Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Remembering Ray's National Outburst...Was He Right?

Today in my column Lombardi’s Way, I revisited the scene at Owings Mills just about one year ago. What a difference a year can make.

Ray Lewis was hardly a happy camper and claimed the Ravens weren’t giving him the tools to be dominant. Many criticized him for abandoning the team and for criticizing the defensive line for not keeping him clean. On the heels of Steve Bisciotti’s public chastising of Brian Billick, the team and the locker room were on the brink. My column today suggests that while Ray was wrong in the way he delivered his message to the team, was he right? Did he have a point?

The evidence one year later, with the presence of Steve McNair in purple and Haloti Ngata eating up blockers suggests that Ray was right.

What do you think?
Bring it on!


hylanderx4 said...

ray was right to request the addition of a large DT, but he did it rather condesceningly and alienated himself from the team a bit further. "If youre not gonna let me do what i do, then let me go elsewhere..." ray, you sat on the bench half last season... er you sat on your own bench somewhere else following surgery. Forunately, steve mcnair, playoff collapse or not, was able to pick up the leadership role, and regroup a team that seriously needed unity. haloti ngata was a huge addition, bringing the ability to plug holes and let ALL the linebackers run free, including ray ray, but its my belief he would have been drafted with or without lewis's rant.

Tony Lombardi said...

More commentary on this topic is also on our message board...feel free to comment here, there or both: http://www.profootball24x7.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6225

Anonymous said...

You seem to feel that Ozzie would not have made the same moves if Ray hadn't thrown a public fit. I'm not sure that is true. Regardless, Did Johhny U. throw teammates under the bus? Nuff said.

Tony Lombardi said...

I would not think to compare Ray Lewis to Johnny U. I don't think the comparison is really relevant to the argument.

I also didn't say that this was a cause and effect situation. Ozzie very well could have done all of the same things. But Ray's whining (some call it a plea) suggested that if management didn't make changes, 2006 could go in the tank the way of 2005.

I'm saying that Ray's diagnosis was correct. His way of suggesting the presciption was not. Yet if his act of desperation never occurred, would the Ravens have done all they did?

Perhaps...perhaps not.

Anonymous said...

I think the defense was about to crack after Billick/McNair destroyed a perfectly looking season.

Boller was a divisive issue, but the real problem is Billick's conservatism.

If Belicheck had our team WE would be the ones with the rings

Harryos29 said...

Harryo29 4/4/2007
Just returning from the SNOWY Mountains of Western PA...looks like I came into a BLIZZARD right here in River-city.
IMHO, Ray Was 100% correct in saying what he did last year. Looks to me , like the TEAM Heard Ray Loud and Clear..and went out and got HLOTIA NGATA... they need to do more thru the draft...but this was a great start. The other Bloggers on this subject made some great points also...can't wait for the DRAFT
Harry o'---sykesville