Tuesday, May 15, 2007


If you find Incredible Hulk-like figures that are about 10 stories tall and made of sand navigating the streets of Manhattan on a destructive and vengeful stroll while holding up Brinks trucks interesting, then Spiderman 3 is for you. If you enjoyed the creativity and light-hearted playfulness of the first two editions of this Spidey series but aren’t necessarily into Godzilla like creatures, you might want to wait for the video edition of 3. Even if you do neither you aren’t missing much. That was 150 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Even my 14-year-old son seemed indifferent towards it as we exited the theatre.

Some of the sandboxes that the Sandman played in on Spidey 3 reminded me of this new strip of sand that sits behind one of the Ravens' practice fields in Owings Mills, adjacent to the sediment pond. The sand strip I would estimate to be about 15 yards wide and perhaps 40 yards long. Word is that the strip will be used as part of a training regimen to strengthen leg muscles and help players develop a greater short area burst.

If the Sandman is any indication, the Ravens might be on to something.

Then again, the strip may have been added to the shores of the sediment pond’s “coastline” to make the guys from the U, particularly Willis McGahee, feel a little bit more at home.

South Beach, feelin’ the heat?

And by the way, what is up with that random meteor that just happened to be carrying some black gooble-de-goo that just so happened to be superhero steriod gel? Courtesy of Barry Bonds maybe?


Anonymous said...

That movie was disappointing. South Beach never is ;-)

TalkinWillis said...

I'd like to get some of that black gel and throw it in Adam Terry's locker. It might provide that mean streak he apparently lacks. Might not be a bad idea to slip a little in Tejada's medicine cabinet. That dude has a severe power outtage going on this season.

As for the movie, I'd give it 2 stars while the other Spideys were 4 stars out of 5.

Dawan Song said...

I heard Kevin Byrne from the Ravens talking about that sandbox on the Anita Marks Show. I guess she really does read this site like the testimonial says.

Tony Lombardi said...

I think the real friendly neighborhood Spiderman works at One Winning Drive and wears number 87.

Castles in the Sand said...

I've read wear Ed Reed had it in his new contract that the Ravens had to build him his sandbox. I'd like to write this in the sand of his little beach:


When he did during the season's second half, that's exactly what went down