawed family member.

And now it’s time to say goodbye.

My favorite character in the show is Silvio Dante, consigliere to Tony Soprano and played by Steve Van Zandt. Clearly James Gandolfini is the man, but Van Zandt’s character brings balance and a sense of calm in the surrounding chaos. I guess you could say he’s the Sopranos’ Steve McNair.

I also think I like Silvio because we all know that he doubles as a lead guitar player for another Boss – Bruce Springsteen. I bet the cast of The Sopranos think that’s pretty cool and I bet Springsteen’s band thinks it’s pretty cool that he’s a consigliere in for a New Jersey mob.

As you probably know, Silvio is in intensive care after being targeted by the Brooklyn mob boss, Phil Leotardo. Sunday’s series finale will tell us who is left standing by 10PM eastern, Leotardo or Soprano.

My money is on Soprano.

They can’t kill off the main guy now can they? How disappointing would that be? And it would certainly put an end to rumors that the cast might do a major motion picture later on. Who would want to see that without Tony?

I say Phil goes down.

But will Silvio survive?

I can tell you a couple of characters I’d like to see whacked. One is Tony’s sister. What a pain in the butt! I wish she had been in that toy store with Bobby when he was checking out those model trains.

Next up, Tony’s son. How many of you wished that A.J. had used two cinder blocks and a shorter rope on his failed suicide attempt?

I bet Roger Goodell is a fan of The Sopranos. He sure didn't take long to whack the bad guys in the NFL.

Anyway, I know where I’ll be on Sunday night.

And when the Italian music starts to play and the credits roll at the end, I’ll feel the same sense of loss that I felt when M.A.S.H., Cheers, Seinfeld and N.Y.P.D Blue signed off for the last time. Our lives will change without The Sopranos when the leave just as they were changed by them when they arrived.

Arrivederci e grazie ai Sopranos.


MB Genius said...

How dumb is the NBA? They are going head to head with the Sopranos. No biggie...Tip off is what, 8:30? Game will just be getting good at 10:15....Hey they think their ratings were low before. This game might be looking up at the food network.

Spurs in 4...Sopranos down to 3 after tomorrow...

driver8 said...

I hope to see Paulie and Phil both go down.I am hoping all Sopranos survive , although I am thinking AJ may snap. Any way, I hope a movie will come out once it is all said and done. Thank goodness for TIvo!!

Get tissues ready.

Tony Soprano Lives said...

Ok here's the deal. A.J. finds his long lost cojones and after a drinking binge he decides to take up the family business and blows up the guys trying to kill Tony. Tony lives, A.J. is no longer a little cat and for God's sake he stops whining like Paris Hilton during sentencing.

Steve Perry said...


What happened to the fat lady? said...

What a cop out. I kept wondering how they would button up everything in a 1 hour show. They wrapped up nothing other than Phil Leotardo. Very weak. The only watercooler discussion about this one has to do with everyone thinking their signal went out during the anti-climax. The only thing memorable about it is that it wasn't memorable.