Tuesday, June 26, 2007

RAVENS ABOUT TO GET SAPPED: Veteran safety discusses new role and new Ravens

Tony Lombardi: Gerome, you've been through your offseason conditioning and you are now finished with OTA's. What will you be doing to as Brian Billick suggested, "stay in shape and stay out of trouble" between now and July 29?

Gerome Sapp: I guess in terms of staying out of trouble, it is just common sense for the most part. Keep your mind about you. For keeping in shape, I’m working out with a whole new workout regime. I’m using interval-type training to simulate play progression and series progression. I’m also picking up my weight to maintain what I have.

TL: AD is gone and a few players like Jarret Johnson, Dan Cody and possibly Antwan Barnes will be asked to collectively help fill the void. Interestingly, Rex Ryan hinted recently that AD's departure could mean more snaps for you. What can Ravens fans expect from you in '07?

GS: Well, they expect me to be everywhere. When I’m on defense I’m usually on the field with Landry and Reed in the regular formation and the nickel and dime. They feel I’m good and a big enough athlete that I can play some of what AD did last year by adding more speed and agility. They can always expect me to play hard… that’s what I do.

TL: Antwan Barnes looks like he is going to make an early impact if he's placed in the right situations. What do you think of the F.I. rookie thus far?

GS: He’s probably one of the most impressive rookies. I really like his quickness and his strength. He’s grasping the game plan and doing it well. I hope it continues with the pads on as well.

TL: Talk about some of the players that are new to the team, rookies, free agents and Willis McGahee and your impressions of them so far. Do any stand out?

GS: McGahee – he’s jelling really well with the team. With him going to Miami – they all get along real well. His personality is friendly and open. He does a lot of joking and laughing around. Man, he looks good on the field. Troy Smith looks impressive too. Makes you wonder why he slipped to the 5th round. Seeing his arm strength and how he runs the offense makes you wonder.

TL: In those one-on-one drills it seems like some of the DB's and WR's compete while others sort of pass on the drill. Is that optional? How do you view those drills and how helpful are they?

GS: They are very helpful especially when you go against our WR’s. I think we have some of the most underrated WR’s in the league – they’re great. Some of the stuff we do is just working on certain techniques so it may look like defense is working or the offense is working – it just depends. As far as some players not participating they may be opting out because they’re not warmed up yet and don’t want to go one-one-on.

TL: You play on special teams. The depth of the Ravens roster this year should mean an even better unit for Frank Gansz this year. How excited is the squad about the special teams potential and how does Coach Gansz see it?

GS: Well I think we are ten times better than we were than last year. We made a ton of improvements and ultimately our game got better. B.J. Sams is healthy now too. We’re looking for an amazing year this year. We’re going to be competitive and Gansz will stay on us. Fans are going to be thrilled to see us this year.

TL: Do you think Tony Soprano is dead? Why or why not?

GS: Yes he is dead, but I think they did a smart thing by not showing him dying because they keep their options open. But I really think that is how he died because that is how his father died.


MB Genius said...


Where've you been dude? As for G.Sapp...interesting stuff there! I freakin' can't wait for the season to start but until then, I'll enjoy the summer!

Raid said...

I'm looking for Sapp to have a very productive year. He's my early pick for unsung hero. Next year he'll cash in like the Kemos and Weavers. Until then, Sapp 'em Gerome!