Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Combine talent with effort and good coaching and chances are you will see improvement. Whether you are talking guitar lessons, algebra, little league baseball or whatever tickles your fancy, when you take skill, a great work ethic and solid instruction and throw them all in the mix, chances are you are going to get better.

And that is exactly what the Baltimore Ravens are banking on.

We’ve heard it and we’ve read it – the Ravens don’t want to manage their team through a series of opportunity windows opening and closing. They want to wedge that piece of 2x4 in their window of opportunity and keep it open perpetually. And the way to do that is to bring in young talent, coach them up, give them exposure and mentoring from the quality vets and then let them play.

The Ravens have a history of selecting such players in the draft whose talent didn’t hit the radar screens of many teams. Yet the Ravens found them and they harnessed that talent and groomed them from nobodies to millionaire somebodies.

Adalius Thomas is one such player and he’s moved on to riches in New England. It’s now time for someone else to step up.

Next man up!

And that doesn’t necessarily mean that someone has to step into AD’s shoes and do what he did. To suggest that would be a bit na├»ve. But with the combined skills of Jarret Johnson, Dan Cody, Antwan Barnes and Bart Scott, the Ravens can help to soften the blow of Thomas’ departure.

Plus you have to keep in mind with their talents, work ethic and the Ravens outstanding coaching staff, players like Haloti Ngata, Dawan Landry and the young corners will improve. Trevor Pryce and Justin Bannan will have a year under their belts in the Ravens system and it’s not a stretch to think that they will improve.

Keep that 2x4 wedged in the window. This one isn’t closing any time soon.

As Eric DeCosta recently told me, “It’s a great time to be a Ravens fan.”

Could we all be standing on a corner in Phoenix, Arizona?

Such a fine sight to see….don’t you think?


MB Genius said...

TL, you do view the world through purple goggles you know. Actually, I like that about you. Looks like you and DeCosta shop for your eyewear in the same place.

Anonymous said...

Tony what do you mean the Ravens in Ari? I thought NE already won the Super Bowl?

Tony Lombardi said...

You know, you've got a point but I have this hunch that Randy Moss won't be as explosive as most expect and neither will the Patriots. I just don't think you turn it on and off like many expect him to do in '07. He just turned 30 and this will be his 10th season.

We'll find out on Sundays this fall.

Slick Rick said...

I liken Moss to New England to ARod to NY. What have the Yankees won since his arrival?

If you said, "Not a damn thing" you are a winner!

Ain't Got Ngata said...

How many days until camp? The Orioles are killing me. I'm expecting Sam Perlozzo to cry after tonight's loss. Maybe they should just call him Perlosso.

Are U Ready 4 Some Football said...

Well Ngata, you were partially right...the O's lost and Perlosso sure did hold back the tears...Hey I bet they don't lose tomorrow.

Tony Lombardi said...

I just heard Drew Forester on WNST say that the Orioles have submitted the paperwork to restore Baltimore to the team's road jerseys next year. It's about time but the news made me think... How pathetic is it that this is actually big news for our baseball team? It just seems so minor league but then again, why should I be surprised? That's exactly what they are with this team and this ownership.

Remember when Miguel Tejada first joined the Orioles and he had that infectious smile and that perpetual bounce in his step. He appeared to be on course to be the Orioles version of Ray Lewis.

This team has sucked him dry of enthusiasm and it has affected his game. It's time to move him on because for Miggy, it's not "Getting Better All The Time."

Purple Haze said...

This team has no offense. Tejada is not money and isn't clutch. Mora got old in a hurry. Huff couldn't hit a curve if the pitcher told him it was coming and why anyone throws Gibbons a strike is a mystery to me.

2008 = rebuilding year Part X

Back to the Ravens I like the quiet resolve of the team you described on the show today. A team that talented on a mission is a handful. JUST SAY OINK!