Saturday, June 02, 2007


Poor Dan Cody. A turf monster jumps up and bites him on the knee during day 1 of his rookie summer camp and knocks him out for the season. In his sophomore year, Cody hardly sees the field and can’t crack the active roster on game day until the tenth game of the season, a season that lasts a little over one game for Cody as he falls to another knee injury.

During this offseason Cody worked like a beast and is in tremendous shape but now he’s being held out of practice possibly until summer camp begins, due to…you guessed it, another setback with his knee.

Cody and the Ravens medical staff say he’ll be ok when the players report on July 29. Word is that Cody has a loose piece of cartilage in his knee that is creating discomfort for the injury plagued LB.

When I spoke to a team official about the injury, I was told that the problem was one of scar tissue and that the exercises Bill Tessendorf put Cody through in the sand pit are intended to help break down that tissue which might be what some are referring to as a microfracture or loose cartilage.

Last time I checked, M.D. did not follow my name. I did look up scar tissue as it relates to the knee. Here’s what I found:

Arthrofibrosis is a condition that follows knee trauma or surgery. Often seen after procedures such as ACL reconstruction surgery, arthrofibrosis is due to inflammation and proliferation of scar tissue.

When arthrofibrosis occurs, a dense fibrous tissue forms in abundance. This can bind down the knee joint, and prevent normal motion.

Prevention of arthrofibrosis is best accomplished with early motion following surgery.

I think the little sand box games played by Cody and Tessendorf are intended to thwart arthrofibrosis. Judging from the lack of long-term concern on the part of Cody and Coach Jeff Fitzgerald, this shouldn’t prevent Cody from having an active and productive training camp. I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

WNST is at it again and they are preparing for Free the Bird, Part II. Recently the staffers at WNST made it known that they believe Peter Angelos intentionally let the deadline slip by to submit uniform changes for 2008 just to spite the station and indirectly the fans. Unless you’ve been hiding under a circa 1970’s Orioles’ road jersey somewhere, you know that WNST, particularly Drew Forrester, has been campaigning heavily to put Baltimore back on the road jerseys where it so obviously belongs.

Clearly the accusations against Angelos amount to nothing more than speculation on the part of WNST but I must admit, I’m with WNST on this one. There is absolutely no rational reason for a team in dire need of a public relations overhaul to deny or ignore such a simple gesture of goodwill to the community of Baltimore. But the childlike mentality of the club, eloquently described by The Sun’s Rick Maese as “third grade conflict resolution” makes the Orioles a case study of how not to manage a sports franchise.

When Bud Selig allowed Angelos to beat him like a Stewart Copeland snare drum at the negotiating table and land that sweetheart deal before allowing the Nationals into DC, he ripped from the roots any incentive for Angelos to truly give a rat’s ass about what the fans of Baltimore really think.

But back to WNST – you guys have nailed it and your campaign to do the right thing has been greeted by an Angelos stiff arm. The more you campaign, the more he resorts to his form of conflict resolution which clearly is to dig his heels in even more and go the opposite way. You already know that! So why try to Free the Bird when it's pretty clear that it will fail? Why not just give him the bird?

Ah yeah...I get it...maybe you guys at WNST just understand public relations opportunities better than the very available man.


Biby Cletus said...

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enjoyed it will be back soon keep the good work up ,be in touch

Warm Regards

Biby Cletus

Anonymous said...

Free the Birds II will fail, but I was at the first one and it was one of the top 5 sports moments in my life. Sometimes voicing your opinion openly in public is a very rewarding feeling and ultimately as American as it gets.

janet jackson said...

Hey, can't knock NST for making a buck. Gotta give it to 'em...they are scrappy even if the owner is a self-serving opportunist.

The "Heavy-one" said...

NST might make more headway if Drew didnt have his nose so close to the "sun exempt" location of the "self-serving" one. Haney, Long,Willet,Bachman,Cunningham and Wilson are the only credible jocks on the station. If the station , primarily the morning joke (excluding Casey) would concentrate on doing it right rather then pointing out what everyone does wrong, the "self -serving one and the "brown-noser" might achieve some credibility. But, it's obvious that'll never happen. My heart goes out to the others.

ravcol said...

Peter Angelos does nothing except for spite. Anyone who has followed his exploits as the Oriole owner and with his law firm knows many of the decisions he makes are emotional and mainly for spite, or to get over on another individual he may or may not feel has wronged him. He cares nothing about a winning ballclub or making money. He is not stupid and he DOES get it! From suing the Stadium Authority to his lawsuit against the State in the tobacco company settlement, to the Albert Belle deal to the Oriole road jersey fiasco, its all spite. A shrink has probably had a field day with this guy and I'm sure his lack of height and ugly puss have contributed to the way he perceives life, and summarily takes it out on others unlike him. Anyone who makes their money on the extreme misfortunte of others has probably lost most of whatever is left of their conscience. Baltimore fans can only wait. Yes, WNST has played a major part in BALTIMORE being denied from appearing on the road jersey. Perhaps they can maneuver a way to stop Angelos from appearing on the planet.

Purple Haze said...

Meanwhile back in Owings Mills, Dan Cody has to be afraid for his career. When do all those injuries start to affect how aggressive he plays the game? He's dangerously close to being a second round bust and that's a shame since I've heard he's a good guy with a great work ethic.

RayRocks said...

I really jsut think this is post surgery related and I dont think this will affect Cody's play at all. He has played well in the preseason games i saw him in last year and i think it was the falcons game?


The Reign King said...

Yeah that Bruce Cunningham can really sell that Mike's Doughboy place and he sure does a great job of faking out his listeners.

As Aaron Wilson would say, "Let's be honest!" Cunningham is style over substance and it's obvious when Wilson isn't around. He wouldn't know a free safety from a Free Willy or a Cover 2 from a cover song. But he sure can cover his a$$.

And that is an acquired skill.

Props to BC!

I wanna be Amber Theoharis said...

Hey Reign King, enough already! BC is a sensitive guy. Remember the caller he wanted to beat up in the parking lot after a call took a turn south? He might track you down, be careful!

Fat Albert said...

I don't mind Bruce. He compliments Aaron although he does cut Aaron off way too much. Both of them should stop eating on the air. It's disrespectful and it makes me hungry.

Hey, hey, hey!!!

I wanna be Amber Theoharis said...

The "I Am The Rock Star And Don't You Forget it Aaron Wilson Bruce Cunningham Saturday Ravens Football Show on 1570 WNST" was once a top notch show. It's clear to me that Cunningham isn't prepared when the lights come on and he leans on Wilson for anything insightful. And then when it gets too deep for Bruce, he changes the subject to something important like home cooking or old school R&B. I wish I could just hear Aaron Wilson highlights from each show.

Other than that Sam Perloss-o needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Long live the "Mid-Atlantic Orioles"!!! I could root for MA, but that's just too close to MIA...

Don said...

I was listening to Aaron and Bruce last Saturday, first time in a while I was able to, and I was totally aghast at the CONSTANT interruptions BC laid on Aaron! It was like every sentence - at one point I counted 10 straight sentences, and three times Aaron just got to the crux of his point, and Bruce cut him off and Aaron never finished the thought.

My head was about to explode so I turned it off. Never again.

Tony Lombardi said...

Aaron and Bruce set the bar a while ago when it comes to a weekly radio program dedicated to covering the Ravens. And they've been at it for quite awhile building a following along the that they've earned.

I know that we consciously try not to emulate their format on GAMETIME out of respect and to avoid redundancy.

But like anything else in life, it's tough to be all things to all people. I know we strive to be destination radio for some while aiming for all, as impossible as that might be.

Although my family might say otherwise, I actually think there are people that don't like me! Imagine that!


Anonymous said...

I think Peter Angelos likes to frustrate the hell out of WNST and the fans of Baltimore. Winning or losing does not matter to him as long his bottom line is in the black. It's all about him, and not the TEAM, or the FANS or WNTST.

As far as Dan Cody is concerned, if he continues to be injured, you could say that the draft pick was a complete bust.

I use to listen faithfully to the Bruce Cunnigham / Aaron Wilson show. I really like Aaron and I can tolerate Bruce except when he always says "I know something, but I promised not to say anything, but I am definitely privy to information that will support this or that". Why even say anything, if your not going to reveal what you know? I also hates when he interrupts Aaron. It's rude and it frustrates people who are trying to listen to the show. He should listen to himself sometime. He also needs to work on his play calling at the staduim. Some games he really stinks and names the wrong players on tackles and assists. He is definitely no Rex Barney at the stadium.

Ravnrobb said...

The Dan Cody pick has been a bust this guy will NEVER play a meaningful role on this team other than raising the water level in the ice tub

Anonymous said...

As has already been stated, Cunningham knows little about football. Very little. I remember him raving over the Raiders picking up Aaron Brooks.

What I can't stand about the show besides Bruce's endless ramblings is the way he takes everything so personal. He reminds me of a 3rd grade girl. If a caller calls up and criticizes anything about him or the show he gets his panties in a ruffle and cuts to a commercial only to come back and chastise the listeners (this happened after the Boller bashing edition of the Saturday morning, err sorry the BRUCE CUNNINGHAM Saturday morning Ravens Show"). I haven't listened since then, I am not going to have a host yell at his listeners for calling him out when it needed to be done.

Harryos29 said...

I just returned from a weeks vacation in Central Pennsylvania. On Wednesday, I read that a group of PIRATES fans will leave in third inning of the Pirates home game on June 30th.
So...maybe WNST should get Royalties for their FREE THE BIRDS idea? the Pirates fans have the same BEEF as we do in Crabtown..
Harry O'
Sykesville, Md