Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Orbiting The Sun...a Trip Around "The Paper"

I found Tuesday’s sports edition of The Sun to be pretty entertaining and engagingly topical. Of course the LPGA I find to be slightly more interesting than the WNBA and a little less interesting than the women’s collegiate fast pitch softball tourney. I’m pulling for the Wildcats in that one. If you've watched, you'll understand why.

I used to play fast pitch. I once was given a t-shirt (and I’m sorry I lost it) that read, “Softball is for everyone, Fast Pitch is for Athletes.” As you can imagine, it jump started many debates.

But back to The Sun

Of course Jamison Hensley’s piece on Dan Cody captured my attention and immediately this old song by Blondie popped into my head:

The Ravens have a linebacker to rush the pass
But he can’t get it done with those knees of glass

Well maybe those aren't the exact lyrics but you get the picture...

Hey, isn’t Blondie too old for Dan Cody?

Seriously though, the Cody injuries are frustrating. Here’s a guy who works out like a beast, is at the Ravens’ complex so often that he’s considered having his mail sent there and is just an overall likable, good guy who you’d just love to see have success.

Word is even Dan is now having his doubts which is why he isn’t discounting surgery. When you’ve had as much bad luck as Cody, you start to wonder when the next shoe will fall. And it’s not as though his injuries have occurred in the midst of a heavy physical exchange unless you think shadow boxing is a dangerous sport.

C’mon Dan, we’re all pulling for you!

Flipping to the back page of The Sun, we learn that Billy Donovan is conflicted. Now his is a conflict I would gladly accept. Let’s see, go to Disneyworld and take the $27.5 million or stay in la-la land and clip Joaquin Noah’s toenails before practice on Fridays?

Donovan is upset that the good folks of Gainesville, Florida will miss him? C’mon Billy. If you are going to leave, this is THE BEST time to do so. The hoops team is coming off back to back National Championships and the football team is the defending champ.

Maybe Billy is just afraid of mice.

From mice to Cle-mens we go when we hit page 6. The 44 year-old Yankees hurler is probably about to make George Steinbrenner hurl. It’s now June 6 and the Yanks are 55 games into the season. If Clemens throws every fifth game without injury for the balance of the season, he should get about 20 starts once he gets into the rotation this weekend. $1 million plus per start for a team 7 games below .500 isn’t exactly my idea of spending wisely. You have to think George is pondering a buyout settlement, right?

On to page 7 and the Orioles Notebook. Poor Jeff Zrebiec. Chris Ray can only throw one pitch for a strike and if he doesn’t get ahead in the count, it’s over. He’s done. It’s not as though he’s overpowering per MLB standards. Some close to the team have noticed that Ray is significantly more effective when he’s in the wind up. No wonder! He’s all a$$ and elbows from the wind up! And hey, it’s not like he holds runners anyway so forget about the runners and throw from the windup all the time. Can it get any worse?

Jay Gibbons…now there’s a guy who has some red hair and if his batting style was a business, it too would be in the red. I’ve listened to some sports talk this week concerning Gibbons and some talking heads lamented how Gibbons used to drive the ball with power the opposite way. Hello……..Anyone wonder how Brady Anderson hit 50 home runs in 1996? Therein lies your answer, or so I’ve heard.

And like you I’ve also heard all the hoopla over Alex Rodriguez and the aerodynamically challenged blonde he was strolling with in Toronto. And that story leads us to the best of The Sun on Tuesday, June 5 – Heather Dinich’s story, “Mrs. Rodriguez, not Yankees, the real loser in A-Rod mess.”

Ever hit a tee shot so sweet that it felt effortless? Ever punt a football just right that it actually spiraled off your foot? Ever catch a fastball and drive it and never even feel the impact of the ball on the bat? Well Dinich’s
commentary on A-Rod was the journalistic equivalent of all the above.

Dinich justifiable nailed the ESPN crew for wondering how the A-Rod shenanigans might affect the sub .500 team and then completely overlooking how it might affect A-Rod’s wife and 2 year old daughter. The Yankees don’t care about A-Rod and a stripper! You think they don’t already know? They have much bigger things to worry about than a super-sized lap dance for their star third baseman. And Joe Morgan rationalizing that it’s “tough to be a rich, handsome athlete”, are you kidding me? Joe, please tell me you are not that dumb or naive!

Anyway, Heather, nice job on that column.

I hope you sent it to Cynthia Rodriguez (pictured above).

Flight attendants, prepare for landing…


Rory said...

Actually the Clemens contract is prorated. So if he only plays half a year, he gets 13 or 14 million (I forget what the original number is). Also, until he starts, Steinbrenner doesn't pay him anything and is under no obligation to, meaning he can terminate the deal now, he doesn't need a buyout.

TalkinWillis said...

Hey Rory, are you sure about that?

TL, entertaining read here man. It's not often that I agree with women on sports but Dinich did nail that story. Stray-Rod seems like a real weasel.

With respect to Dan Cody, I'm pulling for the guy but I wonder if his effectiveness will lessen with thoughts of injuries dancing in his head. Ouch that hurt!

Anonymous said...

No one cares about A-Rod's family because they didn't make him famous, his baseball skills did. The article was boring and a typical woman response. Sports fans watch sports to avoid all of that b.s.

Tony Lombardi said...


Damn it's hot! said...

We have a request and this one goes out to Anonymous for some Village People.

Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Macho, macho man (macho man)
I've got to be, a macho man
Macho, macho man
I've got to be a macho! Ow....