Tuesday, May 15, 2007


24x7’s Rick Johnson sent me a press release yesterday regarding the recently concluded feasibility study completed by The Maryland Stadium Authority for a new Baltimore arena.

I have to tell you, I find this to be incredibly comical. And Rick by all means, knock yourself out on this topic and do that proposed column. I'm sure you will make it interesting and thorough.

But c'mon, they need a feasibility study to determine whether or not that litter box on Howard Street has worn out its usefulness? I wonder how many millions that study cost. Are they kidding me? They could have saved that money, sponsored a happy hour at Della Rose’s in exchange for plenty of opinion and commentary on that piece of architecture built slightly after the fall of the Roman Empire.

A study?

So tell me, what did the study’s report conclude?

"The report clearly indicates the current facility is beyond its useful life," said Donald C. Fry, president of the Greater Baltimore Committee. "We have to take that next step and make those difficult decisions."

I'm still laughing. This is a quote from like 1982, right?

Difficult decisions Mr. Fry? This is the equivalent of sponsoring a study to determine if they should stop production of Pong video game controls.

And now they think the best place to develop a new arena is on the site of the old one.


Just build the thing in Canton and leave the old ugly girl alone until the new girl opens her doors. Canton is a better draw and there’s a much greater probability that people will hang around the new arena before and after events in Canton than they would if the new arena stays on Howard Street. It’s all part of the same city, right? Same tax base?

Besides, if this new arena is to be the crown jewel in the west side’s redevelopment, does that mean that they’ll wait 3, 4 or 5 years before it gets any better over there? Wouldn't that mean it's going to get worse while the current beauty is being torn down?

Last time I checked, Canton has better access to highways too, doesn't it?

Hmmm, sounds like another feasibility study there Mr. Fry.


Joey Bag O' Donuts said...

What do you expect? It's the city government. Next they will study whether or not the city can lure a NBA or NHL team. Who needs that? Let me help you out now McFry! No...N-O. Build the thing to accomodate the Blast, concerts, other events and a real Arena team.


1 Winning Drive said...

I'm with Joey B! The Blackbirds are pretty awful but the game itself has potential. Throw in a new arena and a better team and I see sellout after sellout, especially if the Orioles are below .500 for the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, etc. consecutive season.

Suppose 2 B Working said...

That arena is an embarrassment and has been for a very long time. I have friends from out of town that were shocked when they saw it. I heard that one of the Ringling elephants wrote in to complain about the place.

Maybe the Mayor's office should commission candy bar sales to help finance a new arena. After all, look what it did for Hershey, PA.

Anonymous said...

I must concur. the new place needs to be in Canton. Use the Civic Center for whatever...homeless shelter, something for the good of the area.