Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The Ravens 2007 schedule is brutal but we knew it would be going in. It seems a bit back loaded with tough games down the stretch beginning with the Chargers on the road on November 25 followed by New England and the Colts at home.

That said, the bye comes at an opportune time and the 3 west coast trips are a spaced out. I wish that the Seattle game fell on a different day, that would have been a nice trip but like Lefty said in the movie Donnie Brasco, fuggedaboutit!

Miami in December is sha-weeeeeeeet as is San Fran in October and San Diego in November.

It’s interesting that the Ravens will only play one home game (against the Rams) during a stretch following the 9/23 tilt with Arizona up to the rematch against the Bengals (Chris Henry’s first game back on the active roster following his 8 game suspension) on Nov. 11.

Personally I think the schedule makers were fair but I’m sure there are many who are proudly pulling out that inferiority complex chip and propping it up on their shoulders and beating their chests chanting, “The NFL hates Baltimore!”

So should we add Roger Goodell now to the list of Baltimore villains that already includes Paul Tagliabue, Robert Irsay and Peter Angelos?


Anonymous said...

If the Ravens played every game at home some fans would find fault with that too...Let's face it, many Baltimoreans just love to whine...some even own radio stations.

Anonymous said...

The schedule is more than fair. The best part about it is that they should be able to get off to a quick start after the Bengals game which will hopefully set them up for the big games later in the season. Playing the Colts, Pats and Charges in a row is brutal, but two of those games are at home.

Anonymous said...

The schedule looks good. Having to play the Steelers at their place after our bye, what more can you ask for.

Anonymous said...

Let's face facts. When you reach a certain level of notoreity, coupled with excellent rivalries(Steelers, Bengals, Colts)...and add to that a 13-3 record last year, it all adds up to a tough schedule. Cant have it both ways so let's man up and kick some behind...

Harryos29 said...

I like the schedule...what can you say?...don't WHINE about it..just go out and win some ball games. I would not be surprised to see them go 10-6. The only real favor they gave us, was getting the SQUEELERS right after the bye. The Orioles are 3-6 after 9 games.. and look to be headed towards another loosing season. they did not get that BIG BAT that is needed in the AL-LEAST... Come on Trg camp..that is what I'm focusing on.

Anonymous said...

Our schedule no tougher than any of our division rivals. We have to play the Chargers & Colts. The Bengals do not. They get the two second place teams in those divisions.
But the Bengals have to play us twice. So that is two games against a division winner. And we play them twice. That is two games against a second place team.
So, no excuses. This is an exciting schedule!
NFL - Bring It ON ! ! !