Monday, May 07, 2007

B.J. Sams' Days Could be Numbered

Yamon Figurs provides some intriguing possibilities to the Ravens. His personal trainer, the widely publicized Tom Shaw whose list of NFL clients reads like a Pro Bowl roster, emphatically states that he has no doubt that Figurs will be successful as a pro. Shaw explains that, “[Figurs’] work ethic is going to make him special.

“He is going to be the next Devin Hester.”

After all, he ran a 4.22 40 for no less than 15 scouts during personal workouts.

Eric DeCosta believes that Figurs, “Will be a starter from day one as a punt and kick returner.”

And while that all sounds promising to the Baltimore Ravens, it could also permanently change the lives of a couple of other Ravens.

With a pending trial stemming from a second DUI and after a devastating ankle injury, B.J. Sams career as a Raven appears in doubt. Corey Ross, an undrafted free agent acquisition last year probably has no role on the team.

That should free up a roster spot for the club – a spot that could be taken by Troy Smith or a kick off specialist or maybe even an additional offensive lineman.

One man’s loss is another’s gain.

Wonder what the chances are Sams might end up in Cleveland?

Go Figurs…


TalkinWillis said...

Too bad for B.J. He seems like a nice guy and he was a pretty good return man. The Ravens were hurt when he went down last year. But you know, he isn't above the law and if he was caught you have to wonder if there were other times when he was DUI. Each time he puts himself and others at risk. Under the rule of Roger Goodell he will certainly receive a suspension, as he should. I hope he learns his lesson and is an example to all others of how a dream can end by mixing alcohol and the privilege to drive. I hope you learn your lesson B.J.

MB Genius said...

I have a friend who had one DUI and she has to do a breathalyzer before she starts her car for a year. Her driving privileges were suspended temporarily, etc., etc. B.J. Sams should not be treated differently because he's a nice guy or because he's a Raven. My friend is a nice girl too.

I hope BJ learns and I wish him well and I wish him sobriety. I'm sure he will do well with another team. Phil Savage or Marvin Lewis are likely watching.

Anonymous said...

The Ravens really value their draft picks, so much so, that their first 4 rounders are almost locks to make the team. It's a numbers game and BJ's is up. The Ravens are not going to retain both of these guys and the DUI adds insult to injury. Speaking of injury, BJ's was pretty bad and could really affect his speed in the future. I do think a team like the Browns or Bengals would be interested.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, broken ankle + pending 4 game suspension + 2007 third round return specialist = yes, B.J.'s days are numbered.