Monday, May 07, 2007


Brian Billick has often said, “If you pay ‘em, play ‘em.” He is speaking of course about the league’s mandate that only 45 of the 53 man roster can actually suit up on Sundays during the NFL’s regular season. I’m with you coach.

Really, what’s the rationale behind this mandate? To me, it simply rewards teams that lack depth. Think about it. If your team is so deep that they struggle to get down to 45 players while another team doesn’t struggle as much having more obvious roster decisions to make, why penalize the deeper, more talent laden team? It makes no sense and promotes mediocrity.

Just like this idea of spreading the NFL Draft over three days instead of two. What’s up with that? Teams that don’t prepare as well will have an opportunity to reset after Friday’s round 1 in the proposed idea. They will have a chance to collect their thoughts and perhaps use the borrowed time to catch up to other teams that are more prepared and thorough.

By the way, this idea about possibly playing a future Super Bowl abroad...are you freakin' kidding me! What's next, singing Britain's national anthem at M&T Bank Stadium? When is enough money enough? Apparently the NFL has yet to answer that question to their collective satisfaction.

And nobody asked me (hey, that’s not a bad name for a column) but I think Troy Smith slid down draft boards for three primary reasons: 1) his height; 2) a terrible game on a national stage; and 3) the Heisman Trophy. Outside of Carson Palmer, what other Heisman winning QB has done anything significant in the NFL for a very long time?

That said I think the Ravens got value with that last pick in the 5th round.

Time will tell.


Purple Haze said...

If the NFL isn't careful, their arrogance will soon approach that of the MLB Players' Union.

MB Genius said...

The only thing that can kill the NFL is the NFL. Playing the Super Bowl in Europe or Mexico City or Peking or Sydney would be the beginning of the end.

Would your wife wait for you if you vacationed with your mistress?

Anonymous said...

"Would your wife wait for you if you vacationed with your mistress?"

Only if her boyfriend was still in town!

Surely I jest but I have to agree, you don't bite off the hand that feeds you. To force season ticket holders to pay full price for lame preseason games and then take the Super Bowl out of the country is like only being allowed to eat the free bread at a nice restaurant and then being told to pick up the tab when everyone but you has chowed down on chateaubriand and Opus 1.

Gee I just had flashbacks of a former "princess" I once dated.

sailor sam said...

one man's mediocrity is another's parity. the NFL is getting bigger, and Major League Baseball is getting smaller, and a big reason is how in the NFL mid and 'small' market teams (Packers, Jags) have legit chances to win. how long before the Royals and the Pirates win anything? of course, the Patriots show that good management can win consistently, and some teams show how bad management still loses (Bronws, Cardinals).
I suspect the expanded roster is a bone to the players' union. and yes, if they're on the roster, go ahead and use them. a few years ago the NCAA started limiting scholarships, and that enabled folks like Kansas State to pick up players that would have sat on the bench in Oklahoma. Free Agency is another bone, and Compensatory picks are a bone to ownership.
IMHO the only things what can kill the NFL are 1) overseas games (NO!!!) and 2) leaving the networks. if they ever go strictly cable/satellite I'm gone.

Anonymous said...

How long before the Super Bowl is a best of 3?

Dawan Song said...

What if your mistress is the NFL?