Thursday, May 17, 2007

O's Woes a Boon For The Ravens?

Some people think that I should be pleased with the Orioles’ struggles because the inefficiencies and lack of competency in that organization directly benefits the Ravens and indirectly benefits 24x7.

Certainly one could make that argument and probably even find irrefutable evidence to support that opinion. That said the Orioles’ woes hardly please me. Just ask my steering wheel or the armchair of my couch.

When the season started, I had my doubts. The way the O’s are run makes me sick and while I’m certainly empathetic to the crusade of WNST and I feel their pain, I still maintain that the FREE THE BIRDS campaign was wasted energy. Imagine rallying people together to buy dinner at an undesirable restaurant only to entice the owner to sell and move out of the neighborhood. That makes as much sense as trying to chase away homing pigeons.

Hey I thought we freed those birds?

Uh-uh…they’re back!

The Orioles are part of our sports heritage and while I certainly take my shots at the team here on these pages, it’s a bit like ridiculing your drunken uncle. Yeah you wish he’d change and yeah he has his issues and yeah he plucks your nerves but boy do you love him.

These are our Orioles. These are our sick Orioles who are like a rudderless ship lost at sea.

To make matters worse, the sea is also polluted and very choppy. MLB is about as balanced as Sidney Ponson on a Friday night in Canton. Roger Clemens will earn nearly as much money as a part-time pitcher than the entire roster of the Kansas City Royals will earn in a full season. And this is supposed to be a competitive sport?

The most prestigious sports record of all is about to be broken by an acerbic cheater who’s head is figuratively and literally bigger than it should be. The game that we grew up on hardly resembles this one. As kids the players were part of a team for years. We would take turns imitating batting stances and pitching motions of the players, challenging each other to guess who it was we were mimicking. Today, I couldn’t recite the entire roster to you.

At the beginning of the year, I swore off going to the games because of my disdain for the ownership. I then rationalized that I was punishing the players for the stick-your-head-in-the-sand direction of the team’s owner. So I guess you could say I found orange and black religion…well at least temporarily.

By the time the Orioles returned from a road trip I was on one myself – to the Bahamas. But hey, when I got home, I planned a trip down to the Yard. Really, I did.

While I was away the O's caught a wave and were 11-7 at one point. That was the day I returned. Since then they’ve gone 7-16 and there’s not a chance I’ll be going to the Yard. Why should I be excited to go, why should I think about plunking down my money when most of the players aren’t even excited about playing? Did you watch them at all on Wednesday night?

But hey, things are getting busy here at 24x7 anyway. We’ve got OTA’s to report on that will take us through to the middle of June and then there’s the rookie signing period and then camp and then preseason and then the regular season. That’s a lot to do. That’s a lot to cover. And you will all want to read about it, right? After all, you don’t want to read something as painful as the story of the 2007 Orioles, right? Or the 2006, 2005, 2004, etc, etc.

Gee I guess there is a silver lining in the O’s woes.

Hey who’s pitching tomorrow night?


Jonathan said...

the orioles started their losing ways wthe year when the ravens moved into M&T Bank...


zer-O's said...

This is a sick organization in need of a male organ transplant. The one that they have is in need of Viagra yet "it" refuses help and/or suggestions.

I am of course talking about dem O's hon.

Angelosux said...

I can't believe this season is only 41 games old and it feels sooooooooooo long already. Welcome to Baltimore's boys of summer.

Wonder how many will attend that Monday, Sept. 24 make up game with the powerhouse KC Royals one day after a Ravens' home game? There will probably be more tailgaters STILL in the Ravens' lot than fans in the seats at Camden Yards.

What a waste of a beautiful stadium.

Dawan Song said...

They should just change the name of the team to the Baltimore Groundhogs. Every year it's the same thing over and over and over and over...just like the movie Groundhog Day.

Anonymous said...

free the birds might have been wasted energy but at least some energy was expended. Sitting at home and whining about the way things are has never changed anything.

Tony Lombardi said...

But why waste the energy?

If you think about it, sitting at home and whining is probably a more effective way to force change than by going to the game, giving the man your money and THEN whining about it.

Back to that restaurant analogy, would you go to a bad restaurant, pay for your meal but walk out before it's served? That in a way is what the WNST protest was like.

The sad thing is nothing will will be the same year in and year out...maybe there might be a fluke season in there somewhere. Even a blind squirrel will find a nut every now and then.

But essentially in my opinion, nothing will change unless the owner changes or unless the ownership changes.

Sorry, but this ship is lost at sea.

angelosux said...

Sam Perlozzo's inability to manage a pitching staff is exacerbated when the O's play in National League cities.

Sam is a nice guy. Being a nice guy doesn't make you a competent manager. Add it up.