Friday, June 08, 2007


It seems only natural that folks might peg Daunte Culpepper to the Ravens once his release from the Dolphins becomes official. After all, Kyle Boller is in the final year of his five year deal, Steve McNair is a bit long in the tooth and Troy Smith is dripping behind the ears. And even though Culpepper arrived in Minnesota after Brian Billick’s departure, those Denny Green ties are there.

Besides when healthy, Culpepper isn’t very far removed from the athleticism that McNair, Boller and Smith bring to the table. Coordinators love when there isn’t a significant change in athletic ability going from one quarterback to the next because it provides for consistency in game planning and play calling which benefits the other 10 guys on the offensive side of the football.

That said the Ravens should take a pass if some high ranking official within the organization sings, “Wouldn’t like to be a Culpepper too?”

How good can he be right now anyway?

Culpepper still isn’t practicing with the Dolphins and why were the Fins so eager to bring in a quarterback in Trent Green who has seen his better years, instead of sticking with Culpepper who they highly coveted only a year ago. What has changed so much since then that Cam Cameron wants to hitch his ride to a punch drunk QB who looks like a deer in headlights when protection breaks down?

That smell isn’t the Inner Harbor fishes folks!

Pass on Culpepper – at least for now. There are just way too many good things going on at One Winning Drive to bring in a possible distraction. Besides, if Culpepper isn’t practicing now with the Fins, there’s a chance he might not be ready by training camp and if he isn’t ready by then and is simply an observer, what will he be worth to the Ravens in 2007, particularly when he can't even speak Ravenese?

The answer – NOTHING!

Let him move on somewhere else. Let him prove somewhere else that he isn’t finished. He’ll take a one year deal with another team and let's see if he has the mettle to prove that there’s something left in his tank. And if he’s right, he’ll have options in 2008, one of which could be in Baltimore.

Where else is he going to go now? AFC East? Buffalo? Willis give him a call. AFC North? Nope. AFC South? Maybe Jacksonville. AFC West? Don’t think so. NFC West? Seattle, maybe? NFC South? Can Gruden bring in another QB? NFC North? Some needy teams there but don’t count on a homecoming in Minnesota. NFC East? Danny “Fantasy Football” Snyder might be waiting there Daunte.

The point is, Culpepper brings little to the table for a new team in ’07 and he probably isn’t going to have his cell phone blowing up once he is cut free from the fish hook.

The Ravens would be wise to table the Culpepper discussions until ’08.

They already have a nice blend of spices in Owings Mills.


Tony said...

Amen to that. Let Daunte go to waste with the rest of the discarded Miami QB's over the years!

ravcol said...

The Ravens already paid a high-price for a RB with an obliterated knee. Don't need a QB to match. Dante is back-up material for someone this year. He needs to shoot for 2008.

Gilligan said...

I hear Culpepper likes boats. Baltimore has boats. Boats sometimes sink. With Culpepper the Ravens might too.

Salt, Salt, Salt! said...

He is what I would call an unnecessary luxury and that is assuming he's healthy enough to play which I don't think he is.

Tony said...

You have to be worth something first before you can be considered a luxury.

No WAY we make any move on Daunte.

Anonymous said...

Culpepper fumbles way to much and isn't smart enough to be a good QB. In Minnesota during the Randy Moss years he pretty much threw 50 yard bombs all day and on occasion Moss would grab one and thats all you would see on SportsCenter. I think the Ravens are smarter than to bring in a guy like him.

Frost My Lucky Charms said...

I suppose it's something to talk about while the Orioles' season melts in our hands (again) and not in our mouths.

Pass on Culpepper! McNabb might be around next year. McNabb, McNair, gotta love the Irish!

TalkinWillis said...

Why is it that every quarterback that becomes available Ravens fans want to just pounce on him? The team's No. 1 priority should be re-signing Terrell Suggs and to continue to develop the offensive line. If the Ravens keep McNair upright, he'll have 2 more seasons left. There will be another Culpepper-type down the road. He might even be up the road...up I-95.

Tony Soprano lives said...

NO NO NO NO NO NO...Just what the Ravens need...a trouble maker with bad knees.

Eric Buckner said...

I totally agree that the Ravens should pass on Culpepper, at least until 2008. I do think that he would be a good fit in Green Bay. I'm not sure that Aaron Rogers is the answer for the Packers when Brett Favre retires. Culpepper could be a nice bridge to a future successor though.

Nundrum said...

Here's the thing everyone forgets about Daunte: he was horrible BEFORE the injury. In the 7 games he played pre-injury but post-havingrandymosscatchjumpballs, he threw 6 TDs and 12 picks. Healthy or no, he has to prove to me he's more than just a system product before I want him in Purple-n-Black.