Wednesday, May 02, 2007


On draft day, beneath his Browns blazer and color coordinated plaid shirt that would make a candy corn proud, Phil Savage wore his lucky shirt. He would need some luck on that day. An ineffective 2007 draft could bring a close to his career as GM of the Browns and it would almost certainly end the head coaching tenure of Romeo Crennel in Cleveland.

On paper Savage came through. If his 2007 draft translates well from the paper to the field, his job should be safe for awhile. If not, well let’s just say he could be working for his former protégé in Baltimore.

After the trade was made with the Cowboys enabling the Browns to move up and select Brady Quinn, Phil Savage turned to club president Randy Lerner and exposed his lucky charm -- a Baltimore Ravens T-shirt.

The mastermind behind the new Browns; the deliverer from NFL purgatory was wearing swag from the team that Clevelanders love to hate the most.

"Can you imagine the nightmare scenario if Brady Quinn slides all the way into the 20s, Baltimore jumps up and gets the guy, and he's beating us?" Savage said. "I'd get killed."

Could you imagine Eric DeCosta wearing a Steelers T-shirt under his black blazer and lavender Armani shirt?

By the way Phil, with or without Quinn in ’07 you are still likely to get killed.

Guess who the Cowboys will be rooting against this season?


Anonymous said...

The Cowboys will get a top 10 pick next year as a result of this trade with the Browns. Savage should hang on to that shirt. He might be back serving as the Ravens Director of College Scouting under new GM Eric DeCosta.

Jerry Jones will end up looking like a genius. He gives away a first round pick this year and still gets his man while the others in his division completely botch their drafts.

MB Genius said...

I think TL got it right in some piece he wrote about Cleveland being a place where old Ravens go to die. When you are a GM the death is a slow one.

That's least the whiners (aka Clevelanders) won't run out of things to whine about.

Anonymous said...

Watch how big Jerry Jones' smile will be next year when he packages a few picks to move up and get Arkansas RB McFadden. And then he'll say thanks to Savage and Savage just might have to ask JJ for employment at that point.