Monday, April 09, 2007


WNST once called itself the station with balls. Today they are the station with no credentials.

People have been calling and writing to me today about the Orioles denying WNST press credentials. Most expect me to laugh given how Nestor Aparicio dissed us just prior to the start of training camp in ‘06 sending us into scramble mode to maintain the integrity of our show GAMETIME. Many expected us to viciously attack WNST when we were left high and dry. But why spend valuable time on a lost cause?

All of our complaining wouldn’t have changed a thing. We were fired. We were kicked to the curb -- knocked down from the blind side lying face down in the dirt.

So we did what I suppose you should do in such situations -- brush yourself off and move on with even greater determination.

I didn’t laugh at WNST upon hearing the news of the press cred denial. Truth be told, I think that it’s pretty pathetic on the part of the Orioles. They did to WNST what WNST did to us. While the cynic might say what goes around comes around, as a fan I feel cheated.

You see for all the criticism that WNST receives for things stemming from their ownership, they deliver local sports with a local flare arguably as good or better than any venue in town. To deny WNST access to the Orioles is to deny us another conduit to the team.

I’m not laughing.

I’m sad for Drew Forrester and Bob Haynie and Rob Long and Casey Willet.

Furthermore, this is another act by an owner who time and time again provides evidence to all of us that he just doesn’t get it.

While I would argue and have argued that the Free The Birds campaign with all of the extended versions of “The Moon” was in large part shameless self promotion including but not limited to the sexual conquests of its author/narrator, you can’t argue with the core of WNST’s beef with the Orioles. And that in my opinion is the careless and short-sighted way in which Angelos has “guided” the Orioles. Stevie Wonder could do better with an obstacle course.

To think that WNST could persuade Angelos to sell the team and that a rally of a thousand protestors could actually affect that desired outcome is just flat out silly. But to bring to the forefront the sad list of transgressions by the Orioles ownership is the right thing to do and for that we should commend WNST. Coming from people who actually love the team, WNST’s criticisms actually demonstrate objective journalism.

Where WNST crosses the line is that they beat that Free The Bird horse incessantly and eventually it comes off as whining, boring and self-fulfilling.

But that is no justification for this behavior and apparent decision by the Orioles -- a once proud franchise that is at best a sad franchise today and one that is apparently above reproach and accountability.

This move may force other stations that cover the Orioles to become apologists for the team. And that is exactly what we don’t want if we ever want the Orioles to improve. They must be held accountable.

Imagine a city full of sports journalists like Jim Hunter.

Imagine if Steve Bisciotti behaved like Peter Angelos.


Oriole Magic! said...

This is embarassing even for these clowns. I understand that WBAL doesn't ahve their credentials either.

Even if this is just a logistics problem and the Orioles haven't gotten the credentials to the outlets yet that's STILL embarassing!

I mean the season is a week old! Get on the ball!

Tony Lombardi said...

Ah, more news on the O's stiff arm of NST...apparently only Nestor Aparicio and Drew Forrester were given the slip as it relates to the media creds. Others from NST have been granted access to the team according to The Sun's Rick Maese.

Somehow, I think these creds for the slighted pair will mysteriously surface and the Orioles will say that it was an oversight and that they were misplaced as they laugh privately.

Perhaps a little gamesmanship?

Now if true that other reporters at NST have credentials, what's the big deal? I thought Nestor was boycotting the team anyway and that he is in a self-imposed state of retirement.

Harryos29 said...

HARRYO29 4/9/2007
I think it is PATHETIC that the ORIOLES Ownership would stoop to that Level. Hey...WNST does provide good sports coverage of all local sports. And, as a retiree, who loves all Baltimore Sports, it does provide a venue away from Dan Patricks' Blabbering all day long.
WNST's four main voices are all good guys ... IMHO. They should not be Dissed; If Angelos wants to order his minions to send the Bird up to Hose down the Nst Owner..that is another story...and also a low blow from a once proud Organization. I just cannot Imagine the late Jerry Hoffberger stooping that low.
Lets get behind the players and hope for a better than .500 season in 2007.
Tonys comments about Stevie Wonder were Classic. Rave on Tony.
Harry O'
Sykesville, Md

Tony Lombardi said...

The latest on the saga is this...Bill Stetka the Media Relations Director for the O's has said that credentials were not issued to Aparicio because he didn't apply last year and that coupled with his self-induced retirement from the daily sports scene was the reason for the denial this season.

Forrester's application was denied because he failed to pick up his credentials from last season so therefore the club didn't see the need to issue them this season.

So if one didn't apply last year and the other didn't use them and that's the reason for the denial of the application for creds, why not just call and explain that the focus has changed and they plan to be more active using the creds?

Seems to me that might be a better way to exact the desired result instead of Aparicio's preferred method of grandstanding.

I expect the he said she said to continue and I'm sure the threat of legal action will amount to nothing more than hot air outside the WNST Studios.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the truth lies somewhere in the middle of all this. My guess is the Orioles are spinning this in a way that makes their actions look legit but I have to think there's a revenge factor at play here. They probably aren't as innocent as Stetka makes them appear.

On the other hand, WNST is whining way too much and I have to think that they could get their desired credentials by being more professional. But no one has ever really accused Nestor of that before have they?

I have to agree...the guy is a grandstander.

MB Genius said...

The Orioles should start their own campaign: FREE WNST. I would think Haynie, Drew, R-O-B-L-O-N-G and the others would all be much happier if the four fingered frosty haired wonder sold his interest in the station.

Tony Lombardi said...

No one can question Nestor's passion and his ambition. And while it has afforded him a successful career I do think that at times those emotions cloud his judgment and reasonability. If what has been reported so far is all there is to the story, he's going about obtaining credentials the wrong way in my opinion.

Sometimes in life and in business, one party controls the negotiating leverage. Again in my opinion in such situations when you don't have leverage, all the kicking and screaming and ranting and blogging and whining in the world isn't going to change the situation. An appeal to reasonability might.

When NST fired us/me, I had no leverage. We tried to appeal to NST's sense of reasonability but we were stonewalled. Devoid of leverage, we saw no sense wasting time over things outside of our control. We had to redirect our course and sometimes as we learned, the new course can be a better fit.

Fanman said...

This truly does reflect poorly upon the Orioles as an organization if you ask me.

As much as Nestor can get on my nerves when he rants, his reasons for doing so are often valid. The Orioles have made bad move after bad move for a decade now and WNST has had enough from a fan and business perspective.

From what I heard only Nestror was denied a press credential...Haney, Drew, etc. got one.

Nestror is taking legal action and I hope we wins his case...if Angelos thinhs he can control the Baltimore press who better to take up the cause than Nestor?

And, as always, kudos to TL for taking the high road here.

Anonymous said...

Is Nestor stupid? Taking legal action against one of the shrewest legal minds on the planet? He may not be much of a baseball club owner but he has made a lot of money suing and defending people. Plus, if someone treats you like dog doo doo you have the right not to want to do business with them. Freedom of the press? Last i checked the Orioles were a for profit organization that can issue and suspend press credentials at their leisure. This is just another grand standing attempt by the frosty midget to get his station more exposure. As much as i dislike Angelos for what he has done to the O's, Nestor makes me want to vomit. said...

While most would agree that Peter Angelos has not run the club well, the actions taken by Nestor Aparicio are equally inappropriate. He took things to a personal level and he deserves to be treated the way he is by the Oriole organization. I concur that Messrs. Forrester, Long, Willet, et al should not be treated in the way they have, but I have no sympathy for the self-promoting, arrogant Nestor Aparicio.

Ravcol said...

In the words of the immortal Art Rooney, "between Angelos and Aparicio it's a wonder this city is still standing". Of course, Rooney actually said "Rosenbloom and Irsay"--but it fits well.

Anonymous said...

If Nestor and the buffoon Forrester are all we have as representation of local flare, then please do find me on a different station. It's a shame that a Bob Hainey, Rob Long, and the other two whose names unforgivably avoid me are even associated with Nestor and his morning buffoon!

Anonymous said...

Let it go man. Focus on the Ravens/pro football like the site indicates. When you walk in another man's shoes it's an entirely different road.

Tony Lombardi said...

I agree that this is a site for the Ravens and professional football. But the media acting as a conduit between professional teams and fans is important to delivering timely and accurate information. Media that isn't allowed access can affect all sports if not called out. Media behaving irresponsibly affects access. Regardless of who is at fault here, the problem transends baseball if not addressed properly. Hence, it's appearance on this site...

Anonymous said...

First of all the guy who owns that pathetic station is a complete moron. I do think it's consistent and reasonable that members of the media should apply for their press credentials. especially a station the size of the moron's that gets its power from a bunch of squirrels running in a cage. This idiot went on the air and flat out lied. He said he would cancel the rally if he didn't get 10,000 people. A week before, he said he had 5,000. So he got a 1000 other morons to be stupid with him. This is all about Angelos not talking to an idiot. I try to stay clear of idiots too... I have to wonder what would happen if his "buddy Brian" on the purple team decided to distance himself from this jerk. Would he become an idiot too? You'll notice I never said the moron's name. To do that would be giving him attention and he deserves a "swirley" instead. now I bet 10,000 people would watch the moron get his head flushed down the toilet!!!!